I just wanted to ask if it is normal for an orchid to keep blooming all year round every year? It can be heartbreaking to watch helplessly as long-awaited orchid buds brown, die and drop instead of becoming those much-anticipated flowers. After the flowers all died off, I repotted it because it was growing out of the pot. It’s a natural fungicide. Did I do something wrong? If yes, then what kind of fertilizer and how often should I do? Although I haven’t tried this yet, yours was the only site that had a picture of my browning orchid, and I will surely give this a go! Was it in flower/bloom when you repotted it? I don’t know if you’re interested but have you heard of growing orchids from seed? I can’t figure out how to change the dates on my post without it messing up the eternal links. Your orchids need natural sunlight so they should be close to a window and make sure it’s potted in a pot with a drainage hole and only water when it’s VERY dry. Is this ok? Orchid blooms falling off pretty soon after you get them is normal as shown here… Should I leave it alone till all the blooms die and then cut at the base. The offshoot grew over the winter on a store bought plant I got last summer. Which is good because I have a lot of orchids and that would take awhile I did however, cut the stem all the way back because it was entirely brown. I felt panic when I saw the stem turning brown after all the blossoms had fallen off. Im just afraid I repotted too soon and will never see flowers again. Thanks, This is my first orchid (phalaenopsis) and it was given to me by my boss and when the blooms died, fell off, and the shoot started turning brown I thought it was dying. I already cut the spike. I have two new spikes growing from my plant. Stems: I cut mine as close to the base as possible without clipping anything else. Remove the infected parts and repot in well-drained soil. Overwatering can damage the orchid’s root system, with the end result being a lack of water to the plant. You should cut the stem back. We are definitely not the green thumb girls of the family but I’m trying. Budding Cattleyas are particularly sensitive to overwatering, which can cause buds to blacken and die while still in their sheath. My Phalaenopsis orchids start producing shoots around November. Dehydration is the cause of leaf tips turning brown and drying out before the entire leaf dies. It’s been four days! Ask a QuestionHere are the questions asked by community members. Thanks! Completely love your website, I’m on my first orchid journey at age 22 and have kind of fallen in love totally, already. Orchids are very hardy and once you get the hang of them – they are very easy to grow! I didn’t know if it would be more beneficial for the plant to trim the parts that appear to be dying or if it’s just part of the “node.” Any help is greatly appreciated! Have you heard of this? Do this by not watering for the next 10 days coupled with misting the leaves regularly. After keiki started forming plant continued to flower. Allow the potting mix to dry completely before watering again. No the spots are not normal. https://myfirstorchid.wordpress.com/2016/08/12/basal-keikibaby-orchid/, Perfect, I’ve got my answer. A few phals will develop a spike, but then it turns brown and fails to develop buds. I just didn’t know if I needed to do anything special. One question: my orchid was in a clear pot when I bought it and I noticed that the ones in your video were also clear. It has bloomed several times since I have had it. I was really nervous about this and haven’t cut the main stem even though the tips of all 3 branches have dried. Once I cut back the stems & repot my orchid plant should I water the same as I had when the plant was not in the resting stage? I hope my shoots re grow and bloom. The shoots where turning brown. So basically what I am saying is that by waiting and watching you will be able to tell what is going on. I can send a picture if need be? I don’t really don’t know why I put it in this post maybe I should have put in it in Keiki “Baby orchid”. I was surprised how fast the blooms fell off but I figured it was perhaps due to the shock of being in a new environment ( Its in indirect light on the top of a bookshelf that faces a West window). Thanks for replying. Have you seen my blog on watering? When treating your orchids always remember to use clean tools, clean pots, and common sense. Very upset about this. The rest was green. So far, the other branches have given no indication of dropping their flowers any time soon. I purchased this plant in maybe… Feb/Mar and would like to see a rebloom or new spike. Once you’re orchid enters its dormant phase, download our FREE guide to learn How to Trigger Reblooming! The stems are not looking as green as they used to be. I’ll send pic later, thanks!! (probably Phalaenopsis. It’s best to use Reverse Osmosis/Deionized or Distilled water if available making sure to use the appropriate pure water fertilizer when feeding. How to water Even on the brown stem. It can be heartbreaking to watch helplessly as long-awaited orchid buds brown, die and drop instead of becoming those much-anticipated flowers. Here is my question: Is the “Cinnamon” that we buy at the store, which is really Cassia, just as effective as “True or Ceylon” Cinnamon? Thank you for the sweet component about the blog! PLEASE help, will the stem ever grow back and rebloom ?? And I know this sounds dumb but are you sure they are ants? Thank you again so very much for saving my darling plant and easing and educating my mind that I can and am properly caring for my orchid. It was a double spike. FYI you probably didn’t kill your other orchid by by repotting it. It needs to be watered year round because it’s a plant and needs nutrients and water. Yes it’s safe to cut the stem back now and that is usually how I do it. If you catch them, discard as you see fit. It stayed this way for no more than about 8 days and then all the flowers dried up and fell off. It is still green. I have a post on it. You can repot it now if you like, Hello, I have an orchid that was given to me by a friend who “didn’t know what to do with it”.