What are the key differentiating features from your competitors? The first customer for any startup is effectively a venture capitalist (VC) or an investor. Get investor interest for meetings and funding opportunities. The startup pitch deck is not about a single individual and needs to provide the confidence to the VC community that there is a team, which is going to back this venture. Without a problem, the investors will not realize the value your company brings to the market in the first place. In the world of venture capital, pitch decks are like your CV that you present to win over the investors. They kept it simple and straightforward by using a large font and plain background. Include graphs showing that your company will be addressing a large part of the addressable market. Your startup will get noticed immediately, given you have a unique value proposition. See Examples, What is the problem, and why is it a problem worth solving? Think of this slide as your 15-second compelling elevator pitch. Too many entrepreneurs make a number of avoidable mistakes when creating their investor pitch decks. 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Plus, they also promise analytics for sales and finance down the road. The top 6 to 10 questions that everybody asks. To give you an idea of what slides your pitch deck should have, here are the only 12 crucial slides you need. A lousy startup pitch deck will reflect on your business and the investors’ decision. A startup pitch deck may have less credibility than other pitch decks for established businesses. MixPanel is a startup that is currently innovating solutions to make consumers’ and marketers’ lives easier. Ice breaker, conversation opener, and setting of expectations. gives teams the designs they need to scale their business. Do send the pitch deck in a PDF format to prospective investors in advance of a meeting. See Examples, A description of the world that you want to create to get buy-in from your audience. Moreover, Penji’s pricing plans are affordable for all startups. Copyright (c) by [Name of Company]. Pieter says, “The most enduring companies gain dominance because of their unique understanding of market asymmetry or inflection point.”. Show your startup’s cash flow in the last few months or years, such as sales, overhead expenses, profits, and an increasing number of customers. This deck should be carefully coordinated with the “Product” slide of the pitch deck, as there may be some overlap. The turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours. Be able to demonstrate that you have skin in the game. He believes it is better to have one deep moat, where it becomes difficult for other competitors to come in, and other adjacencies to expand this moat can follow through. Normally, the logos of customers that are well known are included in this slide page. Pitch decks with graphics tell your brand story that no other presentation can. The “Traction” slide can cover the following: The investors will want to understand your business model. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Many investors believe that a company’s team is the most important determinant of whether or not to invest. Cancel anytime. Here are some reasons why startups need to create the best pitch deck: And speaking of the leading to the next meeting, this should be your pitch deck’s primary goal. Even though you’ve presented an extremely excellent product or service, investors would want to know your competitive advantage over others. The most vital part here is to explain and make the investors see how you can augment the company’s bottom line through their support. At the same time, it should not be light on information as the crucial thing is about unique insights on the startups’ market, customers, and revenue numbers, among other things. Choose Penji’s affordable and user-friendly process to ensure you stay on track. Airbnb Pitch Deck. Tackling credential frauds with major players is no easy feet. See Examples, How are you solving the problem? Here’s an example from Canvas. As TechSparks 2020 goes all virtual and global in its 11th edition, we want to thank you for the tremendous support we've received from all of you throughout our journey and give a huge shoutout to our sponsors of TechSparks 2020. What Is a Pitch Deck? How did you get here, what sparked the idea and how did you meet your team. Near the end, you should have a slide entitled “The Ask.” On this slide you should address: Here is a sample slide from my sample investor pitch deck: Slide outlining what you are asking investors for. Progress can include increasing website visits, more app downloads, higher engagement, or booming sales. If you have multiple products not shown in your solution slide you can show them here. Do convince the viewer of why the market opportunity is large. We've Designed 1000+ Facebook Ads. Your company overview page should grab the reader and convince them that your company has the opportunity to grow big. At the 11th edition of YourStory’s flagship event, TechSparks 2020, Pieter Kemps, Principal, Sequoia Capital India, explains this very lucidly in his masterclass session on “Anatomy of a pitch: Crafting your pitchdeck.”, As much as it is important to talk about one’s business idea, market, and customers, Pieter emphasises that the one defining thing about a pitch deck is — “Tell us a story, introduce a tension, and talk about what are things that are changing.”. A pitch deck is usually a 10-20 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision. What key marketing channels will you use (paid search, social media, TV, radio, email marketing, etc.)? All it takes is three steps: On the dashboard, click + New project. Input the Project Title and select the dimension and the number of slides from the drop-down menu. See Examples, You need to earn your audience’s attention by highlighting the opportunity and showcasing your achievements. Use facts, personal validations, and insights from your experiments. Do plan to have a demo of your product as part of the in-person presentation. I was also a corporate partner at the law firm of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, with experience in startups, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and venture capital. Sign up and try Penji for 15 days risk-free. Have a strong idea that has been validated by market research. Have a product, patent, prototype of proof of concept. Why did it make our top 10 pitch decks? It uses icons and hierarchy by using different font sizes and colors. What’s next? This is also something that investors can relate to. For more information on TechSparks 2020, check out our TechSparks 2020 website. Pieter says the pitch deck does not have to be too verbose. Content development ... A well-designed pitch deck can … Stick until the end as we show you how easy requesting a pitch deck presentation from Penji is. And why do startups need it? The next part should present your product or service. State the problem your startup is trying to solve. What gives your company a competitive advantage? What early traction has the company gotten (sales, traffic to the company’s website, app downloads, growth metrics, etc., as relevant)? That’s why entrusting your pitch deck to experts will likely get you funding. Dwolla Startup Pitch Deck from Joseph Hsieh . All it takes is a compelling and impressive startup pitch deck to WOW angel investors. See Examples, Who else is your target customer considering? Here’s an example from Dreamit. Their Product slide is impressive with a clean structure and relevant icons for clarity. Why you exist and what actions are you and your team going to consistently perform to bring your vision to life. In this slide, you want a crisp summary of the mission/vision of the company.