View detailed outline. It’s about God the Father displaying his glory through God the Son by the power of God the Holy Spirit. But who does the first book of the Bible really talk about the most? Acts: Proclamation 4. View detailed outline. After much trepidation on Jacob’s part, he and Esau finally meet with an embrace (Gen 33:1–16). View detailed outline. Each book has a major theme that emphasizes an aspect of God’s character or a way he is working to carry out his perfect plan. His name essentially means “he takes away; he shall add.” Fitting, considering the events of Joseph’s life. God guides Ezekiel to speak to Israel providing prophetic warning messages over the judgement upon Judah if they do not repent. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A letter offering encouragements to Christians despite their life of persecution. A description of Joshua’s campaign to conquer the Promised Land and distribute its properties to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. View detailed outline. St. Paul instructs Timothy on how to properly lead a church with sound teaching and Christian example. Brief letter from John about love and obedience to God. Joseph is his father’s favorite, which rubs his brothers the wrong way. So there you have it: these ten characters were mentioned more than any others in the book of Genesis. View detailed outline. Detailed outlines of each bible book may be viewed here. View detailed outline. The book of Acts tells us the history of the early church after Jesus' death and resurrection. Revelation: Consummation Two short books in this section which reveal God's hand on the life of believers, which new Christians may enjoy, are the books of Ruth, and Esther. Â. Laban and Jacob’s relationship seems to have gone downhill for a while (read about it in chapters 30 and 31), until finally they make a covenant to refrain from harming each other, and part ways (Gen 31:40­­–55). We also read about Sarah laughing to herself when she hears the mysterious visitors telling Abraham she’ll have a child. Trickery seems to be a common theme in Jacob’s life. View detailed outline. A letter written by Paul to the church of Philippi explaining how to live in Christ’s ways. God sends Malachi to deliver prophecy about the calling of Gentiles and the coming of Christ. Near the end of his life, Paul gives additional encouragement to Timothy. A good place for a new believer to start is the "Gospel of John." In the front of your Bible is a Table of Contents which lists the names of all the books in the Bible. Joseph the dreamer, known for his fancy coat, comes up 313 times in Genesis. Provides a historical record regarding the rebuilding of the temple and how Nehemiah rebuilt a wall around the city to protect from further attacks. Characters include:God,Abraham,Moses,David,Jacob and more View detailed outline. He tricked his older brother, Esau, into giving him his birthright (Gen 25:29–34). A letter to Christians about keeping faith while non-believers invade the church unnoticed. Abimelech finds Sarah attractive and brings her home with him. Seven years and a wedding later, Jacob realizes his uncle tricked him into marrying his older daughter, Leah, instead. View detailed outline. God comes up by name 23 other times in Genesis, but by many different names. His is the Hebrew word for “white.”. The Bible is not just one big book, but a collection of 66 smaller books written over a period of at least 1600 years by about 40 different authors. Eventually, his brothers come to him during a famine. Two kings choose to turn from God and ultimately fall captive to other empires. Its intent is to remind Israelites of what God has given them and what he expects from them. The Bible is divided into two sections: the first section which contains three-fourths of the Bible is called the Old Testament, the second section is called the New Testament. Joel describes a plague of locusts and other woes upon his people and warns that this is only the beginning of what is to come if the Southern Kingdom does not repent. View detailed outline. If you're looking to take the first step in reading God's Word, our 5 minute 21-day Book of John Challenge is for you here. We know that Sarah is good-looking enough for Abraham to be afraid that important people would kill him to have her for themselves (Gen 12:11–14). God reveals himself through his Word. Illustrates the outcome and difference between a nation that does not follow the covenant of God (Judges) and a nation that faithfully adheres to the covenant (Ruth). At the end of his life, Jacob and 70 of his descendents move to Egypt to be with Joseph. View detailed outline. View detailed outline. God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac—at the time, his only legitimate child—as an offering to him. View detailed outline. God makes a covenant with him, which kicks the entire narrative of the nation of Israel into gear. You might think of it as “the one who sees.”. View detailed outline. To make a long story short, Joseph goes from slave to Pharoah’s right-hand guy. For those who are curious, I also added what each name means.