Those selecting number 10 will see a message stating: “I’ll risk large losses for higher gains.”. All four providers will invest using ETFs but their fee structures differ. This can be from an old or current workplace pension, other SIPPs or personal pensions. That makes it the best offer in the market of any robo-advice firm or investment platform. Nutmeg vs Moneyfarm vs Vanguard vs Savings? When will interest rates rise (or in fact be cut)? This can be changed at any point, making it a shorter or longer term. Once all this is decided and you register, Nutmeg will then take you through a risk assessment that helps build your profile. You only need £1 to access Plum and Wealthify’s ethical portfolios, or £5 for tickr, unlike Wealthsimple and Nutmeg's higher minimum requirements. All the platforms in this article offer the Stocks and Shares ISA; many offer the Junior ISA and some are moving into Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPPs) and Lifetime ISAs. Moneybox pension review - Invest via 'round ups' and consolidate your old pensions at the same time. If you can invest more than £100,000, Tiller’s Select Portfolios include a wide range of themed fund picks. If you have the money, however, it may be worth looking at the latter platforms, which can tailor an ethical portfolio to your risk appetite. Once you've done that it's a matter of getting the highest risk-adjusted return. Does that mean you felt the fees were overinflated? Please message the mods if these links are out of date. Copyright © All rights reserved. The Nutmeg pension fees for a socially responsible portfolio depend on how much you are investing. The projections will also tell you how much your pension could be worth in total when you come to retire, how much you could take as a lump sum, what an annuity could be worth and how much you will have contributed (see below). - Latest predictions. Our products. For pensions under £100,000 you will pay annual fees of 0.5-0.95%, depending on the portfolio. Transferring an existing pension to a Nutmeg pension, you can get your first £10,000 of your money managed for free for the first year via this offer. Pension. You don’t just have to make monthly contributions, you can also add to your pension by transferring from other providers. You will pay 0.45% up to £100,000 and 0.25% beyond that. Nutmeg gives you more control with an easier to use and low-cost process. Wealthsimple charges an annual fee of 0.7%, although this is reduced to 0.5% if you have investments worth over £100,000 or you can get your first £10,000 of your money managed for free for the first year via this offer. Some platforms offer room for more customisation. There are plenty of other robo-advisers on the market with varying minimum investments and product features. Any help would be really appreciated, I'm just a little bit stuck at the moment. Nutmeg’s main rivals are Wealthsimple, Moneyfarm and PensionBee. I've not tried Moneyfarm. A Nutmeg pension transfer is free (although your existing pension provider may charge an exit fee). Comparing the highest risk options from each provider, Nutmeg 10 vs LifeStrategy 100% Equity, we see two excellent investment options. This has been developed by Oxford Risk and is based on 11 questions assessing your investing experience, understanding of risk and loss and your view of the stock market.