The carbon-oxygen double bond is broken and a new carbon-carbon bond is … These reagents are prepared via the treatment of magnesium with organic halides such as alkyl or aryl halides. The organic halide is added to a magnesium suspension in an ether solvent. Magnesium can be reacted with alkyl halides or aryl halides to form Grignard reagents. 2. Preparation of Grignard Reagents. 3. Grignard reagents are made by adding the halogenoalkane to small bits of magnesium in a flask containing ethoxyethane (commonly called diethyl ether or just "ether"). It can be noted that many of these reagents can also be purchased commercially. Preparation Of Aldehydes & Ketones From Grignard Reagent - … A typical Grignard reagent might be CH 3 CH 2 MgBr. The process of preparing Grignard reagents is described in the points provided below. 1. The preparation of a Grignard reagent. The reaction between a Grignard reagent and an ester proceeds in a manner similar to the Grignard reactions of aldehydes or ketones. The flask is fitted with a reflux condenser, and the mixture is warmed over a water bath for 20 - 30 minutes. This is done with the help of solvents comprising of ethers (which are described by the formula R-O-R’) because the ligands provided by these solvents help in the stabilization of the organomagnesium compound.