Don Looking for sentences and phrases with the word mate? The mate went on with his exposition. He wouldn't order your matekilled any more than he would his. You're minging, mate! Many birds mate in the springtime. She couldn't help thinking the creature whose job it was to trick people into Hell wasn't above lying to the human matehe took. A male cat will bite the female in the back of the neck to hold her down while they are mating. (intransitive) To win a game of chess by putting the opponent in checkmate | To confuse; to confound. They were clearly distinct goddesses in most or all cases, so the term definitely referred to the mother … Sentence Examples. 3. The bond between mates is strong. Do you really want to delete this phrase? Example Sentences for "mate". 3. A passionate encounter with your mate should help alleviate that pent - up energy. 3. sentence examples. 9. The mate began to chuckle. Here are some examples. The partner of an animal (especially a sexual partner); "he loved the mare and all her mates"; "camels hate leaving their mates" Mate may refer to: In Latvian mythology, the term Māte stands for "mother", sometimes written in English as Mahte. And lots of animals, from coyotes to common pigeons, However, it was to no avail as about three laps later he was sidelined with mechanical gremlins while his team, A player who is not offside when his team, Female wandering spiders use vibration signals for, We fear that durable love is impossible unless both we and our, The boy feels rejected and confused, and then hits on a Christmas morning solution, delivering a penguin, The joy of being a woman refers to the ability of a woman to love her, In short, hers is the power to choose the, And it's quite clear they thought Mitt Romney's choice of a running, If you've selected the correct model, it will closely, She was well down by the head, but at dawn, when she seemed stable, the captain, the, And given her thrashing in 2008, Lauer asked, should the GOP nominee pick a more seasoned running, Kerry should have got one back within five minutes when Tarmey was through but instead of squaring the ball to a team, Kerry stopped short of offering McCain the job, sparing himself an outright rejection that would make his eventual running, Surprisingly, one way that such males can acquire a, A flashy tosspot TV weatherman living beyond his means, his lotto hostess girlfriend and a dodgy, To test this prediction, we conducted an interspecific female, Does the past success of the brood influence the timing of, This fearlessness and doggedness makes him a natural soul, I'm not sure if Quaker parrots live as long as conures, but I was also warned that she would need a, When they invade new territory, populations are low, and the queen has limited, In most cases, if a bird paired with a different, She is beautiful but her worthiness as my, The outcome of this is assortative mating with respect to, Mating with a cousin or brother is safer than risking life and limb to, At his home Grand Prix in Great Britain, Button retired on the first lap after contact with his team, In a world where the flightless birds attract their, Fertilization is internal, and multiple males usually, Cuttlefish are indeterminate growers, so smaller cuttlefish always have a chance at finding a, Male cuttlefish sometimes use deception toward guarding males to, The individual with the highest number of mates, a male Baltimore Oriole, had a different, Many species, such as gulls, auks and penguins, retain the same, This commotion attracts other males to the scene, and the most dominant will end the copulation and attempt to. I wonder how there came to be two women destined to be Immortal mates in one family. 13. As well, there is a reluctance on the part of farmers to mate any bulls for fear they will lose their strength and condition. 1. 5. 9. As well, there is a reluctance on the part of farmers to, This book starts with mates in one and, around page one million, moves on to, He wasn't paying attention since he saw that a forced, Williamson's Sapsuckers form monogamous pairs, a bird often pairing with its, Usually solitary creatures, desmans form monogamous pairs and, I honestly think he's being puckish with his coy answers, and that he has no intention of being the running, Males that are sensitive to females' signals are more likely to, Inscrutably, she changes the name on the title page to her own, sends it off to a publisher, and then goes on holiday with her best, Around 18 hours after giving birth, females experience postpartum estrus, and, Alternatively, I also have a thing about random whippings such as might be done by a bosuns, Think of a female dog in heat attracting all those barking, He served in the merchant marines as a boatswain and a machinist's, If this happens, you need to look for the player your team, On completing the course the rider hands the hunting crop to his team, The Captain looked as though he wished the first, Luckily, he fell towards the house and was able to rouse the unsuspecting, Insects have developed wings to help them find a, The boy's so wired up he wants to hit him but the, During this time one of the wheelsmen got aft, securing a few pieces of bread, and came forward again with the, In the present study, we investigated patterns of aggression and nest, I rediscovered this game just a few days ago when I found out that an old, Startled females may also lose the opportunity to, Adolescent males join a roaming bachelor herd and don't, Women choose their hookups using one set of criteria and a long term, Males often have displays designed to attract the attention of choosy females who spend some time deliberating over who to, Frequent disappearing acts could be signs your, For example, many North American species of giant silk moths do not interbreed because they, Most species perform prelaying courtship feeding, which conflicts with, The cloacal and genial glands were chosen because they release pheromones used in, Then the connector was flanged onto the newly installed flexible pipe end termination which will, It was fairly simple for commercial growers to transplant cacao and coffee to new plantations, but yerba, And according to MacDonald this birled him into his big mistake, appointing his golfing pal Dalglish who, in turn, appointed his, Initially he proposed to explain birdsong as a display, enabling a discerning female to select a, Selective breeding has made turkey stags so broad-breasted, they cannot, The impacts of, an attracticide approach can include both lethal and sublethal effects such as the interference with, Low-density populations of wandering spiders make excellent subjects for investigating the relationship between, Tom O'Sullivan is having a very good season and his club, Females are typically more choosy than males when selecting a, Colonies of this species typically contain multiple queens, and most reproductive individuals, Paramedics have been asked by bosses not to call people duck, pal, love or, Females ovulate only after spending several days with a male and then, Harlequin Ducks that pair early with a known, If we accept these humble terms, the quest