Solo Practice. "O, they have liv'd long on the almsbasket of words. (b) It's a palindrome. The term I was raised with is SNOOT.". Call it gourmet cooking, Tributes paid to 'sweet' homeless man found dead outside Tesco Express in Kingston, The man 'always had a smile on his face', said one woman, Croydon Council has effectively declared itself bankrupt after predicting a catastrophic £66 million overspend, It comes after a damning audit report highlighted years of financial mismanagement, 'I went to a star-studded street in Kentish Town and got some seriously juicy gossip', Celebrities get really passionate about living here, The heartbreaking story of the unknown soldier remembered at a London station, We can never forget about the sacrifices our military has made over the years, Whether or not London's Nightingale Hospital will reopen this winter, Keeping the Nightingale in a "state of readiness" is costing the NHS £1.2 million a month, The underrated town 40 minutes from London named one of the best places to buy a house, If you're looking to swap city life for the quiet countryside, this could be the place for you, The 20 London boroughs getting thousands of rapid coronavirus tests and when they will start, Tests can produce a result on the spot within an hour and will help catch those who are asymptomatic, Inside the huge £1.5 million Enfield mansion that’s more than meets the eye. What county is the geographical centre of England? 5. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Sweeney Todd. Share practice link. In ‘This Little Piggy’ which ‘toe’ had roast beef? 5 Questions: Rhyme Time in the Quiz Biz. If you are looking for. Where did the lady wearing rings on her fingers and bells on her toes ride to? ... My Last Rhyme Quiz 25 questions Impossible, 25 Qns, finlady, Apr 13 02. DRAFT. )Billy, Billy, bo Billy…”, This fruit-garnished rum cocktail isn’t indigenous to Hawaii but arrived there in 1953, The queue at the cashier’s widow to pay your traffic ticket, or what’s drawn by a pen with a 0.3mm point, An order to put shaving cream all over the face of CBS news anchor Dan, A ship for shipping the animals from whose milk we get feta cheese, What Mia would keep in her quiver if she took up archery, What you could have filled at a pharmacy in Cairo, A more adorable guy who wants to marry you. Play. (d) It's the only word in English that doesn't rhyme with any other word. If you were in France and saw choufleur on the menu what ingredient would it be? Popular Quizzes Today. 20. "(a) grammaticaster(b) purist(c) SNOOT(d) language maven(e) prescriptivist, 15. Rhyme Time Trivia Title of the following, it was Shirley Ellis’ follow-up hit to “The Nitty Gritty”:”Tony, Tony, bo Bony banana fanna fo FonyFee fy mo Mony, Tony! What did the ‘Three Little Kittens’ lose? Which country contains the largest English-speaking population in the world? An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a name. Sleepy Hollow. What is Taylor Swift's favourite number? Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. 2. To get a rabbit skin (to wrap the baby Bunting in). 20. Live Game Live. (a) Old English(b) Middle English(c) Modern English, 7. The 1990s “Celebrate the Century” set has the World Wide Web; the 1900s set has this W.E.B. (a) retronym(b) oronym(c) paronym(d) exonym, 9. 1. What are the only two double-landlocked countries in the world? (c) Both "a friend of Joan's" and "a client of Marlowe's" are double genitives. 4 hours ago. 1. Play. You can download it on Android here and Apple here. 13. Which of the following is the longest word that appears in a play by William Shakespeare? (a) destruction(b) racecar(c) sesquipedalian(d) buffet(e) palindrome. Assign HW. 3. KG. )Billy, Billy, bo Billy…” Nursery Rhymes Quiz – Pub quiz questions and answers all about nursery rhymes. I marvel thy master hath not eaten thee for a word, for thou art not so long by the head as honorificabilitudinitatibus. Which of the following is generally regarded as the first genuine dictionary in English? 41 different Rhyming Quizzes on This quiz is incomplete! 14. Little Jack Horner. 7. (Pretty good! 8. (e) It can be typed using only the top row of keys on a standard keyboard. Inside the stylish London home of I'm A Celeb and EastEnders star Jessica Plummer, TV star is heading into The I'm A Celeb castle for a new series of the ITV reality show, Police dispel rumours of terrorism links after car crashes into a North London police station, The number of people in London hospitals with coronavirus has worryingly surpassed 1,000, Covid-19 hospital admissions is increasing at an alarming rate, Will a coronavirus vaccine save our Christmas? Which of the following was Noah Webster's best-selling book or pamphlet? 