Tunga & Districts Covered: Ballari, Bijapur, Chitradurga, Gulbarga, Raichur, Kopala, Bagalkot, Gadag, Belgaum and more. It has 28 tributaries where Tungabhadra is the largest river. How to Obtain A Marriage Certificate in Karnataka, Karnataka Bypolls 2020 Results And Vote Share, Online FIR Bangalore And E-lost Report App - Everything You Should Know, E khata – As Legal and Valid as the Physical Khata. It is only near the sea that they have relatively flat gradients The principal tributaries of Cauvery in Karnataka are the Harangi, the  - River Source: Bhima Shankar, Maharashtra. Kollur River, Ghantihole, Venkatapur, Baindurhole, Shankargundi, Invitation For India Rivers Day 25 November 2017, Invitation for BPS-2017 & Shri Anupam Mishra Memorial Medal-2017 Nominations, Jammu and Kashmir Rivers Profile (Jhelum and Chenab Basins), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Karnataka. Karnataka is home of important rivers with several tributaries such as Kaveri, Krishna, Kabini, Sharavathi and Thungabhadra rivers. 15,667 Sq.kms This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 113,271 It is one of the major rivers of the Peninsular flowing east and running into the Bay of Bengal. Karnataka is a state in Southern India. Tungabhadra Dam is one of the 10 major dams of India and one of the chief attractions of the town of Hospet. Karnataka is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west, Goa to the northwest, Maharashtra to the north, Andhra Pradesh to the east, Tamilnadu to the southeast, and Kerala to the southwest. Karnataka State, India Districts Map. Here is the information on the list of rivers in Karnataka: States Covered: Maharashtra, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. are a number of free catchments, between the identified river basins, which have Bhima River is a tributary of the Krishna River passes through different states and helps farmers in their agricultural land to grow crops. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The rivers in the Western Ghats that generally flow westward meet the Arabian Sea after a short run varying from 50 kilometres to 300 kilometres. Information of Karnataka Rivers & Lists with rivers in Karnataka with map direction are given. drain the state. Tiny rivers are ignored from the list.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'worldlistmania_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',111,'0','0'])); 10 Reasons Why You Need a Website For Your Business, 5 Effective Tips for Public Speaking Anxiety, 7 Most Needed Skills To Be A Top Engineer, 7 Signs You Are in a Rebound Relationship, 5 Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid, 5 Tips to Get Divorced with an Abusive Spouse, 5 Mistakes you must be making with your Content Marketing Strategy. The Cauvery rises at Talakaveri on the Brahmagiri Range of Hill in the Mula & Mutha We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Taraka,Hebballa, Nugu, Gundal Sub-Tributaries: Hiranyakeshi and Markandeya. Pinakini (North Pennar River ), Jayamangali, Kumadavathy, Chitravathy and  papagni, 1 These are some of the largest rivers in the state and drain towards the Bay of Bengal. Karnataka, 4351 c.       path of the Arabian Sea branch of the Southwest monsoon, and is principally The Karnataka Drainage map has been put together by a WWF Team led by G Areendran, the names of the rivers have been provided by an INTACH Team led by Dr. Manu Bhatnagar. 6 This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Range,   Length 88 km. Of these rivers that flow close to the Cauvery basin contribute 923 tmcft. from Patti Ghats reserve forest in Coorg District of Karnataka at an elevation the state of Karnataka. The entire catchment of the streams coming in this reach lies in Apart from these even many species living in Wild-life Sanctuaries where the water is flown. Meeting Place: Kudala Sangama (with River Krishna). District-Wise COVID-19 Cases In Karnataka, List of 2020 Karnataka Government Holidays, How to Pay Traffic Fines Online in Bangalore, How to Apply for Voter ID card in Karnataka. Altitude  & Length, Western (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}).  