Connect to the internet as you travel across Spain with a 4G Spanish Data SIM and an optional MiFi device. Dataroam's Spainsh data SIMs provide quick and easy access to mobile internet in Spain, whether through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even for multiple users with a MiFi. MiFi uses a data SIM to share a Mobile Broadband connection. Re: Data only sim for MIFi ‎07-09-2015 06:39 PM @Tmedge - We can never 100% guarantee service while you’re abroad, as you’re using another network which we have no control over, however you should be able to use this in Spain. However this will not be enough to stream TV. *sips tea* SIM Cards. We will be in Spain for almost 3 months from January. Hi I recently purchased a monthly EE sim card on a 12 month contract. In a lot of countries, you will have the option to get a local SIM card. Mobile Broadband uses a data SIM, similar to those used in mobile phones. The apartment we are renting does not have Internet. Get online using one of our Mobile Broadband deals. It is the law that all SIM cards have to be registered, and can only be purchased with a … Take advantage of our huge data bundle to get email, browse the web and keep up with social media while you're travelling in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma or Malaga. Spain data SIM card. I originally went into the shop looking for a PAYG data sim card for my mifi unit. The guy in the shop suggested I took out a mobile data sim contract that gives me 20gb of data a month plus unlimited texts and calls. We do have a MIFi with 19gb per month roaming data with 3. We are looking at buying a prepaid SIM card from Spainsur, which costs €100 for 30 days 150gb data and €75 to extend. SIM Card with Spanish Mobile Providers. Tablets usually have a slot where you can insert a data SIM or you can use a Mobile Wi-Fi or MiFi router. Our Portable Data Hotspot is an excellent alternative to traditional data roaming for Spain, with 2GB of data bandwidth for your first month in Spain. Researching which SIM and which MiFi device to get can be a little bit daunting, so I caught up with WiFi Tribe Tech Manager, Andrea, and WiFi Tribe cofounder, Diego, to get their thoughts on it, and answer some questions to get you started. Fortunately, in Spain, there are many mobile providers willing to set you up with a SIM card and data plan. The popular companies include Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, and Yoigo. Spain is considered to be one of the three most visited countries in the whole world. Our pay-as-you-go data SIMs for Spain provide the ability to top up your data SIM with data bundles at any time to suit your travel plans and data … Last year, this country received 82.8 million international visitors, which represented a small decrease of -0.8% compared to 2017 that was an amazing year for Spanish tourism.