Investors will not be allowed to skew the priorities of a CIC away from its central pursuit of the community interest. Also, depending on your lighting situation you want to adjust the aperture priority setting. Specifically tailor your budget to your family's needs, priorities and values. Staying cool and comfortable during the summer months in the Caribbean is a priority, but so is looking great! But anyone who places priority on the safety of their Visa and freshly minted money will tell you that the nearly water resistant texture of leather gives them a sense of security and sophistication, one that fabric wallets cannot provide. On the question of the relationship of the Synoptic Gospels, Holtzmann in his early work, Die synoptischen Evangelien, ihr Ursprung and geschichtlicher Charakter (1863), presents a view which has been widely accepted, maintaining the priority of Mark, deriving Matthew in its present form from Mark and from Matthew's earlier "collection of Sayings," the Logia of Papias, and Luke from Matthew and Mark in the form in which we have them. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Without having an effective time management system, the tasks at hand would remain unscheduled without an order of priority. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They have their priorities in order, and more importantly, their priorities match up.". It actually can be helpful to you if you place more priority on taking care of their emotions. Road hazards are more severe when the weather turns bad; make winter driving safety a top priority to ensure a safe and enjoyable winter season. Do these specialties fall in line with your priorities? I would suggest that you have a conversation with your boyfriend and ask him about his priorities, preferably in person so that you can see and hear his response. PREV WORD NEXT WORD . As regards sun-spots, however, Johann Fabricius of Osteel in Friesland can claim priority of publication, if not of actual detection. Subject to the priority policy the person who has been longest on the waiting list will be offered the next vacant plot. Vehicles would run at street level, segregated from other traffic, with priority given at traffic signals. Unfortunately, lingerie, which includes bath robes and pajamas, doesn't seem to have as high a priority. Priority reviews are usually conducted when a drug might have a significant and positive impact on public health. If you already feel pulled in all directions, dating may not top your priority list; free date chat online allows you to meet tons of people at once. The Corporate Plan reflects broader national and regional priorities in respect of Dartford 's key role in the regeneration of the Thames Gateway. If your husband's name is Brad, vow to brave any disagreements, reserve your love for him, always make him a priority in your life, and drive away any negative thoughts. On the other hand, a place can hardly be found for the history of Ezra before the appearance of Nehemiah; he moves in a settled and peaceful community such as Nehemiah had helped to form, his reforms appear to be more mature and schematic than those of Nehemiah; and, whilst Josephus handles the two separately, giving Ezra the priority, many recent scholars incline to place Nehemiah's first visit before the arrival of Ezra.'. Within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ancient and species-rich hedgerows are recognized as a priority habitat, in need of conservation. Tackling this remains a key priority for the Government. Examples of how to use the word 'priority' in a sentence. Protecting children from those people who would mean them harm is a priority, but parents and other adults need to be sure they are giving children the right information. Not every cruise line offers priority boarding for each circumstance; contact the individual Cruise Lines for details about priority boarding procedures and requirements. Until paid, this would be a first charge upon the land in priority over all other incumbrances whatsoever. In their planning, the sustainability agenda is … Keep comfort and safety as your top priorities when shopping and choose the pair that you feel most comfortable in. 32. Guests of The House receive priority bookings and should not be put off by the prospect of just a little too much glitz. The regions have also provided advice on their priorities within long-term indicative funding allocations. Service is top priority at this restaurant, with the staff having three tables each. Saving money is a top priority whether the economy is good or bad. Keeping the clothes clean, after all, is not a teenager's first priority. priority (n): something that is considered more important than other things Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) (determine, choose, decide on, establish, identify, figure out, … Anyone who has a video game addiction has one priority: the video game.