If you’ve tried herbal therapy without positive results, it’s likely because the proper synergy, potency, and quality were lacking. Lastly, be grateful for what you have in your life and set attainable goals to keep you moving. They often associate with a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) — yet another condition for which medical science is short on explanations or treatments. Optimal nutrition is vital for overcoming any kind of chronic … Chronic stress: Seems like modern life automatically comes with a certain level of pervasive, low-grade tension. Often called stealth microbes, these microbes avoid being detected by manipulating the immune system’s communications. It also stimulates endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals that reduce pain and stimulate immune functions, as well as stem cells, which are necessary to repair damaged tissues. Though disruptive microbes aren’t always the factor that initiates chronic fatigue, they are the primary factor perpetuating your misery and keeping you from becoming well. Mitochondria are organelles in cells that are the source of power for all functions in the body, and loss of power contributes to all the symptoms of chronic fatigue. My journey to try to overcome chronic vaginal yeast infections was extensive- I tried drug store suppositories, oral diflucan, oral nystatin, and all sorts of other remedies, including FMT. Researchers aren’t certain what causes chronic fatigue syndrome, but they do have many theories about potential causes. Consider the fact that plants are constantly being threatened by a wide range of microbes, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi — just like we are. Optimal nutrition is vital for overcoming any kind of chronic illness and related digestive issues. Depending on cell types and functions, cells contain hundreds to many thousands of mitochondria. Secondly, researchers point out that all of the microbes in question can also occur in healthy individuals. You can pick them up from breathing contaminated air, ingesting contaminated food and liquid, having intimate contact with other people, or being bitten by an animal or an insect. No statement herein is to be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, preventative, or cure for any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state. All functions in every cell in the body are powered by mitochondria. Herbs help re-establish normal communication pathways. For that purpose, modern herbal therapy is a natural fit. As you can see, while there isn't one single cause or solution to chronic fatigue syndrome, there are a number of ways to help your body overcome symptoms. Again, just because a single microbe hasn’t emerged as causative, that doesn’t exclude microbes as a possibility. Part of the difficulty in treating chronic fatigue … Interestingly, research in the journal Pediatric Transplantation has shown that reactivated Epstein-Barr virus uses a unique mechanism of replication, making it immune to current antiviral therapy. Like fibromyalgia, CFS is classified as a disorder, not a true disease. For starters, don’t pretend you’re fine – it’s okay to recognize that your health needs your attention. The difference between the two is often very subjective. Even though they may seem very sophisticated, these microbes are very common in nature, and the immune system is well versed in all of their tricks. The microbes, however, are not generally the factor that initiates chronic illness. People will be more understanding of your condition if you actually tell them about what you’re going through. Microbes with stealthy characteristics are certainly not limited to Lyme disease and are extremely common in nature — my research has revealed well over 100 microbes that fit the description of stealth microbe. But the problem with the term "chronic fatigue" is that it's really only a description of how you feel—it doesn't explain why you are fatigued in the first place. In fact, your gut and brain were formed from the same fetal tissue and are inextricably linked for the rest of your life through the vagus nerve and the gut-brain axis. Poor diet also disrupts hormone pathways in the body and strongly suppresses immune system functions. 16 muscular system diseases you should know about, Lower abdominal pain in women: Causes and treatments, Crepitus neck: Neck cracking and popping sound in neck, What causes bladder pressure and how to relieve it, Why is my urine orange? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition in which the individual constantly feels too tired to perform any activity – even activities they enjoy. Immune system functions rebound. Don’t keep going just because you feel you need to – such unnecessary persistence can cause you more harm than good. Many worked temporarily, but I could not find sustainable relief. What is surprising — at least, to non sufferers — is the vast extent of that fatigue. Your article and new folder have been saved! These substances selectively suppress potential pathogens, without harming friendly flora. Read his story ». It’s associated with decreased blood flow, retention of toxins, immune dysfunction, decreased endorphins, and low energy. Wake up your cells. Once distributed out to the far recesses of the body, microbes can silently set up shop while staying partially shielded from immune system functions. Microbes: Wellness is associated with a strong prevalence of normal flora and high diversity of the microbiome. A survey in 2005 found that half of general practitioners in the UK don’t believe that chronic fatigue syndrome exists. Their spectrum of biochemical substances offer protection against a wide array of stress factors that compromise cellular and tissue functions. Later, after a tick bite with a bull’s eye rash, I concluded that I had been suffering from chronic Lyme disease all along.