as well as frame transition which are unbelievably clean and smooth mennu jst enni’k gal da answer de deo. I am from an agricultural background, tharkan are from a carpenting background, chamar are from a cobbling background. Even mai bhi nai kisi ko jyada apni caste(rajput) ke baare mai taareef krta hun. I find it ridiculous how people say this should not be allowed.. it is like saying you should not be proud of your religion and your roots. I am challenging you all, sikhism is non casteism panth either you follow that and leave your subcaste drama or leave sikhism and say you are chamar labana ramghariya khatri majhabi etc.. Frends this is 21 St century,but humanity comes first of all .kya ham sab ko 1 hi parmeshwar ne ni banaya , how can u treat abusively with other persons claiming them Chhota castes,neech log, while u just look like them .this is not hurts feelings and self-respect of a person .we all do our works and feed our don’t talk over nonsence things.aadmi bada Naam se ni kaam se hota h. Be of others. I don’t think were better than anyone I just wanna figure out why the fuck you’re stealing our last names. please new thems to guru ravidas devlop.there is high demand my area. HINDU SECTS – SHAIV VAISHV SHAKTA KARTABHAJA AND BRAHMO —AGURI CASTES- BAGADI ,BAIDYA ,BAISHYA KAPALI -SAHA ,BAURI ,BRAHMIN ,CHUNARU ,DOM GANDHABANIK ,HARI ,KAIBARTYA ,MALLA ,KANSABANIK ,KARAKAR , KAYASTHA, MAHATO ,MAHISHY………Aguris have several gotras- BHARDWAJ GAUTAM KASHYAP SHANDILYA PARASAR SUNAMES……DAWN / DAN / ROY/ SEN /DUTTA /DATTA CHAUDHARY /HAZRA /SAMANTA / PANJA / KONAR / SAIN/ BOOT / KAR / KOWAR DIKPATI / GOSH /KUNDU /PAL . These surnames are common amongst jatt and chamar so you can’t say jatt owned the surnames. Good and bad people in every religion and society. You cannot argue against science. There are 27 census records available for the last name Lakha. To gain what man desires. The mainly weakness belonging to the PN50A760 will be connectivity, since it again lacks a good PC input or possibly a USB slit.Samsung HL61A750This Samsung HDTV will not offer as numerous innovative features because rest, but the application certainly provides in whatever counts probably the most – image quality. You may also find it helpful to read, "When, Why and How to Hire a Professional Genealogist. All Rights Reserved. Find the exact records you are looking for. Yes your right I know jatt from other religions but your ego needs to chill, your still classed as a shudra if you believe in caste lol…. MOST OF THE BHARAMINS BHI CLEANING MEIN NHI RHTE HAIN TO KYA UNKO BHI SAME BOLEGA.AND 2ND THING HOW U SAY THAT SOMEBODY IS CAHAMAR.I M WORKING IN MODELLING INDUSTRY.JST LOOK UR FACE IN MIRROR.THERE WILL BE A LOT OF DIFF BETWEEN ME N U. CASTE CHOTI NHI HAI THIS IS UR NARROW MINDED THINKING.DHOOBH K MAR JAANA CHAHIYE TUM JAISI GHATIYA N NAROW MINDED SOCH K LOGON KO,U IDIOT.FUCK OFF. Hinduism is a man made religion which is totally fake. There is no room for brahminvad in Sikhism. Sorry I forgot to tell you that since the discrimination is taking place at work please also speak to you employer and your Union, in confidence, if you have one and tell them about the problem you are suffering and also get to act under the new law. We never took any action against India because we love over country and we are original resident of India. You are jatts best friend because we work and live together I love you. Everyone has different reasons for building a family tree; your personal motiviation will influence whether the Lakha family tree has more depth or breadth. What has happened in the past or what is still happening is due to ignorance and lack of humanity and a failure of succesive Indian governments lacking the political will to eradicate caste . Any little bit of power sharing is resented by them. they should come to forward now the time has been changed . I m gurpreet singh katnor. I am sure we can win 22% (?) Virk It offers a whole lot of connections, including about three HDMI inputs and also a PC enter, and is without a doubt even more cost-effective assigned other HDTVs in the same dimension.Choosing the ideal A Tv ReceiverThe companies of satellite tv on pc have formulate various sorts of satellite receivers. Answer. Asked by Wiki User. Be proud to be Sikh. So it wouldn’t be right saying they belong to jatt, caste is not the issue here. !Thank you! as priests have nothing else to do, they would squeeze the money out of poor people in the name of GOD irrespective of caste and some like Assaram(if you might be following news you would know, Oh yes! …can you people have that courage to end caste system..if you dont have that then this reservation should continue….we people study well upto 12th and score more tham 80 percent but due to casteism in xolleges we are given less marks despite having all talent…then is it fair? Sandhu is another of those names. They created the caste system as an instrument of reservation for themselves and oppression of the shudras. To keep track of the latest transcriptions published by Genealogy Today, please follow Illya D'Addezio on Facebook, @illyadaddezio on Twitter, or +IllyaDAddezio on Google+. @Gurwinder Singh Johal, It’s 2013 people. human beings have no caste while animals have-donkey ,horse , sheep , goat etc like brahman protected by kshtriya financed by vaishya n served by sudra agaist which system all khatri gurus have spoken as they were from the same system where from saints, bhagats, gurus, mahatmas arise . ⛸️⛸️⛸️⛸️⛸️, Not clear .. Al chopra are not chamar I need an urgent help, please help me so we can help to make things better for future. So don’t try to be over superior, guru ravidas ji de janam avsar te sab nu vdaea, Phle indian hu,fir agar koi castism pe jyada etrata hai to,mai hu real royal indian chamaar,jis par mujhe full proud hai. I’m sorry, but I will not. We should all live together in love and humility. This was lower than the general public life expectancy which was 74. The problem with you is you do not know what the truth is and when the truth is being told to you, you resent it and it perplexes you because you do not want your surname to be associated with low castes because of your pride. This is a branch of Gahlod vansh. Im a Jatt and its the 1st time I read something that said it how it is We are a group of people who have just come off the back of hundreds of years of oppression, where our political and social rights have been impeded upon, our religious freedoms denied, where we have been persectued and suffered genocide at the hands of several ruling dynastys.