The attorney will be a member of the team that leads our high volume administrative law practice and individual legal advocacy. Another scam I think. You can call Medicare at 1-800- Medicare (1-800-633-4227). Medicare beneficiaries are likely to receive phone calls once they become eligible for Medicare. Fill out an online rate form and discover your best Medicare plan today! Medicare does not pay for random genetic testing. Clearly, this is a scam. The video will help you recognize the scammers who ask for your Medicare number so you can get a back or neck brace. Others use established medical entities and get kickbacks. This includes my home address, phone number, or any other means of identification. His name is listed in a database and unfortunately I will be in the same situation in five years. They don't day they're from Medicare. ", " What is the doctor's name...and spell it out slowly so I can write it down?" You can read more about Medicare scams at the AARP site. Sending a bill from an unknown hospital, doctor or medical supplier. I get calls from unknown numbers or areas I check the call and dont pick up.It rings 3 times then my ans. Anyone asking me for personal information is “phishing” but they won’t get any bites from me. I COMPLETELY understand your frustration with this. Even more irritating is that they use spoofing technology to make it appear to be a local number, which makes it more likely that I am likely to answer. Medicare and BCBS has paid over $3,000 for this junk. The Center for Medicare Advocacy (CMA) held a National Medicare Advocates Alliance webinar call, May 11 on, "Medicare & COVID-19 Updates & Other Issues.". And they didnt leave a callback number., they appear to have three numbers, which are now blocked on my phone. I knew it was scam when Sophie refused to give me the number and hung up. The incoming number changes each time, so I can't block the call. It’s important to remember the first rule of thumb with Medicare: Unless you initiated the request, Medicare will NEVER call you. I appreciate any assistance on stopping this. Immediately file a complaint with the FTC. One of the most common schemes consists of callers introducing themselves as Medicare agents to “verify” your new Medicare card number to make sure you received your card. Hi Lori! We expect participants to treat each other and the bloggers with respect. “This is Nancy, your Medicare Patient Advocate” call is the same harassment headache call that my mother gets everyday multiple times a day. And you’ll hear from an FTC expert about how to avoid these scams: For more information about stopping imposter scams, visit Then, if it was one of them, they can help you. We are independant, meaning that we represent multiple health insurance plans. You may opt-out by. Hi Robin! I tell them I'm fine and don't work w/ strangers over the phone. In my opinion, this is fraud. 601 257 2296, Just received a call from Bianca at 619-566-4650 (caller ID (unavailable). Include the phone number of a caller as well as any other information that may help the government find the fraudsters. When you work with the Medicare Advocates, you’re dealing with a person one-on-one. If you have received a call from 202-293-5760 asking about Social Security numbers or other such information, it was a scam. Some websites sell your email address and phone number to third parties, so be careful! Reply . I get at least one or two calls from medical scammers every single day. How do I stop these solicitation, and have my information permanently removed for third party records? Meanwhile, I called Medicare to report a fraud. They were offering a brace of some sort to help my back pain. We continue to look into this misuse of … How and where do these third party companies get personal contact information? I once actually received a box of "orthotic braces" that I did not order. You don’t know it’s a Medicare scam caller until you pick up your phone. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. She laughed and said “Yes, but we’re here to help Medicare explain to you your benefits.” She said even if I am rejecting the benefits of Medicare, she still needs the name of my Dr to tell him/her that I don’t want any benefits from Medicare .” Well, I just hang up the phone... My dad gets calls asking from 'medicare' asking for who his primary care doctor is I hang up so hard. She said she was form Medicare and I had been approved for "hereditary cancer screening." They may call themselves a “health care benefits advocate” or a similar title. How would you like to know that no matter what problems or issue arise with your Medicare claims, billing and appeals that you will always have a highly trained Personal Medicare Advocate you can call on for help? Then contact Medicare from their official number printed on their Summary Notices, and report what you have learned. Our government needs to get busy and put a stop to all of it. You are important to us. Should any issue arise in which Medicare or Social Security needs any information from you, they’ll ALWAYS send you a letter to notify. They replied, a brace for my joints. Multiple calls about Medicare Plus card. Medicare and Social Security beneficiaries across the country report receiving calls from scam operators (frequently with foreign accents), who claim to represent Medicare, Social Security, or an insurance company. I just got my 9:30 AM back brace scam call on my cell phone that is listed on the useless "Do Not Call" registry. We are on the do not call list however, we still three to five phone calls a day. Also, save any receipts or statements listing the date of these services. You should never share your Medicare Identifier or Social Security number with a stranger. For more information or to apply on your own, call your state Medicaid agency. Check your quarterly Medicare Summary Notices to make sure there aren’t tests, procedures, drugs or equipment that you didn’t receive. Before I could speak to them they ended the call. Is it so you can charge medicare with this scam? There are apps but you have to pay for the good ones! (My area code and my exchange), I just received a call from Ira Research, 352-492-3062, stating that I am to receive a benefit from my medicare. I was told that when I received the Medicare Summary with the fraudulent claims on it (months later), to circle the wrongful claims, make a copy of the form and return it with an Appeal (info on the back of the Summary) with a letter refusing the claim as "possibly fraudulent" and relating my experience. Most times they hang up. Calls from a live agent claiming to be from some official sounding company like the "Medicare Help Center." Our daily content delivers vital ideas, context and. Yes, we all have the same issue it seems! Medicare may need information from you or may need to reach you; but, they’ll NEVER call. Those pretending to be officials will never give you a phone number to call back. The Center for Medicare Advocacy produces a range of informative materials on Medicare-related topics. You must be looking for a way to get on the Medicare Do Not Call list. Then refuse the shipment. Google "Office Kelly Jones" and the consumer complaints go back around a decade, which means government agencies have never -- and probably never will -- catch these organized criminals. I just received a call, the person had a heavy accent and said he was from 'Medicare Health & Wellness' regarding orthopedic brace for my father's back and leg pain. I've stopped signing those forms even though my docs swear they never sell my information. Phone calls threatening to cancel Medicare coverage unless information is updated. I've never requested info about a back brace. I have her name and #... Once i recived a call for a person name Jose and he claiming that he is form US Medical and and he calling me to confirm that i'm suffring form back pain and i said yes then he offer me back brace and get all information about me and then after a while i also recived a call from their physician name JOHN MARTIN and he asked few question about my pain and i answered the question he asked then after a day i also recived a call from Dr Office about the braces prescription and the Dr told me that are you applied for brace? You can get back to enjoying your day in peace after following any of the ways to put an end to spam calls or most of them anyway. they use a CALL NUMBER spoofing device - it's never the same number twice. He knew my name and said he was an insurance provider and knew I was on Medicare. Unsolicited phone calls selling Medicare plans are risky. The Center for Medicare Advocacy is currently seeking an attorney to practice in our Connecticut office. Also, register both your cell phone and home phone to put an end to the calls. Hi Lori! So, keep a calendar and record the exact dates of any health care services you’ve received so you can compare them against bills. I’m tired of these Telemarketing calls claiming to be medicare advisors! I usually start by asking "are you with Medicare". Hi Craig! Yet the calls still come in! Many cell phone carriers provide services that may alert you if a call is likely a spam call. If they were truly from medicare they would already know such information. we should ask, "Where is the delivery coming from? Servicing 1,000’s of Medicare Recipients Each Year! I tried to call back and their number wasn't valid. I asked for a call back number and he gave me (501) 326-1523. How do I get them to stop??? When I said I would be reporting him he was not concerned. Who allowed for everyone's pers info to be made public online? They asked her height, weight, Dr’s name and last time she saw her Dr. Then they wanted her to get her card so we hung up.