Then the wastewater is pumped into and out of cells that contain a special gravel, akin to kitty. When the material intercepting gate is cut off, the granular materials replenish into the scale hopper through the, 169. One was black as ebony, with little bunches of fuzzy hair tied with shoestrings sticking out all over her head like corkscrews. 183+10 sentence examples: 1. Next to the Litter came the Almoner, the Gentleman Carver, the Secretary, and the Physician. They magnanimously bestow on our green spaces abundant spit, phlegm, nasal mucus, Females are viviparous and give birth to a single, Most caecilians are terrestrial burrowers, either constructing their own tunnels or living in the, The report highlights pavements stained with vomit and urine and, A main route into the city has been named the worst, Plastic toys, cigarette lighters, and derelict fishing gear smother the coral reefs and, What tourists visiting the town by rail must think of the masses of lineside, When pelletized and activated under specific conditions, poultry, Once produced, plastic water bottles clog landfills and, It would be able to seize vehicles caught fly tipping and could prosecute anyone caught dropping, He said he and his partner had a five-months old baby to look after and the cat was ignoring the, One of these is the bivalves, an important group of bivalved molluscs familiar to all from the numerous shells that, Loggers have removed hundreds of tiny trees and left the, Unless we catch them throwing a bottle or dropping, They even take care to put their empty wrappings and bottles in the, Certainly the public has the primary responsibility not to drop, Last week the town council passed a motion to spend a day picking up, I make sure the cats have food, groom them, clean their, Currently, just over 150 groups clean more than 5,000 bags of, A similar-sized bobcat might have three kittens in each, Streams and becks were strewn with tree trunks, branches and, The town of Enniscrone has declared that the main street is now a, Beach beautifiers clean up the sands for two hours every morning and evening, but in the meantime, beach users, The maneuverability of Opportunity is a factor as well, because remnant boulders from the impact may, Keep Britain Tidy predicted problems would be caused by, As we've come to expect, there's a lot of, I felt that Singapore was quite inhumanly clean, the lack of cigarette butts and, It seems they just waffle on in the local press about the, Environmentally-friendly fast food workers joined forces with pre-school youngsters to beat the, For example, the discarded stuff in the weedy overgrown fringes of cities and towns is nothing more than. What does what is K mean? Shadows rose from the pits littering the meadow as men spilled out of hiding into the meadow. Please do not leave litter after your picnic. The local council has pledged to clamp down on, 39. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "litter" Please don't litter; put your garbage in the containers providedThere is a lot of litter on the streets around the high school. 46. (intransitive) To drop or throw trash without properly disposing of it (as discarding in public areas rather than trash receptacles). Anyone caught littering will be subject to a minimum fine of $50. The union’s image was further harmed when a striker in Windsor was caught on video dumping rubbish and berating a family picking up, 167. They claimed that customers of the busy Main Street hostelry were blighting their neighbourhood with noise, nuisance, If people took pride in their surroundings they wouldn't drop, The school is concentrating on reducing and minimising the amount of, Most are marine, although the common pill bug or sow bug is an isopod that lives on land, in moist soil, The youngsters also light barbecues and leave the area strewn with, Arriva, unlike many train operators, is keeping, And she has also called for harsher penalties for, In this I include not only the stations but also a lot of the trackside which is often overgrown where it isn't strewn with, With all this it is the hope that Waterford City will become a, They comprised geldings and nags, sumpter horses, teams for coaches, the, The hog-nosed skunk uses its long snout to turn up leaf, And they are not the treehugging eco-warriors who spend their Saturdays sweeping up, The kids have scoured the school grounds and even the slightest hint of, The brazen birds are becoming bolder by the year, encouraged by, The puppies were born in the Waikato in a, They pop open the cartridges and begin to paint with brushes, tossing spent containers to drift and, Lambeth Council has been working hard to improve street sweeping and has installed more, Is he redeemable enough that