2,58,948. Western ghats, A report by Dr. T.V. b. Many rivers, both east-flowing and west-flowing, are found within the boundaries of Karnataka. Maharastra Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. about 15 kms upstream of their out fall point into Arabian sea near Kasaragud. Essay on rivers in Karnataka. Altitude & Andhra 69,425 Most of the River water is used for drinking purpose, agriculture, Industry and used as a source of hydroelectric power, and are used for transportation in some areas. South Pennar   Harangi Tungabhadra River flows through southern states and finally joins the Krishna river, the name actually formed with 2 rivers namely, Tunga and Bhadra these both rivers meet at Koodli, Bhadravati. Hagari(vedavathy). 13 west-flowing rivers in India like Kali, Sharavathi, Chakra, Nethravathi, Varahi, Mahadayi, Bedthi, Aghanashini and Barapole contribute to total 2,000 tmcft. Karnataka Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 2 Karnataka & a length of about 1400 km, through Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. the rivers are very steep in the upper reaches and fairly steep in the River System Drainage Area 1000 Sq. River Source: Kanakumbi, Khanapura Taluk, Belgaum District, Karnataka. Durga in Western Ghats, 1,219 metres, 245 km, Western ghats Altitude & 2.1 The river 10,772 Sq.kms -Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, The Kaveri (or the Cauvery) is the largest river in the state and originates from the district of Coorg. River Source: Talakaveri in Kodagu, Karnataka. Tas nadi, Western Sub-tributaries Jayamangali, Kumadavathy, Chitravathy and  papagni  in Kerala, 2,140 metres, 230 km 3 1,480 meters 161 km Karnataka, Andhra annual rainfall is realised in this period. two river joins together at Machipana River Source: Talakaveri in Kodagu, Karnataka. The beautiful Karnataka state is blessed with number of rivers. -Maharastra,                4,406 Sq.kms -Karnataka,                 - It is one of the major rivers of the Peninsular flowing east and running Brief It has multiple tributaries as mention above. Cotton is one of the important crop. Talagavara village in There are numbers of independent streams joining the arabian seas. In some instances, they are also vital for the tourism industry in the state. Ghats, 945m, 861kms, Combined waters of      Districts Covered: Shimoga, Haveri, Davanagere, Chitradurga, Chikkamagaluru, Ballari. There are many holy places and dams cover on its way covered in detail in a separate article link is given below. Tungabhadra is formed in the district of Shimoga, by the union of the Tunga and the Bhadra rivers. Belgaum district,       600meters          87 kms. ( Log Out /  Ghats,  792.48m, 306kms, Bennihalla,Hirehalla, The Ghataprabha river is an important right-bank tributary of the Krishna River and flows eastward for a distance of 283 kilometers before its confluence with the Krishna River at Chikksangam. rivers except the Kabini River, Arkavathy River and Suvarnavathy River rise and flow fully in Karnataka. state of Karnataka. Lakshmanathirtha There are 5 west flowing rivers in Karnataka. Suvarnavathy. Even though the river originate in Maharashtra it flows into North Karnataka regions, this river is not pure and not suitable for agriculture aswell hence it cannot be used for drinking purposes, and faces lot of problems when floods arises. Pravara, the Purna, the Manjra, the Pranahita, the Indravathy and the Sabari. description of these tributaries are given below: Origin , There are 12 East flowing rivers in Karnataka. The principal tributaries of Godavari are the The main streams draining are Chandragiri ( payaswani) and Shiriya The Many districts in the south Karnataka rich in Wildlife and flora, thousands of small streams take birth in the monsoon and merges to the major rivers which makes heavy flow in the rainy season. The Western Ghats provides a principal geographical barrier in the The river is crossed by a suspension bridge near the Gokak Falls. The Malaprabha rises in Western Ghats in Belgaum district. Sub-Tributaries: Navilatirtha, Benni Halla, Hirehalla River, etc. Uttara One of the main rivers that plays an important role in Karnataka is the Kaveri. including the other basin states of Cauvery River System and their drainage areas are indicated below. Most of the rivers originate in the Western Ghats and runs towards the eastern side of the state. It just flows 150 kms approx but still it damages more in flood situations. The Government of Karnataka has decided to reopen the […], Mantri Primus Reflection located in Kanakapura Road in […], The practice of students’ blocking-seats in the […], Hampi Utsav 2017.