for a soul, One hand wiped itself on her floury apron while its, He instructed an exhausted, unqualified third, It was uncomfortable and crowded because the captain or the first, This is not surprising because females were virgins and may have been predisposed to accept any, A male water strider can dislodge the sperm of the previous male and thus tries to, Body scrubs help slough away dry, dead skin to reveal the baby-soft texture that makes your, Because her husband is also expected to attend, it is rumoured that his best, Tony's brother Jackie, who frequently runs with his, With huge support from the nation, she attempted to stand as her husband's vice-presidential running, The beautiful pair were placed together at a wildlife site at Cheadle Royal Business Park in the hope they would, They proceed to describe what two members of the Oregon Fish Commission saw when watching two Dungeness crabs, In medieval times, there was a romantic belief that birds chose their, This was the time when the birds were believed to choose their, Even now he turns up to Midge's gigs, stands at the back to watch his old, Single-sex groups of males, but not hermaphrodites, were observed to congregate into clumps of animals attempting to, One submarine will play the role of a disabled sub and the rescue team must, He looked about in boredom, gaze falling up to the helm, where he found the sturdy figure of his father's first, When a raven is killed during nidification, the bereaved, I'm just so happy he's gunna be ok, no one wants to see their best, Don't expect to find a fountain pen, a tea set, and a, Third, males may attempt to copulate with their social, In the art of presidential politics naming a running, David told his oppo he had already gone to the top, and when his, He is considered one of the top candidates to be his running, In positive assortative mating, individuals of similar phenotype, Such video techniques have been particularly effective in female, For example, they found that although female sand lizards appeared to, Kenwood now runs around his field with his own harem of female mooses and zoo staff are waiting to see which he decides to, If one has to entertain the thought of spewing venom from their lips, or physically striking their, Remington's has a pair of lugs on either side of the bottom barrel that, He is also the son of the vice-presidential running, Consider a population of dioecious species, in which males, Is it really possible for a presidential candidate to select a running, They privately admit he could conceivably bring in a running, I've been living here since 1996 and have come a long way from the grimy flat I shared with my best, Fruit flies have served as a prime model system in research on the effect of, Mating may thus be assortative as females, A randy tortoise is on the run after scaling a two-foot wall in search of a new partner after his, Spent a very pleasant evening last week down the pub with my old mucker Joseph Kaye, a good, The birds are fairly long-lived and will be closely monitored to see if they will, Jamie Robinson is an expert skipper who, with the help of ship's, Image is everything in Hollywood, and one's, I mean, that's terrible to lose a life partner and a, Great idea or would listening to your seat, Mike had rung me early this morning saying that a, Girls should have the confidence to play hard to get, to wait until they find a, From this perspective, the problem of your missus or your, These females were then reweighed and paired with a different, The yellow plumage coloration of male goldfinches is a condition-dependent signal of male quality used by females in, However, the real way to make money in Wildlife Park is to get your animals to, The present study examined the psychoanalytic perspective regarding, Juan Pablo Montoya will start from fourth on the grid with his team, Both admitted intentionally killing a wild bird, injuring its, During the trip, Jones unexpectedly became the ship's master when its captain and first, Have you ever wondered as to the whereabouts of the, More and more anglers are either going solo, or going in partnership with a, So at the bus stop outside work at 3.30 pm, I ran into an old, He is starting to change the face of batting, much as his, Their willingness to lend a hand and to help a, Livingstone has said that if he is adopted as party candidate, he will nominate Gavron as his running, First, the model proposes that there is competition for access to mates either through intrasexual interactions or intersexual, Early in the story, Jim finds himself first, Although, as for stegosaurs, we have no independent evidence of, Therefore the defendant's fault was not a cause of the collision which occurred while the, Johnny tried, failed, and eventually gave up on getting the captain and, This campaign, incidentally, is being seriously impeded not just by my own curmudgeonliness, but more by the lack of a, Each intrusion was performed when the male was incubating the clutch and his, This was only to be expected, and it was the, White tigers are rare because they only occur when two tigers, Queenless colonies generally rear male and female sexuals which typically, Researchers have found that the female monkeys and rats, In the Old Testament the incubus was viewed as a voluptuous being eager to, It was the hope of the zoo that the gorilla would, The same week, a very experienced and fit cyclist, Two other fly species mated and formed a hybrid, a combined form that cannot, And not surprisingly, the vice president checkmated that strategy by selecting a running, I used to suppose that finding the right balance between inbreeding and outbreeding, minimising the costs of both, is best achieved by careful, The fourth potential form of behavioral isolation is the temporal equivalent of habitat isolation, involving preferences to, He came on deck, trotted up and down in his pyjamas for a few minutes, sat on the rail like a monkey on a fence, and then asked the, Accordingly, every crew member, from the first, Then a male who is unmistakably outstanding in health and vigor offers females that, Soon after arriving he had Phang Lamphoon, As you are discovering, that's a distinct disadvantage on the, Massive exploitation and near-slavery of the local Guarani population led to their abandonment of the missions, and the temporary end of yerba, Males were likely to obtain extrapair paternity while their own social mates were incubating and the males were emancipated from, The second pair again one was the getter-in-the-way standing right by the doors so that other passengers had to stand that much closer to his, If conditions are suitable in the wild, bridled nailtail wallabies can raise up to three young per year and, These were Lt. Jim Galvin and a boatswain's, So, I tactfully swivelled round on my stool, and pretended to watch the guys playing darts, until my, Moreover, testosterone elevation in male house finches increases investment in, Could he not perhaps have suggested getting a, Female greater horseshoe bats may choose one, I was there one night with my friend Tracy, we were a bit of an icon in those days, and Dave and his.