Our extensive list of accredited online associate degrees includes over 196 online schools and 1,114 online programs. The students learn about patient health care, applying nursing skills and giving support to families and patients when problems arise. Associate's degrees are typically offered by community colleges and trade schools with awards for general subject areas at this level being conferred as an Associate … However, this necessary stepping stone in the pursuit of higher accolades in psychology makes it an incredibly popular career pursuit, year after year. degree may transfer to a university but will need to take additional required courses. Unlike an art degree, which focuses on drawing, painting, sculpture or similar artistic endeavors, an associate degree in the arts is a general degree option. Students can also pursue A.S. degrees in engineering, business administration and computer science, to name a few. Enrolling in an online associate’s degree program will not only give you a better idea of your interests and strengths, it will also prepare you … List of Areas of Study for Associate Degrees Bowling Green State University; Catalog; Areas … All of Macomb Community College’s programs are found on this page in alphabetical order with icons designating if they offer a certificate and/or an associate degree, may be taken completely online or are offered through continuing education. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Associate Programs There are various kinds of associate degrees available: from associates of arts to associates of science and associates of applied science. Online degrees are available in 134 popular subjects that cover 37,010 unique programs from online schools. This is also a very helpful discipline to be trained in for personal reasons and applicable utility outside of a workplace. Associate Degree vs. Since tuition is generally charged on a per-credit basis, an associate’s degree will be half the cost of a bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, unto itself, an associate’s in psychology doesn’t open an inexplicably large number of vocational doors. These two degrees do not usually include a minor of study. Finally, English Language is another of today’s most popular associate’s majors. Program Title Program Award Division Financial Aid Eligible; Accounting: A.S. Discover which associate's degree might be right for you. List of 96 Jobs with an Associates Degree [formerly Emergency Medical Care - A.S.] Police Studies (A.A.) Online Associate's Degree in Police Studies; Technology (A.A.S.) Some of the more popular jobs grads of this degree eventually fill include journalist, communications manager, teacher, and public relations specialist. Within those degrees, the actual course study differs and breaks down further into specific fields of study. A keen proficiency in math, leadership approaches, common business tactics and operations, and organizational division is stressed here. Which Popular U.S. The field is expected to experience an astounding 31% increase over the next six years, meaning now is the opportune time to enter into this field if you have what it takes. degrees, including programs that focus on engineering or business. ON THIS PAGE: All Associate Degrees | Best Degree Highlights. Program Title Program Award Division Financial Aid Eligible; Accounting: A.S. There is a wide range of degrees available and in many professional jobs and institutions. Helen Jain has been writing online articles since December 2009 for various websites. Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. Graduates of this degree also hold some valuable cross-applicability in a number of other business roles. To help, we’ve created a list of the top careers you can find after earning an associate’s degree. Students can either transfer credits and get further education or can work with psychological professionals upon graduation. Rather than include general education and college courses, their curriculum focus on major-related courses. These 10 jobs that you can get with an associate degree all have a stellar employment outlook. Working professionals looking for a raise or promotion may also pursue an A.A.S. The A.A. degree is a much broader degree that includes at least five credits of social science and/or humanities courses. Colleges Offer an Associate Degree in Design? Associate Actuary: Salary and Career Facts. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, students are able to earn their degrees online from the comfort of their own homes. degree. These programs can typically be completed in two years or less and offer students the chance to pursue a postsecondary degree in a variety of topics without committing to a 4-year bachelor's degree program. As touched on above, the associate’s is the precursor to the bachelor’s degree and the subsequent accolades after that. If you’ve graduated with an associate’s in nursing, you’ve certainly shown some great capability already for a wide array of jobs in the medical industry. Home Technology Integrator Associate Degree, Online Associate Degree in Telecommunications, Certified Cardiac Technician Certification and Career, Educational Specialist Degree Programs and Career Facts, Computer Security Specialist Degrees and Schools, Web Page Designer Career and Training Programs, Best Online Administrative Assistant Programs. Many do it because it is the simplest way to earn a degree while others are aspiring to start a career in a certain field, and they want to do it quickly. In this direction of study, the learner can expect to become a growing expert in the whole of the English language. Associate Degrees Thanks to today’s advanced technology, students are able to earn their degrees online from the comfort of their own homes. Earning an associate’s degree can be a great way to enhance earning potential. Master's Degree Programs in Systems Engineering, Full A.A., A.S., and A.A.S. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Cost and convenience are probably the two biggest reasons why students choose an associate’s degree. This degree is very similar to the A.A. because it prepares students to enter a bachelor's degree program and usually requires 60 hours. An associate degree in math is an associate of science degree. © 2020-2021 College of the Sequoias - ALL Rights Reserved Associate degrees are a type of two-year college degree in a specialized field. Legal Upon graduation, students are expected to know data analysis and interpretation, problem solving skills and logical thinking skills. An associate’s in marketing certifies the earner of having been well-trained in the wide world of marketing today. An associate degree is designed to take two years for a full-time student to complete, requiring 60 credit hours or more, depending on the program. General business program grads typically have no problems finding plenty of opportunity in today’s demand-filled business world. There are many different kinds of associate's degree programs offered by community colleges, technical schools and 4-year colleges and universities. Click to view available programs. Most A.A. programs require students to complete 60 hours of coursework, including general education courses and courses associated with a major. A general education degree is a great way to become a teacher. Most A.S. degree programs focus on science but also require students to complete several hours of general education courses. What is the Curriculum of an Executive Leadership Program? ", "...the more degreed-education you have, the less likely you are to be unemployed.". Marketing itself is the study and professional practice of advertisement. See disclaimer. Students study a wide range of topics, including English, math, science, fine arts, philosophy and literature. Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Use the following list to find the right online associate degree for you and learn more information about each field of study. The associate’s in accounting is yet another very popular degree choice right now. Learn about these options and what you'll study in an associate degree program. A associate degree in psychology is an Associate of Arts degree which specializes in psychological studies. committed to sharing our research with our loyal followers. Diploma in Accounting: What's the Difference? Associate degrees are undergraduate degrees offered at community colleges, vocational schools, and a few four-year colleges. Grads of this particular program can look forward to many opportunities in accounting in addition to many other kinds of business roles. While some leadership approach is also taught here, this program focuses more on the overall business practice than the singular concept of management like the above-mentioned business administration program. The A.A.S. Students often apply the credits earned in an A.A. program towards a bachelor's degree program. Associate’s in Business Administration Online, Associate’s in Hospitality Management Online, Online Associate’s Occupational Health and Safety, Online Associate’s in Human Resource Management, Associate’s in Information Technology Online, Affordable Associate’s Web Development Online, Affordable Associate’s Computer Science Online, Affordable Associate’s Network Administration Online, Associate’s in Management Information Systems, Associate’s in Early Childhood Education Online, Associate’s in Health Services Administration Online. ", "Many students enroll in a 2-year college with the intention of transferring to a 4-year college and obtaining a bachelor’s degree. In addition to only taking only two years to complete, an associate’s degree can lead the way towards various careers in many different fields, including, healthcare, engineering, computer science and technology, among others.