Englisch: median nerve. The median nerve is the branch of the brachial plexus that supplies most of the superficial and deep flexors in the forearm, thenar and lumbrical muscles. It is critical in understanding the median sensory nerve anatomy within the hand when examining this nerve. You will also find thenar muscles, transverse carpal ligament, median nerve, tendons to fingers, arteries to hand as well. Inhaltsverzeichnis. Sensory And Motoric Branches Of The Median Nerve In this image, you will find median nerve is compressed at the wrist, resulting in numbness or pain in it. Injury to any of these branches can occur and produce sensory loss to their corresponding territories. 2 Verlauf. 4.1.1 Unterarm; 4.1.2 Hand; 4.2 Sensible Innervation; 5 Klinik; 1 Definition. It also gives sensation to certain areas of the skin of the hand. It initially spans the length of the upper arm, as it runs a course parallel to the brachial artery. 1 Definition; 2 Verlauf; 3 Äste; 4 Funktion. It is beyond the scope of this chapter, but branches of the radial or ulnar nerve have been transferred to median nerve branches in the forearm, hand, or even digits [42–44]. 4.1 Motorische Innervation. Nerve transfers utilize intact motor nerves with a minor function to reinnervate critical muscles. Der Nervus medianus ist ein gemischt motorischer und sensibler Nerv des Arms, der aus dem Plexus brachialis entspringt. supplies sensory innervation to lateral palm In the upper arm and near the shoulder, the median nerve branches off of the brachial plexus. the nerve then enters the hand via the carpal tunnel, along with the tendons of the FDS, FDP and FPL; Terminal branches anterior interosseous branch (AIN) innervates the deep volar compartment of forearm except the ulnar half of the FDP; palmar cutaneous branch . • The median nerve branches into sensory nerves that innervate the described territory, which includes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd webspace.