Use the format that you feel best showcases the work. No, we can only accept one version of the work. Do not send work in poster tubes as they are frequently damaged in transit. Logo Wave is a reimagined logo awards platform giving design agencies and studios recognition and exposure resulting in positive impact for 2019 and beyond. How does the judging take place? What to Enter: Information on eligibility, categories and fees. Yes, entries can be submitted on disk. I had a quick turnaround requirement and was really impressed at the high quality and standard of submissions in a short time period and communication etiquette on the platformAlan Smith was vital in providing step by step support from start to finish to ensure all was concluded in a timely manner with the desired outcome.I would highly recommend and will use again in the future. • Official Logo Wave certificate & top 5 digital badge set Enter your agency’s best logos before this wave washes up! Should I enter my video entry as digital images and upload the video? The creative brief is the single most important document in a logo design project. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of Communication Arts to use them for publication and exhibition. Each juror views the entries independently. Copyright © 2020 Review the design agencies, studios and independent designers who’ve earned Wave Winner status. For finals, all jurors work as a single team. No provision will be made by Communication Arts for U.S. Customs or airport pickup. Some vector graphic editors include Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and Vector Paint. © 2020 Logo Wave Awards International Public Service: work produced for nonprofits, including zoos, museums, orchestras, ballet companies, etc. Again, voting is done by each juror checking the "in" or "out" column on scoring sheets. What can be entered in the Student Work category? How many logo design revisions are allowed in a contest? If you are sending printed materials we will need an additional copy and corresponding entry form for each category you wish to enter. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand what’s important for your brand and. If you submit all of your entries online, please send a copy of the invoice you print out at the end of the entry process with the check or money order. Make sure you include the following. Can I enter one project into multiple categories? Questions about what to enter, how to enter and other frequently asked questions can be found in the Design Competition FAQs. If your entry is chosen we will notify you within two months after the final deadline date. If we feel another category is more appropriate, we will move it; your work will not be penalized or disqualified. Self-Promotion: promotion for design firms, printers, paper companies, art schools, illustrators, photographers, design clubs, etc. Late Fees Identity Brochures: corporate identity manuals/style guides, brand strategy guides, etc. If you upload digital files, we will not show the judges a printed version or video to go along with the digital images. The winners are also featured in one of our annuals distributed worldwide, in both print and digital editions, and on, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work. Because of the number of entries we receive, we can only notify people whose work is accepted. Select a logo style that will match with your business brand like a wordmark, lettermark or iconic or a combination mark. Refund Policy Non-United States contestants should mark each package "Materials for Contest Entry. Yes. It’s the basis for the rest of your brand identity design, be it business card, stationery or display ads. Books: covers and complete books. anytime. Publication means in a form of mass media exposed to a substantial audience. The work must be completely original and not utilize content owned by another copyright holder unless the entrant has been granted specific usage rights. Motion Graphics: program titles, event videos, animation, music videos, etc. A professional logo design contest involves crowdsourcing of freelance graphic designers across the globe and inviting them to participate in a “competition” on a contest website. However, we strongly recommend submitting printed examples of all multi-page projects. 1) Only send one version of each entry. Winning this competition will afford you the ability to increase your design rates, choose the clients you actually want to work with, and take your agency to next level growth. Menlo Park, CA 94025-1107 If the website is part of an Integrated Branding Program (7C), include the URL along with all of the other components of the campaign. If you would like your project judged for its visual design, submit it as a series of captured screenshots in the Miscellaneous Design category (20F) of the Design Competition. ©2020 Coyne & Blanchard, Inc. All rights Reserved. Other instances, you can get several design concepts from a single graphic designer. A contest can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days for designers to design a logo along with final files. Start a logo design contest today and get logo designs from 884,630 competing designers around the world. Yes, there is a substantial discount for student entries completed as a school assignment. Selected by a jury of leading design professionals, the winning entries will be distributed worldwide in the Communication Arts Design Annual, in print and digital editions, and on, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work. CA’s Award of Excellence is one of the most-coveted awards in the industry. These categories are judged by the Design jury and will appear in the Design Annual. With a free Commarts account, you can enjoy 50% more free content, Get a subscription and have unlimited access. Entries must be registered no later than Midnight (Pacific Time Zone), May 10, 2019. How to Enter Spark Design Awards 2020. How long would it take to design a