No matter how you like to get down, or what your interests are, there's surely a venue in SoHo Tampa that will be calling your name. or Clubs. Click an image to be taken to that category. Nightclubs are a great choice when you really want to relax and be yourself for a night, as the busy atmosphere is inviting for dancing. Spent a weekend in the SoHo area at the Epicurean Autograph Hotel which is just on the edge of this trendy area. blvd and even Bay to Bay Blvd. The rooftop bar, aka Luna Lounge, is located on the fifth floor of the building. You can also enjoy Irish dishes on the menu such as shepherd’s pie. If you aren't a fan of nightclubs, don't worry, as SoHo offers a broad selection of venues to get your party on. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. begins  immediately south of the popular road called Kennedy There's the natural beauty of the ocean, great restaurants, shopping opportunities, and fantastic weather. There are amazing bars everywhere you look, and there are selections for every taste and budget. SoHo, South Howard in Tampa, is a popular area after dark. If you're not fond of Irish food, you can choose from a selection of American-style sandwiches. Get your #SOuthernHOspitality at #BarHWRD. google_ad_width = 336; Check out some of the best bars in Soho for a night of great conversation out and about from your hotel, lively atmosphere, and adult beverages. With all of this information in tow, you're guaranteed to have a safe, great time in SoHo Tampa! The ambience of a nightclub can't be beat when you want to hear all of the newest hits, listen to local musicians do their thing, and enjoy company of attractive locals. google_ad_height = 280; When it comes to partying, … They get half off all wines and select drafts from open to close. Must-See. Bulla was also beautiful.” more, “I cannot even give this bar one star. Get ready to chow down on nachos, burgers, and tacos along with your choice of wine, beer (bottle or draft), or craft cocktails. All bars in the South Tampa People can chill at one bar all night or easily hop from place to place for a more adventurous night out! listing and real life review of the bars and clubs from people who Try out the new location Tuesday-Sunday on … Check out some of the best bars in Soho for a night of great conversation Their special seasoning won’t disappoint! find the ever In this area you Not only will you find a complete listing of all of the top bars and nightclubs in South Howard, but you'll also find information on parting in SoHo, as well as your options when it comes to transportation during your pub crawling experience. In fact, it's hard to stop dancing once you've started! SOHO stands for 'South Howard' Bring a couple of friends and get the party started! Make sure to check their calendar for the deal of the day. The idea for the name "Cheap" came from the concept that outside of the prices, being cheap is something the restaurant and bar will never be. Find another restaurant and rooftop bar pairing in SoHo at Bulla Gastrobar’s Luna Lounge. Sunday’s doors open at 11 a.m. and every screen will be playing NFL. I guess being Hispanic and walking with tour family is not very pleasing for the bald guy in front of the bar. Located across the street from MacDinton’s is Yard of Ale. The dining room gets just as full as the bar pretty quickly on a Friday or Saturday night. of this area and many others bars surrounding it. “This is a super cute place to come for date night or an evening out with your girlfriends. Check out its nightly promotions for special deals all week. They have cute tables for 4-6 people, or cozy couch” more, “Out of all the bars in Soho, The Dubliner might be my favorite! Indeed, all points on “south Howard” lead to vivacious fun. After 30 minutes passed I went up to the bar to get the 8th Margarita. There's more to this city than luscious beaches. Thursday nights they also host a run club with a 5k run followed by a beer at happy hour! The south tampa area cash only bar in the Tiny Tap. Bern's Steak House and the Harry Waugh Dessert Room at … MacDinton’s is a well known lively pub with lots of food, drinks and music. Through out south Pumpkin Patches, Fall Festivals and Foodie “Can’t-Miss” Events for Couples, New Drive-In Movie Venue Opening at Armature Works October 15, Bottomless On A Budget: Cheap Bottomless Mimosas in Tampa, Our Favorite To-Go Dinner Deals for Two in Tampa Bay, Daycation: Day Passes to Tampa Bay Hotels with ResortPass, Tampa Bay Hotel Dates Without an Overnight Stay, Five Places to Go Zip Lining in Tampa Bay. The SoHo Tavern – Bigger isn’t always better. sidebar to check out details on any of the South Tampa Bars You're guaranteed to find a selection that suits your tastes! Some bars are beer and wine only, some serve Check their website for other events such as Taco Tuesdays with $2 tacos all night! As for food, order the wings. On Wednesdays, all university faculty and students with proof can enjoy half off drafts from 9 p.m. to close. What would anyone expect from a place called World of Beer besides lots of beer? Settle in for a drink and a meal or bar-hop on this Tampa nightlife mecca. The deals are great and they have many options. SoHo, South Howard in Tampa, is a popular area after dark. Bar-hopping in Tampa's Soho (South Howard Avenue) is about more than trying out some creative craft cocktails or checking out wine flights. Although reservations are suggested, you can walk in and get a seat. Copyright Locals will have you know, SoHo Tampa should certainly be on your destination list. Soho Saloon is a chill place to grab a drink on a sunny afternoon.