We have a set at FM. ROTA 360° FLOW FORGED WHEELS; VIOS CUP 2017; MANILA INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW 2017; JUDGEMENT DAY HAS COME! Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. No problem there. If they could stand up to the abuse of driving through pothole-pocked MA roads in all seasons, they can stand up to anything. Myself, I have Rota Shakotans, a shameless knockoff of the Hayashi Street, however the Rotas were $350 a wheel cheaper than the Hayashis despite the fact they look and weigh pretty much the same. I had zero issues with them. This is probably one of the most controversial brands in the aftermarket wheel game & one of the most highly requested wheel companies you all wanted us to cover. 16 South Superhighway, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines (+632) 823.2546 to 48 . On this episode of Wheel History we take a look into the history of Rota Wheels. I had Rota p45r on my 350z. I love Rotas. Do you know who originally made this design that they copied or is this actually theirs? Daily driving, hpde, autocross and mountain drives and nary an issue. I like to change the rims on my car. I'd buy again. I would love to support the original brand, but I can't justify spending the extra cash to do so. Due to the weight, they're not a wheel I'd choose unless they came in an unusual style or size, which is exactly why we bought them last time. Do you sell Rota? Awesome! Great wheels, never had an issue with them. Worth every penny, and the rest of the pennies I spent on my HPFP and a proper tune for my Mazdaspeed3. lol....I just have a long-running hate of "haters" like that since years ago some guy at a gas station (looking at my almost-new 09 WRX parked across from his SSR-shod Integra) told me all about how he couldn't believe I "bought a performance car and then put garbage knockoff wheels on it," and how I should just be driving a Camry. I got a question to ask you which ones do you think are a better wheel. Ebay turbo honda with rota wheels. Rota Wheels Canada, Spoon sw388s and desmomd regamaster looks the same yet they give a lotta shit to the slipstreams lile why, A have rota wheels and its great.. No problems at all…. Seriously, that concern applies to maybe 0.001% of the population winning races somewhere. Let us know about your experiences down in the comment section and tag a friend to be entered to win a bunch of free sh*t! They are soft though. e4QfVfGVnWUxZpVlJhbNUjcqPKZrptnkjqIrV72s1BLpYGw7SRHj3YboevegG58b. Now I am a ghost that roams the interwebs warnings others to avoid my fate. $149.75 Rota Wheels G Force Flat Black. I just bought a set of rota grids and i am perfectly happy with them, PAWI…Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc…been there worked there…its a good aftermarket and OEM wheel….Prod Devt here. Had 0 issues with potholes or spirited driving. I Have Grid Concave in white on my Miata and I beat the shit out of them (including an occasional nasty Missouri pothole by accident) and they still look and ride like they did when they were brand new. A lot of haters on Rota, just to let you know they also make the oem wheels on a number of Toyota vehicles. Need help with fitment? I have seen more cracked HRE wheels then ROTAS at this point in my life. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … I drove on Rota G-force (gunmetal grey) daily for 9 years and tracked the car at Putnam Park, too. Recent Tweets. There are Panasports that cost $1300 a set, and (if they're still available) Rota RBs for $600. I had Rotas on my Miata and they survived a hit to a front porch swing that was dropped in the middle of the road made out of 1" square tubing and 1/4" slats at 80 mph. While they do have some defenders, there's one thing about the wheels that's universally recognized: Rota designs are imitations. China make everything.. hate the us knock off, Got Rota Grids on my batty and they look great. Knockoff wheels with decent quality and an affordable price. Pretty sure it’ll be lighter than a rep wheel too, I like rota. My cousin gave me a set of rota slipstream for 500 bucks with Toyo directional I unno. Or they're bent that a $150 Rota looks exactly like their $500 Volk so people don't give them their "props..." Whatever. My Rotas are a used set. Cosmic has been in the U.S. for the past 28 years.