6. A grandstander, or one especially good at pistol target practice, Title of the following, it was Shirley Ellis’ follow-up hit to “The Nitty Gritty”:”Tony, Tony, bo Bony banana fanna fo FonyFee fy mo Mony, Tony! 10. (b) According to linguist Tom McArthur in "The Oxford Guide to World English," "The form OK or okay is probably the most intensively and widely used (and borrowed) word in the history of the language.". Rhymes With Jump. Learn how your comment data is processed. Save. 2. 7. But perhaps you've got another quiz coming up soon and are looking for something a little different to the bog standard general knowledge, movie and music question rounds. 1. Edit. tgloria_89595. 11. (b) The list of 850 "core" words introduced in C.K. What company was the first to make an iPhone? Your email address will not be published. In which of these periods did William Shakespeare write his plays? It's the only word in English that doesn't rhyme with any other word. In approximately how many countries does the English language have official or special status? 10. An eponym is a word derived from the proper name of a person or place. Where did ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ go to find food for her dog? We have the biggest collection of trivia questions and answers from many categories. 17. What famous film is referenced in Britney Spears' Oops I Did It Again? Ogden's 1930 book, "Basic English: A General Introduction With Rules and Grammar," is still used today by some teachers of English as a second language. Let’s do Billy! (a) England(b) United States(c) China(d) India(e) Australia, 3. Banbury Cross. 3. How many novels did Emily Brontë write? Boxing, wrestling and which other sport are mentioned in the Bible? (e) The word palindrome (which refers to a word, phrase, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward) is an isogram—that is, a word in which no letters are repeated. by Ben Plays Quiz Updated Nov 15, 2018 . 1 times. 9. 306,795 PLAYS. What does the "SD" in SD card stand for? 3. (a) 450(b) 850(c) 1,450(d) 2,450(e) 4,550, 6. 5. 12. Do you consider yourself an expert in the English language? 2. Where did ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ go to find food for her dog? Play Rhyme quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. To download the nursery rhymes quiz as a PDF contestant question paper please click on the grey link below: Your email address will not be published. (a) Honorificabilitudinitatibus (27 letters) shows up in a speech by Costard in Shakespeare's comedy, "Love's Labour's Lost." 2 of 5. Whether you’re taking to House Party, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Messenger, has you covered with questions and answers for when it’s your time to write your group’s pub quiz. "(d) An American Dictionary of the English Language(e) a revision of the King James Bible, 13. 8. (a) See: How to Flatter an Audience With Euphemisms, Dysphemisms, and Distinction. According to rhetorician I.A. Quiz . (a) double comparative(b) double entendre(c) double genitive(d) double negativee) double superlative, 14. An oxford that's a … 12. Which Italian engineer patented the radio in London in 1897? Each pair of answers is composed of three homophones- words that sound … Solo Practice. 10 questions Difficult, 10 Qns, crisw, Sep 28 01. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. How many blackbirds were baked in a pie in ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’? 1. 14. It's bizarre, bonkers and really good fun. 0 times. game show and all elements thereof, including but not limited to copyright and trademark thereto, are the property of Jeopardy Productions, Inc. and are protected under law. Take the Quiz: Rhyme Time!. Played 1 times. Rhyme Time! )Billy, Billy, bo Billy…” Edit. This quiz is incomplete! 0. Category: RHYME TIME. Thou art easier swallowed than a flap-dragon.". Each pair of answers is composed of three homophones- words that sound alike but are spelled differently. Which one of the following observations applies to the word typewriter? In ‘Bye, Baby Bunting’, why had Daddy gone hunting? A sequence of numbers made up from the two numbers prior (eg.