Police Pension: Making the right choice for you and your Police Pension: Find out more > Commutation 1987 Scheme: Find … The good news is, when you look at your Police Pension income and the reduced tax you'll be paying, you could be better off than you think. <>stream Public sector employees are the largest group with active and growing pension … <>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595 842]/Type/Page/Parent 3 0 R /Contents 5 0 R /Rotate 90/Annots[ 77 0 R 100 0 R ]>> 4 0 obj Police pensions have a long history, dating back to 1829 when the Metropolitan Police ... which you might not be familiar are explained in the glossary on page 43. �/��ĔZ�x��)�p��^NF�@K�%����x���`'�w��� �Zu��� The Police Pension Scheme is a defined benefit occupational pension scheme which is guaranteed and backed by law. A pension plan is a valuable resource in accumulating retirement assets. 1 0 obj %PDF-1.4 ��%��J�i����&�ܲ�ܓ�>�K5iiM/��V��S70C0N[s�2���>L�����AM>Fh�Ю�$T� ��*{L�ɹ�|�~`� 鴴r��W�eD��'{'o�ū{�'��k�������#���\s�5G\ˈk��������ARUހf�pBe#�:ve��R��$g{��䢦�%Sʨ=w�f����Ͽ.������F�~�����������N�ݿg�GN�d���=���+#�yy?�����������/�zx��g�使��O%w��zm��Y �֩���>�$p�B��I��R�L����O�ȳHy�01 ��$&���w���u����t �F�Ԍ���8���w����A?��K;iq;M ���>� ��J箓^�L08�/��Ϥ{8+T ^����翷��͖����� ��M���2~RRS�D�#~�%�Z���|�%_d�ג�ޗZzS�7N�"��q�%_�k���̺ b�Z�uhld�u?b��#��)��Ғ?i�W[�5��sl��wS���m�G�t��v��F����{�-����SH{�')�6[� v���y���ӛ���l��^k���t�r�9q�A��]�J9}�i��j�Ьr>z�Ŭa�(�b�a�BƁ&�T����F]�zr�:T �!Y#�("f�� �R� z�M��hi��y ���ѵ�٭� ,VTW�_��CEB�0�%�k�X'�2M�l��M���ـU�~"e�@������68��k�Ϋ��)d�(Z�d�K1Aq�Eӳ�Ի���� ��r�f�l ����HFs ��i�B���K�!l�V�����P�JP��h=p=����C3.�E��Ii�;70��z� The Police Pension Scheme 2015 is registered under the Finance Act 2004. endobj The name distinguishes the scheme from the New Police Pension 1 The main regulations for the scheme date from 1987, although they have been amended several times since then. The benefits from the scheme are set out in law and are based on a proportion of your pensionable pay in The final salary police pension schemes closed on 1 April 2015 and a new police pension scheme was introduced, with future accrual based on the new CARE model. <>/Pages 3 0 R /Names<<>>/Type/Catalog>> �+�vi�O�_8V��!�����#ǠT���`��QL))�N�(�3"8��ԕq;)we�Aii&� s�A��7��]"���n��w�٤I�Ug�siEop=�j�ߣ1�����z͍���9���&�`���� D���d�ž�"�;����D$�]��Q���4����Z�(����d�����ʂ�$/�����UWA�t����*Bj�Ò� s����'ɗ@���+�����=�3��>�M&�:Y���#����R&Hm������2f��GIC��&��x��(�I'A8ooa�m$ZNy(�N�.����F�ݠ`)� ��.�*n(���W��"�n�1�. %���� Traditional pension plans are disappearing from the private sector, except for plans tied to labor union contracts. �L+B��� ���'c�p�t��n����v�d�w��`�[6Ff�����A'���nON�dJ-�*I���76k|n5|��ֱ~���C}28k� �4Nh!l)a���dpc�i����B x��=��]�q��ac�Iy7�=��G?�4�R�J�Z*R�"RW���?��^gv��Ξ3{�y~6�lav��ϙٙ���ݯ�q�\��d��b"ب���w�ϟ����O�N����!��$惿w씞�w��Qa������7�W��R]��z����G��ћ�g�b: endobj Members starting on or … Under the new arrangements, the Normal Pension Age for police officers was increased to age 60, whilst most public service schemes remained linked to higher state pension age. Regulation K5 of the Police Pension Regulations allows forfeiture in the event of you being convicted of Treason or for an offence which involved the abuse of your position as a police officer or bringing the Service into disrepute. 5 0 obj The Local Government Pension Scheme is collectively the largest public sector pension scheme in the UK with 4.6 million members and is available to any employee under the age of 75 working for an employer participating under the scheme. The Scheme changed on the 1st April 2015 from a Final Salary Scheme to a Career Average Revalued Earnings Scheme (CARE). )��ŋ�� It is a defined benefit, Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE), occupational pension scheme.