logo with a contest? No Commercial Value." • Stunning trophy Customer Reviews (4.88 / 5 All entry submissions are final and entry fees are nonrefundable. To offer passionate designers from all walks of life a user-friendly logo awards solution at a reasonable price in order to deepened organizational value value, resulting in positive agency impact. Only accepted entrants will be notified within two months after the final deadline date due to the number of entries we receive. Our internationally acclaimed jury will carefully review each logo entry. Publication means in a form of mass media exposed to a substantial audience. We have loyal customers testify to this. As designers, our job is about solving problems through our skills. If mailing your entry, please send an unmounted output with the trademark/logo (maximum of 4" square) centered on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet. How do I edit an entry that has already been submitted? All Rights Reserved, Award-Winning Logo Designers Reveal How They Get New Clients, The 18 Best Instagram Accounts for Logo Design Inspiration, Give Your Logos the Attention They Deserve, Printable certificate and digital badge set, Influx of value to win more design projects, Review the design agencies, studios and independent designers who’ve earned. Can I enter my work as a series? Furthermore, a good logo design should speak of your brand message whoever looks at it, wherever it is used. Do not upload screenshots of video entries. please send the actual printed piece. Digital and video entries are selected by checking an "in" or "out" column on prepared scoring sheets. A resulting prize-heavy, wallet-friendly logo awards platform was born. Craftsmanship, memorability and innovation will be essential. Because of the number of entries we receive, it is not possible for us to return any of them. Where do we put creative credits? FAQs  Yes, but all work in a series must be part of the same campaign. Creatives are hard workers who deserve a pick-me-up. Identity: single trademarks and logos. Can I enter one project into multiple categories? Very satisfied with his help from the start till the end of my project. Enter your logos into the current wave (900×900, white bg). You need to establish what your brand is all about, including industry, colors, symbols and tone of voice so graphic designers can determine how complex the job is to quote a reasonable price. The best graphic design company offers a diversified design portfolio and services, from. You retain all rights to your images. Miscellaneous/Design: personal invitations/greeting cards/birth announcements, calendars, menus, etc. This means you are going to get logo design concepts, select the one that you love, and get the final product within 7 to 10 days. Is there a discount for student entries? No entries will be returned. Deadline Nov 10, 2020. Will you confirm receipt of my package(s)? Non-United States contestants wishing to pay by check must send a check in U.S. funds drafted on a U.S. bank. How to Enter: Information on preparation of entries and forms. Bring additional social proof to your design agency, attract more qualified clients, and land more of the projects you actually want. We also accept checks, international money orders and wire transfers. Complete credits and any necessary material for the best possible reproduction in the Annual will be requested at that time. However, if work is entered after the initial deadline a late fee of $10 per entry will be added. TDC67 & 24TDC. If we submit digital files, do we also need to mail a copy of our entries? If you’re a business owner with limited budget to spare, this is the best custom business logo design solution. Entries may originate from any country, but we need an English translation for the jurors. You start by choosing a prize amount for your logo design contest that is anywhere between … Either upload digital images or send printed materials. You can get all types of graphic design services online. Integrated Branding Programs: comprehensive identity programs. Business Papers: business papers for a single company. Submissions are open for the 2020 Spark Design Awards. All entries must be registered using our online competition system. 5) All physical entries, printed pieces or entries on disks must have an entry form attached to the back. How to write a creative brief for my own company logo? Design Competition FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about applications and file formats. CA is not responsible for damage or loss of any entry. No, we do not accept entries via e-mail. Do not rotate vertical images to be horizontal. This will make the process go quickly: • Your contact information for registration and notification. No entries can be registered after May 24, 2019. “The Best Design Awards Competition to Enter in 2020!”, • $1,000.00 cash  (~€845; ~£745) Can I get an extension on the deadline? Can I submit my work via e-mail and just include a credit card number with it? Your timeframe. The best part about logo design contests is that the contest holder gets multiple industry logo design ideas from tons of designers at the same time. You must print, trim and attach the entry forms to the back of your physical entries. Creating a vector logo is highly recommended. With Zillion Designs, you’ll always get unique and memorable logo designs you can flaunt to your audience, every time you launch a logo design contest with us. Alan Smith did a tremendous job in solving certain issues with my logo design. Being a designer can be such a thankless job. Download flyer pdf. Do you offer a cash prize? If you have any other questions you can reach us by: Email: [email protected] International entries should be sent by post or international courier. Phone: (650) 326-6040 A logo is your brand’s identity and face that everyone will recognize your business by. Please send your entries now, with a note saying that the check is coming under separate cover.