The Gesture, aptly named due to the fact that it self-adjusts based on the positions you’re in, features many of the same perks as the Steelcase … In general, you would not be able to see this chair easily unless you’re working in a company that actually cares for its employees and their health. However, you don’t have to worry about inadvertently leaning back if you don’t want to. To adjust the lower part of the backrest, the only thing you need to do is to move the knob that you can find on the sides. One of the few drawbacks of this item would be its reclining position. These Steelcase chairs also feature a 12-year warranty on all parts. There’s a last super cool feature that you can expect to find in this office chair. Regrettably, the Gesture isn't the best value, pairing a top-tier price with an overall middling performance in our tests. Obviously, when technology made some progress, I just couldn’t stop immersing myself into this fantastic hobby, and clearly that takes several sitting hours. Get to work faster with this pre-configured version of Gesture. So now that you have an idea, keep reading this Steelcase Gesture review and let’s see what this Steelcase gesture  chair has to offer! ●+Comfort: The comfort offered by the Steelcase Gesture chair is great, simply because it feels like it’s built to fit you personally. How can we improve GearLab? Furthermore, we also took the manufacturer's warranty into account when awarding points. The chair’s weight capacity is up to 400 pounds. Steelcase. To determine scores, we thoroughly inspected each chair after we had tested them for any signs of damage and combed through user reviews to see if there were any commonly experienced issues with this chair. This particular product is one of the leading competitors in the high-end office/gaming chair in the market today. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. It is called the Gesture 360 Arm because it moves like a human arm. The company designed this Steelcase gesture  chair with the purpose of improving the posture of executives who work over eight hours a day in an office. This chair has the option to purchase with or without adjustable lumbar support but the built-in curvature without the additional support fits most people quite well. A Steelcase Gesture chair is one of the latest products that Steelcase offers. If you consider how this amazing chair can enhance your working performance, then you will no longer notice the price. So, having said this and done this Steelcase Gesture review, we encourage you to take a look at the Amazon page and see further details. GearLab is reader-supported. Specified in our most popular finish combinations. The price can soar as high as $1,631 with all the most expensive add-ons included. ●+Adaptability: Unlike other Steelcase chairs, the Steelcase Gesture chair is a smart gaming seat that adjusts itself automatically based on your posture. Steelcase Gesture Chair | $825 | Amazon. Fixing or maintaining your posture is as important as any special cushion or backrest type. Gesture … To rate and compare how each chair performed in this exceptionally subjective rating metric, we gathered a panel of judges of varying heights and body types and had them sit in the Gesture for at least a full work day, then fill out a questionnaire with their thoughts. Starting with the armrest, it features an impressive flexible arm that moves like a human’s arm, according to the Steelcase company. This Steelcase chair boasts of an “adaptive bolstering” technology, which is the reason why the seat cushion provides so much comfort. The Gesture is a top-tier office chair but costs quite a bit. It’s great for your posture but a little unhealthy for your wallet. My first memories come from the godly Super Nintendo console of which I was quite fond. All trademarks property of their respective owners. That being said, you can expect to recline without the need to utilize any built-in lever because the mechanism is automatic and responds to the user’s movements. I am looking for a anymid-rangebudgetpremium racing chairoffice chairpc gaming chairrocker chairbean bag chairsofa chairrecliner chair. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the pros and cons of the Steelcase Gesture. The backrest has an integrated curve that provides ample support for most people but this might not be the chair for you if you like aggressive lumbar support. Expect the chair to be wrapped in a plastic, so you must get the product outside the box so that you can easily take the chair out of the plastic, and that’s it. It has an adjustable seat height and depth. That’s one of the features the company boasts about this Steelcase gesture  chair. We also didn't find very many user reviews complaining about things breaking, just a few that mentioned the chair started to squeak after six months of use or that it arrived with shipping damage. What you want is for your hips to be at the same angle or higher to your knees, whichever one suits you best, but never lower because this can be bad for your health. Moving on to this part of Steelcase Gesture review, we need to talk about the features of this chair that improve your posture. Then, the only parts that you have to attach are the wheels, which is not a big deal. The next part is the core interface. The best gaming chairs or office chairs must deliver the maximum comfort and support to the users, and these Steelcase chairs do just that. That said, this particular model was nominated and voted one of the best heavy duty office chairs money can buy—and at the time it cost $965. Colorways aside, the Gesture’s