Gong Joo Young didn't just give up. In Korea, the webtoon has a lot of fans and many have been curious about the adaptation of the story to a drama. If there’s a music link along with a imgur link, we highly suggest you listen to the music track as well! He hands me an envelope filled with money. Persistence is the key, he thinks – and, over time, Wang Ja Rim starts to open up to her classmate. Preseason 1. Preseason 5 Our goal is to make Love Revolution as accessible to english speakers as possible and to share our favorite webtoon with a larger audience! He previously starred in the Korean drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. This drama raises the Comedy, School, and Romance genres. The full pictorial and interview can be found in the September issue of Dazed. “It’s really amazing and an honor to be portraying one of the main characters of a webtoon I enjoyed reading,” she said. [TOON STUDIO], Musician Parkwon's "My Fuxxxxx Romance" was turned into a six-part web drama series by popular production company Playlist, which created other popular web drama series such as "Love Playlist" (2017-19) and "A-Teen" (2018). Episode 36 Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) English Subtitle. Love Revolution was adapted based on the webtoon of the same name by 232 and was first published on Webtoon (Naver) in 2013. The drama stars Park Ji Hoon, Lee Ruby, The Boyz’s Younghoon, Jung Da Eun, WJSN’s Dayoung, Ko Chan Bin, Ahn Do Gyu, and more. After the break came, Gong Joo Young went to Lee Kyung Woo's class. Preseason 4 By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. This drama series was based on a long-running web-hosted cartoon (webtoon) series written by Lee Yong Ka. Tags: Nice Male Lead, Adapted From A Webtoon, Idol Actor, High School, Multiple Couples, Clingy Male Lead, The Boyz, Wanna One, Childhood Friends, Warm Man/Cold Woman; Content Rating: 15+ - … Yemin (The Promise) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama. Preseason 9 [Music] She’s the most mature character. All materials contained on this site are protected by Korean copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior consent of Joins.com. Lee Kyung Woo can’t say anything to anyone and ends up crying alone.”, Jung Da Eun shared her first impression of her character Yang Min Ji. Preseason 3 In the interview, Park Ji Hoon shared how he felt playing the main character of a webtoon he loved to read. When Will Sol Yanım (My Left Side) be Released? [PLAYLIST], 'Baby Shark' certified Diamond by Recording Industry Association of America, Wall Street Journal names BTS the 2020 Music Innovator, Singer Jukjae takes inspiration from 2006 for his latest song, Bloomberg names Blackpink 'biggest band in the world', Big Hit Entertainment reveals tracklist of BTS's upcoming album. Or will Gong Joo Young keep trying to win Wang Ja Rim's heart? The webtoon began its run in 2013. It is one more drama to be adapted from webtoon this year (check the dramas based on webtoon confirmed and announced for 2020). Love Revolution was adapted based on the webtoon of the same name by 232 and was first published on Webtoon (Naver) in 2013. This is an unofficial translation and we have no affiliation with Naver or 232. The web drama "Love Revolution" is based on the popular webtoon written by Lee YongKa of the same title.You can read the webtoon in Korean here.. Boy band B1A4's Sandeul collaborated with hit Daum webtoon "She is My Type" and released "Slightly Tipsy" in July, which still remains in the top ranks of various music streaming charts. I think I’d say that she’s more innocent and energetic [in the webtoon]. As they were about to board the bus, Gong Joo Young saw Wang Ja Rim from the envelope and immediately put the 1000 won money in the bus box without reading and knowing the writing. They get on the same bus, but Gong Joo Young doesn't have a bus card and money. WEBTOON is home to thousands of stories across 23 genres including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror. Download app LINE WEBTOON di Google Play Store atau App Store lewat QR code ini! This was the first time he was not awakened by his mother, because he lived alone in a rental house (boarding house boy). Kakao TV, after releasing “Love Revolution” and "Amanza,” both based on Naver and Lezhin Comics, is now preparing to launch another web drama series “Myeoneuragi” from Nov. 21, based on a popular Instagram webtoon series. That’s why I worked even harder to take on acting and filming ‘Love Revolution. It feels great. Gong Joo Young explained that he just wanted to repay his kindness for paying the bus fare at that time (This was all Gong Joo Young's plan on Lee Kyung Woo's suggestion to start a conversation with JaRim). The two of them also helped move things to Gong Joo Young's new residence. It turned out that a few days ago, Gong Joo Young had gone to great lengths to write down his feelings on the 1000 won note. The cast of “Love Revolution” teamed up with Dazed magazine for a pictorial and interview! Wang Ja Rim actually told KyungWoo and MinJi that in the past few days there were stalkers following him. This web drama will have 30 episodes and can be watched every Thursday on the iQiyi platform. The first day of school arrived, Gong Joo Young who was still sleeping was called by Lee Kyung Woo. Yang Min Ji finally finds out that Gong Joo Young likes her best friend Wang Ja Rim. I also think that I’ll feel empty when I look back on this because I’ve filmed after not sleeping well, and I’m working together with my same-age friends.”. While chatting outside of class, Yang Min Ji overheard their conversation. The interviewer mentioned that the cast has filmed about 40 percent of the drama so far, and Dayoung talked about how she’s used to her character now. Lee Kyung Woo met Wang Ja Rim and wanted to introduce him to a man. I feel scared, but I’m looking forward to it. King Kong / “Love Revolution” Webtoon / Naver x Dispatch The popular teen webtoon “Love Revolution” is adapted into a drama. The cast of “Love Revolution” teamed up with Dazed magazine for a pictorial and interview! … Gong Joo Young was delighted and told his best friend Lee Kyung Woo that Wang Ja Rim was his destiny. This site is under renovations to make everything better than ever! We are not making any money off of this translation. The upcoming original drama of Kakao M, "Love Revolution," is adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name and talks about love and friendship. Gong Ju Young (Park Ji Hoon) is a 17-year-old high school student who thinks he has found love at school when he falls in for Wang Ja Rim (Lee Ruby) at first sight. To get the authentic Love Revolution experience, we suggest doing the same. Ep.322 Kekhawatiran Besar 2020 Nov 4 like 14.961 #323 Ep.321 Berhenti 2020 Okt 28 like 17.259 #322 The acting-dol debuted… But Wang Ja Rim refused. He said, “To Lee Kyung Woo, Gong Ju Young is a friend that Kyung Woo wants to keep by his side and protect forever, but he ends up liking his friend’s lover.