it's worth voting for him, or is he another one of those forces of nature that, But there are still too many people coming along behind them and thoughtlessly scattering, He looked down irritably at the mess, then defiantly at me, and walked on, passing a, It makes a dry rustling sound, and a hollow echo as the cans and harder, The road-bridge and Victorian pedestrian footbridge are completely neglected and the canal and its verge are, They said chewing gum was the most serious form of, Some houses have boarded-up windows, and there are vacant lots strewn with, There was generally a good but mixed standard within the residential areas, with some estates practically, The gangs of youths were also blamed for skateboarding in residential areas, drinking, leaving, You should take each pup you are considering purchasing away from its. Or there is a difference? Loads of litter filled the polluted ocean, with the toxic trash making the fish sick. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Litter" in Example Sentences Page 1. 87. The road continued to climb at a seemingly impossible grade, more rugged now with jagged rocks littering the uneven way. : ??? And they are not the treehugging eco-warriors who spend their Saturdays sweeping up litter on motorways, as one might expect. 8 13 The victorious French treated him … Male golden-collared manakins clear leaf litter from the ground to form courts, which they then use as arenas for intense courtship displays. : mean? 434662 Don't litter! They set the litter down. The little man looked toward her and seemed as much surprised as she was. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Litter" in Example Sentences Page 1. Figures slim, muscular and bony, action impetuous but of arrested energy, tawny landscape, gritty with littering pebbles, mark the athletic hauteur of his style. sentence: My mom told me not to litter at the beach. Before weaning, a sow nurses her litter at frequent intervals. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. 3. 2. There will be fines for people who drop, 49. I have heard that an insult is insult but i... What is the difference between insult and offensive? Brokahontis 44203 The room was littered with scraps of paper. The sow leaves her stall only when it is time for mating or for transfer to the farrowing accommodation where she will give birth to her, 157. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Their peduncles are long, whose flowers haver a, 176. lukaszpp 1 2549795 Don't litter. On Wednesday we cleared a beach and woodland of, 34. 152. CK 1 2400187 Tom is a little odd. There are also some estimates of the efficiency of, 165. lukaszpp 1 2549795 Don't litter. The whole park is spoiled by litter. Dodi is an extremely affectionate and healthy 4 month old ball of playfulness who can already urinate in his kitty, 154. Example sentences with the word littering. Discarded cigarette butts strewn outside Mayo's pubs are dirtying our towns, according to a Mayo, Around the world these composting worms are also referred to as tiger worms, brandlings, wigglers or surface, With its quick intelligence, it has no trouble learning its name and how to use a, In contrast to moving from outdoors to neck tethers, moving from outdoors to indoor gestation pens or stalls did not inhibit, Because garbage collection in the capital is not efficient, enormous trash piles, Once again, the weather was favourable, and again a lot of, Once established, plants are more likely to grow large and bolt on a rock or moss substrate with low than with high leaf, Fifth instar caterpillars pupate under rocks or in the, Some bright spark decided it would be terribly amusing to spill the contents of six, Miss Burns said they could provide garbage grippers, bags and high-visibility bibs to anyone interested in, Controversy reigns, cards of both hues proliferate and crazy scorelines, They will sit around smoking wacky baccy when they're supposed to be sweeping up, Typically, mountains of wrapping paper, single-use cardboard decorations and forgotten plastic favors, Bugsy is a 2-year-old Blenheim, and I am looking for someone who wants a, The scarab is accompanied by a man with a brush whose job is to sweep the, Transport sites, recreation areas and schools are common, A strong emphasis of the judging will be on, The increase shows just how far the town has come with regard to its war on, Teenagers got together to pick up dozens of bagfuls of, A Department of the Environment spokesperson acknowledged that some local authorities could enforce the, However, it was discovered that there are no, As Ian approached the bus stop, Mad Sam extricated himself from the, A slender calico cat, battered by years of battling rats, gave birth to one.