I know people really dislike moths but I feel really strongly connected to them ;u; I had been seeing this pretty orange moth with what looked to be white flowers on it. The weirdest thing happened to me the other night. All I know is, is that it’s very weird, and I haven’t really been able to find any info on it. yes the moth is an incredible guide , Crazy to read your comment! I am thinking of being a moth for Halloween. We selected a variety of attractive tattoo designs to illustrate how beautiful insects can appear. I have 3 animals now that are sick like that and it’s tuff but know that they and yours alike will be happy healthy and still hanging around after he passes ,, I sense that you will be able to hear familure noises that you will tie into your oldest cat ,, and it will be his spirit coming around to be with you ,, because I felt so low about myself and feel lost all of a sudden a moth came into my home probably was attracted by the light in my lounge. In other words they never touched my hands, feet or anything above my chin. A red robin walked across the road in front of my car from right to left as if he was using a bird crosswalk. I was getting some things out of the garage to put into the van for work. it was white with a sort of white power all over it…what it could it mean? Another time at the same job, its consessions, one stand was just full of them. Maybe I’m just reading to much into it but it was def out of the ordinary… Thanks. Possibly getting divorced. I am a stage 4 synovial sarcoma and stage 4 lung cancer patient. When I went near it it flew on my hand and just sat there for 5 mins looking directly at me. also, i found it really interesting because years later a friend that didn’t know i had a moth tattoo was standing on a porch with me and happened to mention that in some culture (i forgot what culture) they believe that when you die you become a moth before you cross over. Use it to only attract the finest things in life. If you experience nothing do not get discouraged. Tried to see where they are coming from, but no entry point or closed area. I went to visit family with my husband and stayed in my old bedroom. In a symbolistic sense, dragonflies are your connection with higher consciousness. Eggs are laid singly under old leaves of a host plant and are green or greyish-blue. A dark brown moth flew in my garage around my car yesterday afternoon. However, just lately I have been receiving other signs. It followed me wherever I went and litterally would not stop trying to land on me. The vision changing to a butterfly represents metamorphosis or transformation of some sort. Almost everyday, so decided to look and see how about it as a totem and as I scrolled down I noticed a picture of the very same moth a Bella Moth. I have been feeling quite ill lately with my chronic disorder . Because it was flying around and she was bothered by it I opened the door to let the moth out, and once I opened the door…. You are a sacred being – infinitely powerful and here for a purpose to utilise your unique gifts. And have u found any information on it since posting this? Time of death of my son almost 4 years ago , something said go out there the moth was he let me take him in my room :/) I say he because he carried eggs! and then waking up to the moths, can u pls help me as to know if that should be my choice to go and make that transformation in my life and regain the joy we used to share. (See Below), Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. The species names atropos, lachesis and styx are all from Greek myth and related to death. I had to go to the emergency room to have it removed. They are beautiful creatures, and they deserve our appreciation, as they are an integral part of the environmental system. What particular message might they be bringing me? I have the same exact situation, i can’t tell you anything except your not alone. I began looking up symbolism on moths and then it dawned on me. There are at least 5 different messages and your guides will see to it that you get the appropriate one. It feels as if they are trying to tell me something that I don’t get, as they have persisted (and I love their presence). They also work as a parasite which interfere with people's memories, old repressed events and guilty feels. To take my life back I had to claim my responsibility for myself as a adult to heal myself into wholeness and wellness. The pupa is stout and reddish-brown, and is formed 8 to 10 in (20 to 25 cm) under the ground in a chamber the size of a large hen's egg.[1]. The name death's-head hawkmoth refers to any of three moth species of the genus Acherontia (Acherontia atropos, Acherontia styx and Acherontia lachesis). I’ve also noticed the same moths landing on different windows in the house but not necessarily coming inside. No openings in the container, no possible escapes, my mom said she didn’t touch it. The image of the spider is widely seen in tattoos, and it can have hundreds of meanings. I remember all this time thinking to myself it is winter and I can’t believe I have moths. I was relieved so I could kill it. The most notable feature is a patch of short yellowish hairs on the thorax that gives the impression of depicting a human skull. I have been in a very abusive marriage for years in which my husband doesnt agree with me having a job but complains to me about money. It is also probably a message for you: resist evil and bad company (you went above and beyond trying to hinder, trap and contain it!) I don’t think you’re missing anything. Is this her trying to contact me or reach out, or am I making the wrong connection? Does anyone have any insight? I can go on and on about how things in my life right now aren’t so easy or what I want it to be but I would just like to know what you think. About 5 were flying arpund everyone whilw they got food and things ready. A friend said it was a sign of peace so I’m looking it up and find this! Good luck. Any information would be greatly appreciated! A single white moth wing slowly floated down and Landed in front of me. I got her a couple of crystals from a lovely shop to help her clear the negativity and ground her energy. We had a conversation about after life. I’m trying to figure out if there is a meaning to this dream. Thank you! Someone hidden behind the scene is looking out for me. I couldn’t sleep it was around 1:30 AM and it was completely dark in the room and we don’t have any lights near or around my second story window. I prayed in a sense for financial blessing n sat outside moments later. The very next day, I find out I'm pregnant. Is it a sign of transformation into this new house and chapter together? Moths seem to definitely be the theme of this month for me. Came home and my mom was telling me a story of her dream last night. After dinner, we drove to a dessert place and the moth was still on his hat! The Law Of Attraction is a law! That very powerlessness was based upon my survival. Im sure this is my sisters spirit. I think if i had of stood there all day, they would never have left me. Leaps of faith. The man living with me was determine to catch it, so I said,”DON’T KILL HIM, IT’S MY ANCESTOR, AND HE IS OLD!” AS I looked at him in the jar, he looked like wood, and it reminded me of who he was a contractor. They can move about in hives without being disturbed because they mimic the scent of the bees and are not recognised as intruders. I saw the most enormous moth sitting on the mailbox just before I closed the front door. I have a very strong intuition, meaning I can kind of sence things. He wants you to be strong and handle the situation better. Gentle touch of your hand by white moth is a good and reassuring sign. I guess all I want to say is thank you to whomever the authors of this page are. And l was so curious so l take a picture.