As a general rule, the central and northern area of the country speaks German, the western region speaks French and Italian is spoken in parts of the South. You will need to pass these in order to continue with your programme, but they won’t determine a final ‘grade’ for your PhD degree. This is useful if you have a European Masters degree and are applying for a PhD in a different EHEA country. Note that in most cases the visa that lets you enter the country you are studying in will not automatically provide you with a Schengen Visa. Students from other countries are normally able to apply for a post-study residence permit, subject to evidence of accommodation and financial support. Applications for the project are welcome from all suitably qualified candidates, but its funding may be restricted to a limited set of nationalities. Having been a site of intellectual and cultural exchange for centuries, Turkey is a great venue for PhD study. Prospective candidates can look on university websites for these opportunities, sometimes they may be called scientific vacancies or project-funded PhD positions. It’s a good idea to check whether the university you’re considering offers these positions and what their conditions are. Landfill leachate is an enormous problem in the UK with major environmental consequences for pollution, eutrophication and climate change. If you do need to purchase health insurance during your PhD you can expect to pay around €950 per year (in monthly instalments). However, ECTS credits are sometimes used to measure training units and modules as part of more structured PhDs. Each supervisor will normally have a specific role to play in your project, sometimes focussing on particular topic areas or on providing overall mentoring and pastoral support at your university. Follow your dream of studying abroad with the help of our scholarship. EU students don’t need a visa to enter other EU countries. Belgium's globally respected universities and cosmopolitan culture make it an attractive study option. Read our guides to PhD study and student life in Belgium. You’ll be assigned at least one academic supervisor during your PhD. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Read our guides to PhD study and student life in Estonia. The threat of antimicrobial resistance has led to increasing societal and media pressure on livestock producers to minimise the use of antibiotics in production. Last updated February 20, 2020. There are two typical routes towards a Swiss PhD: Both types of Swiss PhD are equally respected qualifications, providing good preparation for careers in science, research and other areas. Switzerland has a compulsory health insurance system that guarantees access to a range of quality medical care services and appropriate medical treatment. NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships are set up by universities to provide research and training opportunities for PhD students, funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council. Our database contains several thousand Bachelor’s programmes, Master’s programmes and PhD/Doctorate courses at top universities in Europe. The pattern and style of PhD has completely changes significantly demanding the industrial results instead of real research. Climate, heritage and unique research options make Greece an attractive PhD study choice. Europe's historic and world-renowned universities have always been home to leading scientists, artists and thinkers. Ready to start browsing some current PhD opportunities in Switzerland? Germany invented the modern PhD and remains a high-profile research destination. Austria offers historic universities, low fees and innovative research programmes in the heart of Europe.