If you don’t have lemon basil, you can substitute regular basil for this lemonade. I feel like all I want to eat lately is chips and guac. Your email address will not be published. 6 oz. Copyright © 2020 ALWAYS EAT DESSERT on the Foodie Pro Theme. Since it’s impossible to do all the things I want to do with my free time, I always feel like I completely wasted the time off. This summery version from an NYC entertaining expert combines Pour into a chilled glass with ice and float soda water over top. Note: For infused tequila add one cup of tequila in a mason jar and a handful of torn basil leaves. Allison Ferraro | Food Photography & Styling, Quick & Easy Buttermilk Biscuits (Small Batch) ». With the lime shortage in full effect and prices skyrocketing to meet the ill-supplied demand, I figured a little margarita action with a more affordable citrus was in order. During the week I keep a running ‘to do’ list for my weekend free time (which means between the thousands of events people our age have). 1 cup tequila Hi, I'm Allison, the baker, recipe creator, and food photographer behind ALWAYS EAT DESSERT. The way you muddle the lemon basil, sugar and zest, lemon basil lemonade is sort of like a mojito. Combine strawberry basil puree and remaining ingredients in a cocktail shaker. This is really simple but has a great, unusual taste. Ingredients. Here you will find easy to make, flavorful recipes with wholesome ingredients. It takes your drink game up a few notches and instantly makes you feel like a mixologist! Have a marg and stay a while! I created my own Pimm's Cup with strawberries, citrus, cucumber, and mint, and it was an instant favorite! This tequila lemonade makes me want to have some sort of garden party, despite the fact that I … This cocktail is also your perfect chips & guac date. You could use limes if you’re rich and don’t mind paying over a dollar for one lime. YES! Written by Glenn Rush. This usually includes: go to the gym, go to yoga, go for a run, clean apartment, wash car, get gas, cook three meals, prepare 2-3 blog-worthy treats, write something worth a shit, read more than one book (THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS), get coffee, go shopping, get a pedicure, visit niece, call mom, feel extreme pressure to be at the lake because everyone else is, be outside, do something “new and different”, wonder why days off are so MF stressful. Here, this lemonade is a “mocktail”, though you could definitely add tequila and turn it into a refreshing cocktail. Is that so bad ?! If you're looking for me, I'll be drinking this Blackberry Basil Tequila Lemonade on the deck!