Some readers can easily form their negative opinion after reading... June 12, 2018 Important themes in Let America Be America Again. However, his stanzas vary in length. Let America Be America Again is an 86 line poem split into 17 stanzas, 3 of which are single lines, 2 of which are couplets. Stanzas: Stanzas separate the parts of the poem. There is no exact number of lines to each one. Literary Devices. Let it be the pioneer on the plain Seeking a home where he himself is free. Literary Devices in Let America Be America Again. After the interruption from the outside voice in Stanza 7, the poe… The variation depends on the message. It repeats this because he was trying let other know that America wasn't what everyone thought it was. Let it be the dream it used to be. This poem repeats the phrase ‘Le America be’. Literary devices Langston Hughes includes in his poem "Let America Be America Again" include the following.. Hughes utilizes apostrophe, in which a … These unusually short one-line stanzas can be contrasted with more commonly used two-line and four-line stanzas called couplets and quatrains. June 15, 2018 Analyzing themes and literary devices in My Papa’s Waltz. Let America Be America Again. From the very beginning, any resemblance to a rigid poetic structure is immediately disrupted by the brief one-line parenthetical asides in Stanzas 2 and 4: "(America never was America to me.)" "Let America Be America Again" employs free verse instead of a set meter. These can be seen in Stanzas 1, 3, and 5–7. In addition, there are 4 quatrains, 2 sextets, 1 octet, a twelve liner, ten liner, nine liner, quintet, and a seven liner. In the poem, ‘Let America Be America Again’, Langston Hughes uses a variety of techniques.One of the techniques he used was repetition.