Check out Stephen Brown's video to see how to disassemble the Lamy 2000. So I thought, why not join the bandwagon and talk about this topic too? There is absolutely something to be said for a fountain pen that comes with its own integrated ink filling system. Make Offer - Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Black Fine Nib with Free DiLoro Leather Pen Pouch NEW. It is unique to the Lamy 2000 and cannot be exchanged with other Lamys. The nib and grip section of the Lamy 2000 screws off easily and you can buy those units separately. Limited Edition Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Bauhaus Blue #1432/1919 Extra Fine NIB. It is just too bad that the nib unit isn't for sale seperately. Showdown: Lamy 2000 vs. Lamy 2000 is one of the most iconic pen of the modern era. Pilot Vanishing Point "Help! Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Black Fine Nib with Free DiLoro Leather Pen Pouch NEW. After learning a bit more about the pen, paper, ink trio and learning how to disassemble the nib unit of the Lamy 2000, I realized that I had a medium and I needed some more Lamy appropriate (drier) inks. View fullsize. After learning this, using the Lamy was a dream – soft (ish), smooth and wet, it was great for drier inks that I’ve struggled with in other pens. Brief Comparison Of Various Lamy Extra Fine Nibs' Output - posted in Of Nibs & Tines: These are writing samples using just a single unit of each model of LAMY EF nib I have, without any claim or implication that one unit of (say) Z55 EF nib will be identical or comparable with a different unit of such. Video describing how to remove the nib unit of a Lamy 2000. Thus, you could have more than one nib for this pen. 12 April 2017 Tagged Aurora, Aurora Optima, Fountain pen, Lamy, Lamy 2000, piston filler, TWSBI, TWSBI Eco Clear 5 Comments. C $1,041.93 +C $6.81 shipping. C $272.33 +C $8.10 shipping. Haha! These are easily replaceable, and offer you the option to swap nib sizes without having to buy a second pen. Tag: Lamy 2000 Three very different piston fillers. Easily replaceable. Conclusion: The recommended retail price for Lamy 2000 is $199. Nibs go from EF to Berlin or even BB. This Lamy stainless steel replacement nib in black in a cut designed for Left Hand writing is a great replacement option for your Lamy fountain pens - specifically Lamy Studio, Al-Star, Safari. The Lamy 2000 has a hooded platinum (I think) plated 14ct gold nib. Lamy Fine nib unit for Safari, Joy, or Studio fountain pen. This is a question that pops up very often in fountain pen fora and Facebook groups. Piston fillers, or piston filled fountain pens, have something of a status in the pen community. Which pen should I buy, the Lamy 2000 or the Pilot Vanishing Point?"