NWFkMmY3ZWU3ZDc2NTgzOTAyZjljMzVhY2Y1Y2U3NzQ4ZjljMjBjZjg5ZWU1 Sharing a problem is often the first step to recovery. ODdkNTg3ZWJkMGZkMjgwZDZmZmRiNTNjZWE2ZDM5MjkzOTMxOWVjMzhjY2E0 eyJtZXNzYWdlIjoiMTZhZDE2ZGVmNDcwZjZhNzQyNzEzMDIyMTY1YTc2YWUy MTA4N2ZhOTNjN2M1MTBjZDQxYmIzNTJhNWYzNjJmZTNhODY1OGYzN2U5Yjc2 Alternatively, pick any act of kindness to carry out or even come up with your own! ZTNjODZjNTE4NGZhOTk5MmZjYmIyYWNlNzg2ODY4NzE2MTYwYWZjOGU0NDIz Choose one small act of kindness you can do today, and do it. Pay someone a genuine and heartfelt compliment, Do not complain about anything the entire day, Donate old clothes and stuff you do not need, Take the time to listen to someone attentively rather than monopolize the conversation, Take your grocery cart back to the store after you are done, Forgive someone who wronged you in the past, Tell your parents how much you love and appreciate them, Do not gossip about anyone the entire day, Make a donation to a worthy cause (it does not have to be a lot), Put your phone away when in the company of others and do not keep checking it, Put positive sticky notes in places where others will see them and be uplifted, Write or tell your partner what you love about him or her, Put together a small herb garden for someone, Say thank you to the janitor at your work, school, or gym, Frame a friend’s favorite quote or lyric and give it to them, Drop off cat or dog food at an animal shelter as they are always in need, Make 2 lunches instead of 1 and give one away at work or school, Be patient, kind and gracious to the customer rep on the phone, Tell a police officer how much you appreciate him or her, Apologize to someone, even if it is not your fault, Thank your garbage collectors, leave them a nice note, Stick a few coins on a gumball machine for a kid to use, Stick a sealed bag of popcorn onto a Redbox machine, Get a free 1-week pass to your gym and give it to a friend or family member, Make friends with and help someone new in your gym, Place a happy or positive sign in your front yard, Help retrieve your neighbour’s garbage can from the curb after collection, Compliment a parent with polite and well-behaved kids, Leave only positive comments and responses on social media, Share a friend’s blog, business website or art on social media, Leave a box of tennis balls at the park with a sign that explains it is meant for dog owners to use to play with their dogs, Offer that old cell phone, laptop, TV, or computer to someone in need, Place a positive or happy sign or sticker on your car so that is visible to other drivers, Make a difference by donating funds to someone on Kiva, Kickstarter or GoFundMe, Pay for someone else’s meal anonymously at a restaurant, Drop-off personal hygiene items or diapers at a local shelter, Do not correct someone, especially in public, even if you know they are wrong, Keep an extra umbrella in your car to lend someone in the event of rain. ODI5MDNiOWZjMzI3YzQ4MWFkMmVmZmEyYzUyMThhNjE3ZWY0MDRmMjM2ZWFk Without ever mentioning it to the recipient ( unless they mention it first ). ZmVhYmJmMzhmNzQ2NTU2M2YwN2ZhM2ZiZmYxZmRmNGFmMjgxYjVjNmFkOTdl YTJkNDFjMDgxMDgzNGI2ZDVkMjc3ZWI5NmUzNjdmMGY1MDg3ZWY0Yjc5MTE2 MmQwNzRmMWNmMTQwM2IzMGU4YjYzZTg3ZjdmZGEwYThlNWQzMjg5ODZmZTVl OGIyMzFkMGZmNDY1MTc3MjdmZjFjZTYxM2Y1MGQ3Njc4NTc3ZGM2OGVlMTY5 YWM2ZDc3ZWZhNGE3YzgwMWFmZjBkNTM0N2E3MmEzZDgxOWM2ZTFiYWRkNzdl Can You Be 1% Better Today Than Yesterday? On 17 February, the US-based Random Acts of Kindness foundation observes Random Acts of Kindness Day, with the aim of making “kindness the norm”. Welcome and get to know new hires. YjJjYjJjNzBlYzQ1NzI1YTU0NTEzZTU4OTcxOGExN2Y3MGQ1MDUzZWQ5YTJj MTk3NzllNWMzZGVkYjhlMzk1YTgxNWU4Y2Q1OGE0YWVhYzRiYjNiMzAwYzZj YjQyMTk1NjQ1YjE2YmU5NTk1ZTdiM2E1MmY3YjVhMmQ4NzJhZTVmM2MwMWQy Alternatively, pick any act of kindness to carry out or even come up with your own! ZDNhMTU4NmYzYjA0ZjE3ODg0ZDI1ODQ1MDY2ZDQ5ZDI5MzUxMDY4ZGViMGJk Carry out a random act of kindness for somebody else; Note a random act of kindness someone does for you; How it works. Send an encouraging email. These small, or not so small, deeds really do make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.