Furthermore if there wasn’t a fee after some point, what would possibly motivate someone to reutrn that item. When has anyone ever rented something and not been expected to return it? Weird coincidence but the CEO’s name was John also I believe. Is it possible to avoid capital gains taxes on selling of mutual funds to invest in other markets? “There are no late fees. Piechur has no case. This board is full of rah-rah cheerleaders who think that Hollywood is evil and they should be able to get their movies at an unsustainable price. Redbox from the start provided what I wanted, no membership requirements, low price, convienient locations, online reservations, and free codes. I rented avatar on the day it was released from blockbuster free. I know people who run B&M stores. Same as when the recording industry wanted too much for a cd then freaked out and tried to stop sharing music. I DARE you to answer that. Take a look after the break to see some of this history, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments about the decisions of the past and what the future might bring…. I’m not trying to redefine the word. All Rights Reserved. no one can survive when movies are free!!! Closest one is like 15 miles. Seriously, what do you want me to say? A movie returned after the rental period would be deemed “late”. How long does Redbox charge you for a movie? If you want to avoid that pain, you should definitely check outNetflix or Hulu if you haven’t already. They put their blinders on and forged ahead, and have now paid the ultimate price. My 2 year old knows that we have to return Spongebob the next night or its going to cost us again. Thats probably why people always argue with you in here’. flon you act like you are a moderator around here. Unfortunately success in this case is only failure for you. But again, if the facts are the facts, it doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative, they just are. we give 1000’s per year in cash donations to 10 or so charities. Do yourself a favour. And Blockbuster’s “no late fees” means you can return the DVD after 3 years with no penalty. Ok, and can you make a professional reference where the word late in regards to all movie rentals, and those that have yet to happen is defined as after 1 day? did would have slaughtered/overkilled her in such a way. ) Biden supporters: What do you think of people calling him a pedo & claiming certain pics & vids show him touching children inappropriately? :), the lawsuit is stupid because the charges are not late fees they are the $1 a day charges she should have returned the movies to avoid them just another money hungry person. Thank you tlochner! Also I dont have my debit card with me right now and I was wondering if I would need it to pay the fees when I take them back. I like the actual reference by Nope to something real. It’s hard to stay in the corner of companies who dictate which content we see by editing movies and refusing to carry many and then charge us prices higher than the value of most movies. Now depreciation is logically flat in the other businesses as they are not growing therefore the majority of the increase in depreciation expense is from redbox. give me more blue. You have a permanent position that you will defend no matter how wrong you are. No, there isn’t. You do not have to bring your debit card when you return it. You know that. LOL, Just wondering why no one mentions these set top boxes that allow you to stream using the playon program? No I don’t, because a customer buys things! I know people who work at the studios. We would get far worse movies being produced than we have now (and the latest batch have been really bad). Unless you have an actual rebuttal to that instead of just saying the same stuff over, and over, and over, and…..(well you get where this is going) than just own up to it, and admit that this time you are wrong. Class actions are just a way for the lawyers to extort money. Especially when they are trying to make a Quarter look good. Now this is not a rule for all things, it is just the way BB and others did it. They’re just opinions as a means of discussion–unless you have a dog in the fight/an agenda! But Redbox will still lose. What is the dispersion medium of mayonnaise? When there’s OVERKILL, there’s a 99% chance it’s because the person doing the overkill has a ‘PERSONAL’ involvement (think Nicole and O.J.Simpson; it’s why 99% of common sense thinkers believe only someone with such passion thus hate for her as O.J. If they really want out money they would be excited to have us pay $1 to $2 to rent a movie to see if we like it then pay $15 to $20 to buy it. opens….Man, I feel like watching a movie now!!!:). For less than 5 minutes of your time, earn yourself a random stock (anything from Sprint to Apple) whose value is anywhere between $2.50 and $200. I have criticized BB many times here. *** BB was an incredibly poorly run company for years. usually only if it is unavailable. I was doing that on the Blockbuster Facebook page. This has been dealt with in the courts before and they will use the same precedents as before. No cheerleading here. There are many coupon codes that you can find for your traditional box brand rental stores. If they do what she wants, then I say we all go rent movies and “forget” to return them! It shows why you post the way you do. What a bunch of pathetic, money hungry morons. whether you rent a DVD, a game or a Blueray. I’m just pointing out that companies have been sued in the past for the same reasons that Redbox is being sued. Here’s What 6, 7, 8 and 9 Figures Actually Means! good luck. If you happen to wait an extra 31 minutes and rent the movie on Monday at 12:01 am, then the movie rental period would last until Tuesday at 9:00 pm. Again, you forget that I think the lawsuit is spurious. These prices may vary depending on the daily rental period charge in your area. Back in the day, their movies were, I believe, $2.50 for 2 nights. This article is going to walk you through Redbox’s rental policy and what to expect if you lose or can’t return a Redbox rental (DVD/Blu-ray/Game). What should we call that? Each rental is available for a limited amount of time, usually three days. False claims! That’s the second day of the rental period but it’s not “LATE” You are commenting on when the charge after a dollar is added. Netflix’s ‘unlimited’ rentals and Blockbuster’s ‘no more late fees’ were far more generous uses of the english language to describe the respective services. Well, I for one never ‘attacked’ you as being ‘negative’ for stating that Redbox would eventually agree to the 28 day delay with the Big 3…. Actually, she will get her free rental when Redbox loses the case. Posted by Michael on May 05, 2010 under news. It says that they will charge you $1 for the rental and hold the movie for you until 9PM the next night. This is so stupid. Stop telling people what to believe because you can’t back up anything you say, and you often contradict yourself. redbox return time for games That and their unwillingness to see new competition as any kind of threat. (Or in this case pays for rentals). Anybody who signs up for this says they don’t want to rent. I’ve even said that Redbox is a good option for people who are willing to wait for their movies. I only point this out to show that competition is alive and well but there is just so much of it that companies that still rely on the traditional way of renting actual blurays/dvds are bound to suffer when WE the consumers have so many different choices for enjoying movies. Blockbuster got burned for the same thing when they changed their advertising to no late fees as well and it cost them in New Jersey I believe. I would applaud Redbox if they fought it to the end and won their legal fees back. John’s focus on the downside of everything redbox reminds me of blockbuster’s failed strategy of competing against netflix.