There is also an indoor dojo with bunk beds for those who prefer the comfort of the indoors. The five day courses go in to greater depth and are far more experiential. Survival is just the beginning of Skills Development toward long term self-reliance. Earned top survivability rating for "Doomsday Preppers". A hunter-gatherer is a gardener. Feel free to come on over and say hi! Please do not bring pets or any animals to the Maine Primitive Skills School Campus. More than being able to complete a bushcraft skill, you understand the context and proper application of each skill toward common results. We believe grief can be worked through, and that it is an individuals choice and a communities responsibility to tend to these things toward the best outcomes possible. Maine Primitive Skills School - 716 Church Hill Rd, Augusta, ME 04330 - Rated 5 based on 28 Reviews "Had a great time forging my knife today. Students should expect that they will apply the course content learned at Maine Primitive Skills School toward daily living as well as expeditions through remote north woods regions as professional guides. We are spiritual warriors and healers of the heart. on 04/11/2018 in Action. A short sampling of projects that could be of use to the Maine Primitive Skills Community include: Copyright 2018 Maine Primitive Skills School | All Rights Reserved | 716 Church Hill Road, Augusta, ME 04330 |, Tent with rainfly or hammock based sleeping system (Sami trip members a tarp is fine if you are used to light mosquito activity). We rent out this area of the property to campers when we are not utilizing it for courses. Ungrounded right hemisphere folks tend to start with the philosophy and gravitate toward the “hard skills” while tactile learners and left brain dominant folks begin with movement and herbalism, moving toward the more intuitive edge of each discipline. As the only tool it promotes a condition of sustained shortage regarding wild places, healthy eco-systems, and productive and dynamic relationships with the landscape. The Wilderness Immersion Apprenticeship is a 6 month residential experience in practically applying the skills of our ancestors. Tactile involvement in making the situation better for all involved is essential. We may already have it for you to use! Reclaiming and Maintaining Your Sacred Fire, Seasonal and Multi Generational “Caretaker Attitude”, Copyright 2018 Maine Primitive Skills School | All Rights Reserved | 716 Church Hill Road, Augusta, ME 04330 |. To put this concept to work we must have Unity of Mind- meaning that we lock arms in agreement, ever striving for the strength of mutual understanding. How much of a bed do you need to make in order to sleep well? We run Maine Primitive Skills School, and the main facilities are located across the road. We cultivate and harvest roots, shoots, leaves, tubers, berries, fruits, nuts, meat, and soils. It is recommended that a five day survival course or awareness course be taken before the Scout courses. Curriculum Strands at Maine Primitive Skills School are as follows: Wilderness Survival Skills – Self Reliance – Awareness & Tracking – Scout skills – Herbalism – Health and Healing – Mentoring and Community Building – Sustainability – Curriculum Strands. Students should bring anything they may need to feel comfortable. Climate appropriate sleeping bag (Sami trip members, we will be crossing the arctic circle, so temps slightly below freezing are to be expected on some nights). We offer work-trade opportunities to earn credit towards tuition for courses and the Wilderness Immersion Program. How much sleep or water you need to operate at full capacity? Understanding how energy moves through systems throughout our ecology, modern as well as natural. You will learn by living in the outdoors for extended periods of time. We recommend packing as if you were taking a camping trip the length of your course. … They include Wild Food Foraging, Blacksmithing, “Spirit of the Hunt”, and our Guerrilla Herbalism courses. Our educational program has been developing for over twenty-five years. The majority of class time is spent outdoors, especially during spring, summer, and fall. Learn to identify your “edge” regarding specific needs, wants, and boundaries. Maine Primitive Skills School Goal: Create instructors and “community builders” in outdoor education by increasing nature literacy and nature connection. Our courses are professionally guided experiential learning experiences scheduled based on a seasonal progression of skills that connect you to the land and increase your skills level by bringing you to the “edge” of your skills and abilities in a fun group setting. Too much emphasis in modern education is placed on audio-visual stimuli toward the theoretical and abstract. Maine Primitive Skills School Living a simple, efficient life with minimal supports presents predictable challenges. Finding Survival Schools is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated Survival Schools. This is a much different approach than assembling a collection of random skills and activities and calling it a course. Every course in each of the Curriculum Strands supports necessary skills for the professional outdoors person.