This is a beautiful powerful plant of medium height. I'm glad I finished it. Suggest a Product and we will get right on it! LA Confidential flower can exhibit a spectrum of greens, blues, and even purple hues while the flavor and aromas often have earthy and sweet flavors. The 3.079mg/g of limonene causes joyful energy to swell in my chest and puts me in a happy vibe. RSO+GO oil is essential oil in its purest form unaltered as nature intended providing a true full spectrum oil. Getting hemp across State lines just got easier thanks to a new Law that just passed, The Cannabis Community in Las Vegas is the Greatest. Organic Cbd Oil Revolution Organic Cbd Oil 750 Mg. Can You Use Yocan Hive Atomizer Coild Cartridges With Cbd Oil Cbd Oil And Lunesta. A flavor that will trasport you to the West Coast. LA Affie and a pure landrace Afghani Indica. reviews that say energetic and relaxing but I thought that was an oxymoron. ","redirect":"\/redirect?sc=e6685a0dac2c113553bf3f56f156949e&cpm_box=1&id=81&","id_user":432,"is_enable":1},{"type":1,"region":"ROW","ip":"","id":20,"add_date":"2 years ago","url":"https:\/\/\/static\/partner\/all\/812b8a9a5b50d84856678b0a0c7f75a6.jpg","link":"https:\/\/\/contact","title":"Get growing now! By providing us with your email address, you agree to Leafly’s privacy policy and terms & conditions. The indica effects make me chill out and want to lay down. Be the first one to write one. It has a uniquely sticky, pliable, glue-like texture. LA Confidential is not a particularly sedating or “heavy” indica strain, but it is extremely relaxing. The result is 100% indica with a short flowering time and great medical properties. The strain helps against pain and insomnia. Enter your location to see results closest to you. I pack about half a gram into my glass bowl, and the indica bud has a bittersweet taste like cloves. In a total extraction, the efficient extraction of both polar and non-polar compounds giving you a true full spectrum, complete oil. I was still able to call in my order or order online using the virtual menu and receive it the same day. You're not old enough to use Leafly. LA Confidential is a cross between OG LA Affie and Afghani. Before holding weight to my observations realize the plant was harvested earlier than optimal and due to being quarantined had to finish with less than favourable conditions (light spectrum, and my jungle cat that likes to chew neoprene to nothing). ","button":"Shop now","redirect":"\/redirect?sc=343c55f98ca97de6ab48599dc3a1e05c&cpm_box=1&id=75&","id_user":65047,"is_enable":1},{"type":1,"region":"ROW","ip":"","id":36,"add_date":"1 year ago","url":"https:\/\/\/static\/partner\/all\/6ddc101e5b3437a8bdb854d75314f8c8.jpg","link":"https:\/\/","title":"Specialists in the field! The buds are small dense dark green smelling of earthy musky sweet piney scent. Effect 4/5Fleur’s LA Confidential flower gives a calm high perfect for late-night smoke sessions. This TGOD rendition of LA Confidential produced a good approximation of Black Afghani hash from the 1970s. There were only two other customers shopping during my visit, so I was in and out with my $14 gram of LA Confidential indica flower produced by Fleur. Learn more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. By accessing this site, you accept I was present for the grand opening of the business when it converted from Blackjack Collective in 2019. Confidential builds up whiteness as the ideal through its treatment of the three protagonists, the femme Looking to watch L.A. I get a undoubted sage smell from wafting the jar. In my opinion, beginner cannabis smokers can enjoy this strain in moderation without suffering from negative side effects. Curaleaf and I go way back. LA Confidential is a classic cannabis indica strain produced from the cross of indica Afghani and indica OG LA Affie known for its analgesic, calming, and appetite-stimulating properties. Effects: euphoria, relaxation, sleepiness, sedation, happiness, uplifted mood, dry eyes, dry mouth May Relieve: insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, depression, pain, stress, inflammation LA Confidential is an indica-dominant marijuana strain with a 90/10 indica/sativa ratio. LA Confidential has a fiery and gaseous smell that indicates the OG in its lineage. Most people will experience a sedative effect, with an allover relaxation in the body and mind.