Portal 2 - Co-Op Freeloader Gameplay Video, Portal 2 - Flipping the Right Switch Gameplay Video, Portal 2 - Working Together Gameplay Video, Portal 2 - Co-Op Crazy Perfect Timing Gameplay Video. Next, Blue will want to drop down only once and wait on the black ground right before the next drop. After a short scene you'll find yourself in the incinerator room. Afterwards, head back down to the second level. Orange will now want to place one of their portals on the upper wall on the right, and their second portal on the wall behind the ground node. Put your blue portal up there and head across the walk way. Stand on the button and place a portal on the other end of the crusher. GLaDOS, insistent that she can't lie with only 1.1 volts of power, implores Chell to take her with her to put her back in her body and stop Wheatley from destroying the facility. Once all four portals are set correctly, Orange will need to point the laser to the node near Blue to turn off the fan. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Re-adjust the laser so that it passes through all four portals and touches both nodes to complete the chamber. Float up the tunnel and once you reach the top fire your blue portal onto the tilted platform. Shoot your orange portal at this wall and run through the orange gel covering the run way. 45. Jump back down into the elevator to emerge through your next orange portal and quickly place a new blue portal on the tilted wall. When you enter the room, turn right and place your blue portal on the ceiling above the moving platform. Use the tunnel to float up to the top and shoot your blue portal at the tilted target in front of you. Place your blue portal on the checkered wall on the right so that it catches the light beam tunnel. Move along these rails to reach the lift on the far right. on February 3, 2012 at 11:36AM PST. You'll land on a ledge to the right where you should replace your orange portal. Place a portal on the now white covered ceiling to land on the broken catwalk. Blue should now shoot their blue portal at the white wall far off in the distance to bring the bridge over Orange's portal. Portal 2 was also conceptualized as set after the events of Portal, and GLaDOS would test the new subject, named Mel, similarly to how it was with Chell. Here, grab the cub that drops and place it on the red pad, which will open the door to the next area. Additional Course: Non-Emotional Manipulation. Once through the orange portal, turn around and fire another blue portal on the left wall. The song, Want You Gone, written by Jonathan Coulton indicates that, despite claims that Caroline has been deleted, is still present inside GLaDOS, and that deleting Chell from her memory bank will make GLaDOS feel better. Most provided an immediate cosmetic change by replacing or adding assets that referred to potatoes. If my math is correct – and the mod creator’s is too – that’s 66 portals for the game to work through. Hit the button to drop a reflection cube into the stream that will arrive in the room. Leap down into your ground portal to whisk over the air to the next rail. This section has both blue and orange gel. Once up top, move to the very edge and place one portal on the white paint to the far right. Now place your blue back on the overhead wall again. Move into the small room and place a portal on the wall. As long as you used the blue portal, the laser will reach through to the laser node. Take the weighted cube through the portal and place it on the weight button, unlocking the door to the elevator. Several of Two Tribes' developers, upon learning of his presence, began filming him from a barbershop across the street. There is no penalty for falling onto a solid surface, but falling into bottomless pits or toxic pools kills the player char… Enter the portals and fire a blue portal at the next wall ahead. The Potato Sack is the name of an alternate reality game (ARG) created by the Valve Corporation and the developers of thirteen independent video games to promote the release of Valve's title, Portal 2, in April 2011. Move through the portals and drop to the next area. Turn around; shoot one portal at the wall ahead and the floor on the small island. Blue should pass through the grill and take the sphere that spits out. They must cross through the chamber of GLaDOS who lies broken and dismembered on the floor of her chamber, they enter the breaker room looking for a way out, and instead accidentally reactivate GLaDOS. Blue should hit the switch on the left and grab the reflector cube that drops. Move over to the nest and tag GLaDOS. Orange should place their portals at the end of the light source and the other on the wall on the right. Step on the jump platform to wind up on the other end of the pit. From here place your red portal on the lone wall to transfer the laser into the node, opening the exit path. The ground will break below you, causing you to fall into the waters below. Orange must now walk over the bridge and stand above their portal. Once the robots are re-united, Orange should place one portal on the incline and the second on the floor below. Take the disc to the front room and place it inside the drive to complete the level. Start by first riding the light up to the second level and placing your orange portal above. This will take you to the exit area and a switch to change the flow. Alive despite the explosion, Chell reaches for her Portal gun, and, remembering that moon dust creates an ideal portal surface, aims it through a hole in the ceiling at a full moon high in the sky. The DLC includes specific levels and mechanics that make use of the Hydra's motion detection functionality. Look over the edge and fire a blue portal and then leap down into it. Once he is operational use the bomb-portal attack for a third time. Exit through the door on the right and place your orange portal on the tilted wall. For this next room Orange should stand on the weighted button to lower several platforms. Drop off the cube on the red pad to unlock the door to the next area. While still floating inside, place your purple portal on the hanging wall to the left and then fire the blue portal at the end of the funnel source (Overwriting Orange's old portal). Leave the cube on this switch to rotate your now blue gel covered platform. Take the reflection cube and place it in front of the center and right nodes. Blue will want to run forward as much as they can until they are blocked by the first box. Fire another orange portal into the next room. Head back through the grill and place your blue portal on this wall. Move right, through the grill. Chell causes Wheatley to destroy a pipe containing Conversion Gel, allowing portals to be used in the chamber which ultimately leads to his destruction. Super Mario Odyssey? The ARG's theme of potatoes is based on plot elements within Portal 2, specifically that for part of the game, GLaDOS's personality module is run off a potato battery. Replace your blue portal over the light beam tunnel generator and your orange portal on the left wall under the orange gel tube. Point the laser over to the first node on the left to raise the spike trap. Now place one portal directly below the laser sensor node and the other one the right wall to catch the laser from the left wall. Quickly get out of the beam and land on the weighted button to reverse the light tunnel flow. Grab jump over the laser with the cube in your hands to avoid interrupting your ride. Orange should place their red portal at the end of the light bridge and the orange portal on the wall ahead to block the turret's laser. When asked one of the members that worked on Portal 2 that the game wasn't going to include portals, and how would the game be a sequel to Portal, and more specifically, use the Portal title. After achieving their goals and enter GLaDOS' now rebuilt chamber, the computer system detects an alternate core and begins the process of a core transfer, which GLaDOS promptly refuses, prompting the Stalemate Button to be activated. After doing so Orange should travel through Blue's portals, their own portals, and finally stand on the second switch. In here, place an orange portal on the pillar to the right to block the cluster of turrets. Place one last blue portal on the cat walk to the right and ride the beam to the room exit. On the above level place an orange portal on the tilted platform on the right side of the laser. Place another blue portal above the last turret. Over here, set your orange portal in the center so that it's directly under the cube dispenser. as you ride up to the top, fire your blue portal on the tilted platform ahead to launch to the exit with a button. Next put a portal under the blue gel dispenser and your other portal on the lone ceiling pad. It originally was planned to not include any portals in the game, utilizing a new mechanic called "F-STOP". Shoot one portal at the opposite end of the blue portal and the other portal to the wall on the lower right. Orange will need to set one portal above the exit door and the other near the jump pad. With your new blue jump gel in place, you'll be taken to the next floor. Ride this tunnel to the center panel and place your orange portal here. Blue must stand on the large weighted button and fire their top portal at the small white wall to the right. Grab it or bump it to shut it down. Backtrack through the orange portal and arrive at the exit. Do so and this time the real exit elevator will appear. Both players should enter the portal to reach the top of the light bridge. Wait for the blue gel to fly up above your portal and then quickly remove your portal so that the goo can splat down on the ground.