real draw is the advanced synchro-tilt function, which lets you lean back in a 2.8:1 ratio. As they say, simplicity is beauty. In this Steelcase Gesture review, you’ll see all of the most important features of this product and also some recommendations that you might want to take into account before making up your mind. However, it is the armrests that caused our judges the most concern. The Gesture has some of the most adjustable armrests we have seen on any chair to date. A unique part we have to talk about is the limbs of this chair. Our last evaluation looked at the amount of work required to go from unboxing to sitting in your brand new Gesture, which is responsible for the remaining 5% of its final score. The Steelcase Gesture offers a ton of customization, particularly with its armrests, earning it one of the higher scores of the group. On top of that, the 78-pound chair is big and sturdy, plenty capable of holding someone up to 400 pounds in weight. *You help support TechGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. The only problem that you have to worry about is that the box is large and heavy. The product is already assembled when it is delivered. Remember that you can also adjust the seat height. Maintain your posture and stop using your dining room chair as a home office chair and shell out the extra cash you saved not commuting over the past few months for the real deal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can expect to use this chair for over eight hours a day. So, unless you pull yourself up really quickly or lean forward and then pull the backrest back in place, it simply will not budge. The Gesture did well, scoring just a bit above average but can't compare to the universal accolades the top chairs received. It’s pretty straightforward and practical. This chair arrives fully assembled so you can start sitting in no time! Perhaps you might find some other drawbacks related to the design and upholstery; however, those have more to do with preferences rather than objective facts. I’ve played games longer than I can remember. The same is true when the chair has a mesh or fabric-type backrest. It is exceptionally easy to get the armrests into a comfortable position for almost any body type. For the color scheme of the upholstery, it can come in almost any color you want. Our third metric, Durability, is responsible for 10% of the total score for the Steelcase Gesture and all the other chairs. This feature is superb. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Highly adjustable, comfortable for long periods of time, high back, Armrests aren’t universally accepted, uncomfortable if not sitting correctly. The Gesture, aptly named due to the fact that it self-adjusts based on the positions you’re in, features many of the same perks as the Steelcase Leap. Another drawback that we should mention is that a Steelcase Gesture chair does not have a headrest. Let’s get this out of the way first: Steelcase chairs are anything but cheap. Variable backstop means you can lock the backrest in position without tilting your head back like you’re in a dentist’s office. The Gesture is a highly adjustable office chair. The Steelcase Gesture is a high-end chair that guarantees the utmost performance for its user. That’s because the seat cushion adapts to the user’s weight and makes it easier to avoid bad posture and overall lower back pain. Steelcase Licorice Gesture Chair. Please, please preserve your posture and spare your spine the discomfort (and, eventually, displacement) for 20% less today. The options are a bar-style footstool, your choice of upholstery material (leather included) and color, several frames and color palettes, and a choice between hard floor and carpet wheels. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Of course, there are many more things to say about this fantastic chair that don’t include the price tag. Having a smooth and soft cushion is not always enough. Regardless, it’s possible to acquire this product in yellow, purple, white, and more. Air pockets are carefully placed under the foam of the seat to give the users more support and comfort. Let us know! It could be perfect for people who are having troubles with their posture. It is powered by a torsional spring that adjusts to the chair angle to provide more lumbar support in the upright posture and less lumbar support in a deep recline. Once you acquire a Steelcase Gesture chair, the first thing you’ll notice is its design. ●+Accessories: An interestingly large choice of accessories can be added on to a Steelcase Gesture chair as you personalize it. Those would be all of the drawbacks, or at least the most important ones, that have to do with the ergonomics. They are a little more difficult to get adjusted into a comfortable position and don't lock into place, making it easy to inadvertently knock them out of position. The backrest was also decently well received by our panel of judges. The best home, kitchen, smart home, and automotive deals from around the web, updated daily. Secretlab Titan Review: Heir to the Throne, Steelcase Leap Gaming Chair: A Great Gaming Computer Chair, E-Blue USA Cobra R Chair for Gaming Review (2020), Secret Lab Titan 2020 Gaming Chair Review, Promotes posture support, unlike other chairs, Has a versatile three-interface design that helps the user in a variety of ways, Has fully adjustable features and control levers, Quite minimalist in design, avoiding the over-the-top look of executive chairs, Steelcase chairs are too expensive for some consumers, Doesn’t have a headrest and mat thus be unsuitable for taller people.