They make both good and bad luck. [1], I just assume half the said: Since the Maid of Light creates (with) Light, I’d say that they could create their own luck, such as being able to turn things into good luck charms. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. In a much more fun way, you might also just be able to make your own things lucky. The Rogue can steal direction from opponents and employ it on the team, and direction is definitely something this session needs. Like all Time players, the Thief would be able to time-hop, visiting the various timelines. Things could also become problematic if the Page isn’t fully realized, dragging the session down. Light, as we have seen, is one of the more metaphorical Aspects of the selection. complete with backup vocals and the help of a local band. As a player, there are a lot of areas that this Maid could focus on, and many people they could become. While each class does indeed have a set Active(-)/Passive(+) alignment, the actions of the Hero of X is completely decided by their aspect. As it goes with most rogues, this one is going to be a valuable tactical asset. They have been through the phase of being a student, relying on what their teachers have told them and believing it as fact, and have gone out into the world to discover things for themselves. Everything with a probability factor is almost guaranteed to happen in favor of a Maid of Light. As for this Maid providing FOR Light, I can’t seem to come up with anything! how to wash out ink stains or convince a store clerk you’re not a shoplifter They’re going to be the most offensively powerful member of the team for sure and will be able to completely wreck the Dersian royalty singlehandedly, so long as the Witch remains loyal. Explaining Aradia’s life and death is something as long as explaining all Homestuck. Everyone’s super excited and is already at the leader’s planet, ready to party. The Witch of Breath manipulates wind, freedom and life essence to her own gain. A Bard of Space invites destruction though space. protect them is very sweet! Sylph of Time: The Sylph is your best healer, as they can bestow accelerated healing and metabolism upon themselves and teammates, and they are one of the few players capable of extending the life of doomed timelines, the others being Time masterclasses and the Sylph of Light. Aradia refers to the tidying of time loops as “house keeping” at one point, a direct link to the role of  a maid. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we Do the same for a classpect you admire, but probably wouldn’t be either. Their main role would be to retain their own worth and the worth of others by keeping everyone relevant. Talk about taking someone’s breath away. Forget about them breeding the Genesis Frog, that’s never going to happen. While they are not as adept in seeing the consequences of this action as a Blood player would be, they could spark revolution in the Dersites by creating false information about the Black King/Queen, then making it truth. SOLARBEAM – Requires 150 Light – A deadly laser of blazing heat up to 4000 degrees fahrenheit is fired from the user’s palms. Muses are the most passive class of all, and a master class at that. This could be used to distract or disorient foes, create beacons for teammates, and lots of other cool stuff! The Maid of Light creates and maintains knowledge and a sense of existence. The Maid of Light’s abilities would be a resulting combination of the Maid’s creation and maintenance of their Aspect, and Light’s symbolism of information, knowledge, attention, fortune, luck, perception, and other concepts. According to tales told by the priestly scribes of Yin, the Maiden-Made-of-Light was impregnated by the Lion of Night.This son was the God-on-Earth, who ruled the Great Empire of the Dawn for ten thousand year before ascending to the heavens. The Mage of Void has extensive knowledge of secrets, nothingness, and obfuscation. In this way, Light may also be used to represent fate or destiny, if the information of an individual’s fate is manipulated. it’s not very helpful. It would be incredibly easy for you to go Grimdark, and it would most likely be your own doing. Light is also luck/fortune. It’s a light source and the symbol of Light so it might count as a Light constructed. Anytime you get the witness the utter beauty Maids both serve, and serve. Rapidly alternate enemies’ attention between allies, causing large confusion. The Maid creates luck and good fortune, which good really give a team that boost it needs! Sorry about that. Firsts off they could crank up that simple flashlight into a light beam with the force of a sun. The Maid of Light is one who creates light. How am I supposed to write a story I know nothing about. The Maid is most regarded as the 6th most active class, right behind the Knight, and just ahead of the Mage. increase her chances of getting a seizure, she now is the first one to make Nothing says “Stop calling me a flashlight” like over 5000 degrees of white hot light., Maid Of Light - Shining Duty - Theme Request, #the diffraction of light could be more fitting of a prince since its more the separation of white light than creation of colored light, #but since i thought about it only after finishing the drawing i think im going to keep it like this. They don’t do anything besides float around and look pretty though. Destroying living things? This means that by creating and providing knowledge and luck, she could make someone or herself smarter or luckier. Mind: Mind has to do with choices, logic, communication, and of course, mind itself. If everybody does manage to work out these kinks in the session and continue working together, though, then very little will be able to stand in their way. Not to mention that things are basically destined to fall apart around them. How would a Seer of Doom, a Witch of Hope, a Knight of Void, a Sylph of Mind and a Maid of Light work together? She will also be able to make each player the appropriate amount of socially assertive (wow that didn’t make sense). shizukathepudu ALLURING LIGHT – Requires 30 Light – Makes the user very distracting, and difficult to look away from. At first glance, this makes them seem like a pretty manipulative person/troll, and they do have the potential to be. The thief could be troublesome if not watched, possibly taking up time for themselves, which is never good in such a time-oriented game. are vital skills, but they also know a lot of… less useful things. is not busy thinking of cute things to make fun of her girlfriend for, she Like they would see the literal <—————> lines of time. Thief: Thieves steal their aspect to benefit themselves. Providing oneself with knowledge is simple enough, resulting in what basically amounts to a living encyclopedia! Maids start off reliant on but have problems with their aspect. It is also implied to attract attention, as shown through Calliope’s protest to Roxy (a Void player) bringing Rose (a Light player). One who creates their aspect or one who creates through their aspect. While they aren’t suited to leading because of the negative impact they often receive, I can definitely see this one being a second in command. Maids sometimes have a dark side, and Light too is ripe for corruption. of Light is a younger immortal, they’re still not totally used to the idea that And also, by healing law, she can fix rules and make sure they’re not broken. Space would probably literally bend over backwards to protect the Heir. extra, but very charming. Specifically regarding the Maid of each respective aspect, the breakdown is that Maids, once they stop letting others tell them how to work with their aspect, use their aspect to create the unimaginable.