The tribe is found in Maharashtra and Gujarat. They are also seen in parts of Bihar, Odisha, and Assam and are the largest tribe in Jharkhand. The Soligas speak the Sholaga language, which has Kannada and Tamil influence. Well known for their bravery, the tribe is a patrilineal tribe from Kodagu or Coorg. Females wear panchi (upper garment) and Parhan (lower garment) whereas Bhagwan is worn by men traditionally. They depend on agriculture and livestock for their living and are great hunters. The people belonging to Santhal tribe are quite progressive and well settled. Tribal ornaments are also very popular. During religious sacrifices women are not allowed except in the times when these sacrifices are held at the houses of family gods or ancestors. This tribe habitation is found mostly in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Odhisha and Jharkhand. They hunt and trade in jungle products like honey, roots, gums, fruits, and tubers. Women play a crucial role in the society and enjoy rights in customs and traditions. They speak a language with Telugu accent and are a very ritualistic lot. It is mostly used by Mal pahariyas and Sauria Paharia. The festival of Wangala is their celebration. They depend on agriculture and livestock for their living and are great hunters. Paharias are the oldest inhabitants of this region. Sauria Paharias have taken up minor Government jobs. Social Structure of Santhal Tribe They also celebrate hunting festival know as Dishum Sendra on the eve of Baisakhi Purnima. The Angami Nagas is one of the major tribes found in the district of Kohima in Nagaland. They belong to the Pre -Aryan period and were the great fighters during the British regime in India. Fairs also organized during Rath, karma and others festival. They are adept at formulating traditional herbal medicines. They mostly dwell on the hills and are inaccessible for the district administration. The Nyokum festival, celebrated in February every year, is dedicated to the goddess Nyokum. This tribe inhabits the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh with the majority of them from districts of Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare, Upper, and Lower Subansiri. History narrates that Paharias were the original inhabitants of Rajmahal hills. The largest number of tribes in India is in Madhya Pradesh followed by Bihar. This tribe from Mysore, Karnataka is concentrated in Coorg. Education is widely spread among the people of the tribe but they lag behind in terms of higher education. They have houses of mud walls and thatched roofs in the Gondi forests. The Soligas inhabit the dense forest areas of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. – Jane Howard The Santhal tribe estimated population is forty nine thousand, and they worship lord Sarna basically known as Sari Dhorom. Other occupations of this tribe are fishing, hunting and food gathering. Traditional leadership and close knit communities are the most prominent features of this community. Their life is simple and basic. This tribe is found in Jharkhand and parts of Chattisgarh, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal. The Government of India is keen on the development of these tribes and incorporating their contributions to mainstream society. Santhal’s proved to be the great fighters during the British regime in India. The Santhal tribes are a major tribe of West Bengal. The Bhils are a tribe found mostly in the mountain ranges of Udaipur and in some districts of Rajasthan. Trekking Expedition Uttarakhand : An Astounding Experience, ASSAM: GANJA SEIZED IN GUWAHATI RAILWAY STATION, ULFA (I) urges Assam government to call off Durga puja celebrations this year, Arunachal: ABKWW presents traditional wears to DC Pasighat for promoting traditional…, Assam: Tirap Autonomous District Council Demands to protect identity and culture, Assam: Shiladitya Dev apologises for ‘intellectual jihadi’ remark on Syed…, BPF not to be impacted by Biswajit Daimary’s exit in…, COVID vaccine by Serum completes enrollment for Phase-3…, Road map is set for integration of all Naga-inhabited areas,…, PM Modi to unveil Swami Vivekananda statue at JNU today, Meghalaya Democratic Alliance defeats no-confidence motion…. Apart from Santali they also speak Bengali, Oriya and Hindi. They are known for their valor and speak many Indian languages including the Dravidian Gondi language. This heterogeneity also contributes in the cultural heritage of the country. A bantam bunch comprising of the Santhals can also be traced back to Bangladesh. The tribe is one of the few matrilineal societies in the world. Tribes of India - Gond, Santhal, Munda, Khasi, Bhil, Tharu, Bhotia, Buxa. Due to presence of industries and mining activities Viskarma Puja is also one of the important festival. Nokmong, Nokpante, Jamadaal and Jamsireng are some of them. A bantam bunch comprising of the Santhals can also be traced back to Bangladesh. Gathering forest products are the second most important occupation of Santhals. The Santhal tribes are the oldest tribes in Indian forwarded from the Pre Aryan times. The tribe plays plenty of music and a wide range of musical instruments like drums, guitars, flutes, cymbals, etc. They are well known in the region for their skills in witchcraft and magic. A good majority of them have converted to Christianity. Mainly four languages are spoken by the people belonging to this district namely Malt, Bengali, Hindustani and Santhali. It’s their main attraction form in their festivals. © Pakur , Developed and hosted by National Informatics Centre,Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. Other occupations of this tribe are fishing, hunting and food gathering. They are of Tibetan ancestry and speak Lhopo or Sikkimese language. Their main source of livelihood is the sale of Raggi, honey, wild turmeric, algae, bamboo, etc harvested by them. Marriage system in Pakur District Their celebrations are the Ghoomar dance, Than Gair-a dance drama and the Baneshwar Fair. Mardi is a Santhal from the state that houses the largest percentage of this category of Adivasis, or Scheduled Tribes, as the Constitution calls them. 4.Santhal Tribes. Toda embroidery work, Pukhoor, is well acclaimed. Modern European dresses are worn by the higher strata of the society. The Mundas were hunters in the past but now are laborers in farms. They believe in God Ishpa and Goddess Cheima, though they proclaim to be Hindus. This style of living has also introduced modern political system. This tribe is indigenous to Andhra Pradesh and inhabits the forests of Nallamala Hills. They speak a Tibetan-Burmese language, the Bodo. The tribes in India are called by the collective term ‘Adivasis.’. Ministry of Tribal Affairs plans and co-ordinates the development programs for the tribes, List of Hottest and Coldest Planets in the Solar System, Worksheets for UKG | Maths | English | EVS | Hindi – Free Download, 25 Best Educational Podcasts You Need to Listen To, Copyright © 2020, Edsys Pvt Ltd. All Rights Reserved | Digital Marketing by JointViews | Privacy Policy, List of Presidents and Vice Presidents of India. The Bhutias are mainly found in Sikkim and parts of West Bengal and Tripura. Santhal language belongs to munds family. The Santhals are a tribe. Thukpa, noodles in a broth, is another of their dishes. They conduct the Tarpa dance during the harvest season and the Warli Folk Art Dancing People Festival during March of every year. They are one of the earliest settlers of the Western Ghats. A section of this community has converted into Christians and leads a comparatively modern way of life. This tribe habitation is found mostly in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Odhisha and Jharkhand. The men dress in white Mhoushu and black Lohe. This tribe is well known for the Warli Art, where a  mixture of cow dung and earth, rice paste, bamboo stick, red ochre are used to create art, paintings and murals. These people used to cultivate the forest land by making it arable. Paharias and Santhals have always shared a hostile relationship and to control their aggression a number of ex-army men settled in this area. The rest still follow a religion involving spirits associated with nature. Suriya Paharia is referred to a section of this community who live at the foothills and are also known as Hillman, hill race or Landers. The Santhal tribe obtains some unique kinds of instrument such as Tirio made with bamboo flute with the seven holes, an Open chest known as korom, Phet Banam made of fret less stringed instrument with three or four strings.