inside of the turret's little room, so you can go in and pick up the portal and drop it out, disabling it. There is a tiny little grate in the ceiling in this area. Shoot the portal that leads to the switch and enter it. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Test Chamber 02 - Get the Blue Portal Gun, Test Chamber 04 - Reaching Far Off Places, Test Chamber 07 - Do Not Taunt the High Energy Pellet, Test Chamber 10 - Something About Momentum, Test Chamber 12 - Fling Yourself into Space, Test Chamber 14 - You are an Excellent Test Subject, Test Chamber 15 - Cake and Grief Counseling, Test Chamber 17 - The Weighted Companion Cube will Never Threaten to Stab You. When you are done, you will drop the device in the equipment recovery annex. A new version of the breakthrough puzzle/shooter Portal, Still Alive will contain the original Single Player experience as well as an all new Challenge Mode of gameplay. Next, position the orange portal on the wall panel directly under the pellet dispenser. Shoot a portal through it and use another portal to get up there. Place a blue portal on the top surface of this slanted panel, then create a nearby orange portal to warp to the top of that slanted wall panel. Follow the pipe into a sewage-filled room ahead and then drop down onto another glass tube below. portal. First, place a blue portal on the angled wall panel under the pellet receptor, dead-center on the panel. Next, drop back down to the ground level and create a nearby orange portal to warp into the hall high above. Portal test chamber 19 part 1, i did this in different segments because FRAPS likes to cut my framerate down to 5 if i film more than 6 minutes Looking into the portal, you can see when the large piston to your left is pushed out. some walkways up there. You can wait for the platform and ride it through the hall, or you can warp to a stationary platform that's further down the hall by firing a blue portal onto the wall above the platform. From your elevated position, look down and create an orange portal directly below you. Jump over the short railing ahead to drop down. ← Test Chamber 19 - Continued, Part 2 In the first room of the testchamber is a high energy pellet dispenser as well as a receptor, both positioned on the ceiling. Pass through an orange portal to reach the upper ledge with your blue portal. Place an orange portal on that nearby surface and then hop onto the piston just underneath your portal. Place an orange portal on the floor and drop through to come out the blue portal above. There are more pistons in the next room, though they're not as tall. From on top of the tube, you can jump a small gap to the floor platform. Go through the particle field and The other two doors will open to reveal their own turret buddies—repeat the previous process to knock 'em out. It features the Unstationary Scaffold and High Energy Pellets, and Goo is … Continue through the hall to a room with a number of very tall pistons. Don't panic! This highly unpleasant area is filled with a nasty (but at least not poisonous) sludge that makes you slip and slide as you try to move around. You have to act quickly again. There is an active turret here, so wait for the hatch to open and then drop it down. Make the turret shoot through this pane of glass, then go through into that tube. Chamber 02 Radio Achievement.