As a startup, we had to get scrappy in order to hit our goals and make an impact. You've got a set work routine, including marketing, that you're comfortable running full time. Here are 5 things to do to make your side hustle a success. Some do it to supplement their income, while others do it to be able to quit their 9-5 job forever and become their own boss. The 99designs team is a rag-tag group of color-loving, creativity-celebrating, typography-appreciating, idea enthusiasts. Dedicate some time to building your business, and slowly but surely, you'll create something you can be proud of. Trying to squeeze in a hard day’s work for your employer on top of your own passion project is a surefire way to spread yourself thin. An app like QualityTime can help you narrow in on your biggest time-wasters. On the flip side, poor health and sleep deprivation could lead to poor results in both your day job and side-hustle. It’s imperative to be around supportive people. ), every Tuesday morning to yourself to head to the rock climbing gym, or only take client calls on Thursdays, that’s totally ok. You don’t have to explain to anyone what schedule you set. After a long and tiring day at work, you won’t want to do another task that you’re not interested in. The main takeaway here is to take care of your health by exercising regularly and getting enough nightly rest. A staggering 49% of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health condition, compared to 32% of non-entrepreneurs. Something went wrong posting the comment. But, unless you've really played around with it, you might not know how handy it is for managing the finances of your side hustle. You proved us right again. So much so that if you get less than six hours of sleep, your performance decreases for a period of six days. Just remember the following: If you’re juggling work and a side project (let alone more than one), the hardest thing everyone unanimously agrees on here is simply finding the time. If you have a spouse and a family, remember this: when you are starting a side hustle, you inadvertently take them along for the ride. It's something you would do even if you weren't getting paid, BUT you're monetizing it in some way. If you still can't find time for your side hustle, then you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what job inspires you enough to MAKE time for it. Running your own side hustle can be exciting, but if you have a full-time job, there are at least 40 waking hours each week that you cannot think about your other gig.. For starters, that means no work on your own company during your scheduled work hours. Keep a one-task-at-a-time mentality.”. Plus, hiring a remote team member like a VA is more productive than hiring someone in-office. Signs it might be time to take that leap include: Remember, there's no rush to leave your job, even if your side hustle is booming. Cyn also enjoys playing music, helping retirees live active, healthy, engaged lifestyles, and hopping into the ocean. I believe that many of us are looking for a side hustle or on to it for a quite some time now. Managing a side hustle isn’t easy, especially with a full-time job. I know -- it seems excessive, especially if you’re already trying to combat the loneliness of working alone, but there are better, more productive, and less stress-inducing ways to get your social time in than social media. The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Side Hustle Part 6: Marketing You can take phone calls, send emails, or respond to texts during your scheduled breaks from your job… They told us about the challenges they faced as entrepreneurs, and their advice for managing both work and other endeavors. Here’s how. Please review. We have updated our cookie policy. Another tip for curbing your addiction to both your cell phone and social media apps is to sleep with your phone away from your bed. Subscribers to our newsletter have been scientifically proven to be smarter, better looking and at least 50% more awesome than average. So it’s important that you do your research well before you get started. You can expect to have a meal on the table every night when you used to take turns cooking. So, how can you manage this side business effectively? Maintain a regular exercise and sleep regimen. You've got a clear marketing and business plan that would scale with more hours. And are you even making a dent in your side-hustle? © 2020 American Express Company. The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Side Hustle - 7 Part Series: Stephanie Burns is the founder of Chic CEO, a resource for female entrepreneurs starting businesses. While the relationship may seem far-fetched, exercise plays a major role in your work and comes with many benefits, including: I’d say all four of these benefits are helpful when it comes to managing your full-time job and side-hustle, particularly if you’re suffering from fatigue and overwhelm. For offline promotion, you can start by letting your friends, family, and colleagues at work know about it and tell them about the products and services that you offer. There are automation tools for that, too. You also need to protect yourself from working too much—a real temptation for running a business where there's always something to do. We can help! This is especially important if you use the same skills for your side hustle that you do at work. You'll not only make a little money on the side, but you'll also do something you truly enjoy. For example, instead of trying to complete all the work related to your designs in one go, you can break them down into smaller tasks like creating a logo, buying a domain and web hosting, creating your website, etc. Good luck! It’s an effective way to clearly communicate exactly what’s expected for each delegated task. These days, a lot of people are taking on a side hustle in addition to their full-time jobs. You can set your schedule the way it works for you. Before you get too deep in your side hustle, review the terms of your employment contract. So much so that a hefty 81% of small and midsize businesses rely on email as their primary channel for getting customers. Since you're getting a new business off the ground, consider saving most of that extra pay to help grow it even more, by paying for a new website, for example. The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Side Hustle Part 3: Managing Your Time | Stephanie Burns. It’s exciting to get your first client and you want to make sure they are loving working with you. Finally, take care of your physical and mental health by exercising and getting enough sleep. Having a side hustle when your home life is active can be pretty draining, not just for you but for others. A hobby hustle is a job that's related to your passions or interests. Another way to manage the stress of having a full-time gig and a side-hustle is to eliminate the time you spend scrolling aimlessly through your social channels. To attract people to buy from you, you’ll first have to let them know about your business. The best way to make your side hustle work is to pursue your passion. As long as we’ve been on this planet, people have found the drive to innovate, follow their creativity, and overcome the challenges that face us. Although it sounds like a difficult task, with a proper strategy, and a little hard work you can easily convert your side business into a full-fledged source of income. On the other hand, if you're a mechanical engineer by day and a graphic designer by night, there's much less of an overlap. All rights reserved, Insights and Inspiration to Help Grow Your Business, Check for Pre-qualified Credit Card Offers, Credit Intel – Financial Education Center. Design tips & business trends in your inbox? While there are several ways to manage your time efficiently, we recommend three key ways to do it, and the first is to stop multitasking. our recent survey on gender inequality and funding, Eva Missling, General Manager Europe—founder of 12designer, Berlin, Pam Webber, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer—founder of weeDECOR, Oakland, Sophie Dalaou, French Customer Support—graphic designer and illustrator, Berlin, Megan Dell, Head of UX—artist and jeweler, Melbourne, Kelly Morr, Senior Marketing Manager—filmmaker, novelist, Oakland. Our comments are moderated. If you are starting a side hustle, chances are you are managing a lot of different things while doing so. I write about female entrepreneurship and how to brand yourself. For example, if you're a graphic designer for a marketing agency and then offer that service freelance as well, you need to be extra cautious about potential conflicts. It’s a huge mistake to start building out a new business with the expectation that you can work on it during a time when you are being paid by someone else. Side hustlers are mainly looking to explore an interest, hone their skills, and share their work while growing an audience. So, lay out a plan that will help you realize your objectives. But don’t worry, apps like Moment make it easier. Some signs that you should stay at your job include: If your side hustle turns into a big success, it could even become your full-time job. “When you diversify and you build a hobby hustle, what you're doing is building up a skill set that's employable," says career expert J.T.