The series is one of the most successful network drama on Sohu TV, with 1.5 billion views.Considered as a pioneer of its genre, the series helped shed light on the profession of a forensic doctor by delving into their hardships and professional working attitudes. I wouldn’t be able to read the novel it was based on, but the plot was very well crafted. Although Wu Xiu He did not hold eight Liang of silver at great value, he did value the Ran Family. Maybe, following more clichéd plots, they forced everything too much to create a traumatized hero with a terrible past. The forensic doctor Qin Ming is called by Lin Tao, his police officer friend. As I mentioned, this case and case 6 were my favourite ones. I think this was the “big case” before the major one in which Qin Ming is personally implicated. The son who he has raised was also fruit of this affair. surprised that a forensics drama would be so explicit – especially a Chinese one. Qin Ming found the evidence that made police to imprison his husband (a rapist), the day of their wedding. Moreover, it’s unlikely how Chi Zi knew so much details about the cases Qin Ming investigated. The scenography was good and sober, impressive enough. Chinese? Besides his face readings were never wrong……. Yep. … More Forensic Webdrama Medical Examiner Dr. Qin. His best friend, after being arrested, confessed they had an argument in which he ended up smacking him. Later it was revealed that the girl was only accompanying her uncle to his hotel. This man was obsessed with a virgin woman with whom he could achieve the purest love. Li Da Bao of the Department of Mark Inspection was ordered to join the working group. He had an affair with a married woman, who became along with his rich husband the main suspects. The woman was a paparazzi, fell out with many people as a consequence of bad practices and immoral acts. .dat Flying Tiger 飛虎之潛行極戰 Review/Thoughts. He’s extremely talented and intelligent, but a traumatic past and a weird personality made him very inaccessible to people. Let’s just say my curiosity was the only thing that kept a lid on my gag reflux throughout the 20 episodes. The murderer is the brother himself, who took off his organs and heart to make a transplant. Being a ex-convict and a drug addict, he can barely survive. CASE 7 (episodes 10-11): A corpse is found in a well, but the owner isn’t the culprit. In the past, the paparazzi once posted the photos of a schoolmate with and old man, standing in front of an hotel. Don’t Turn from Summer (莫负寒夏) by Ding Mo Chapter 1 The dark sky was calm and the shadows under the streetlights swayed lightly. When the woman broke up with him in order to get back with her ex-boyfriend, he found out she’d never loved him and how she lied about being a virgin. It follows an investigative team consisting of medical examiner Qin Ming, his assistant Li Dabao and police officer Lin Tao as they solve mysterious criminal cases. Some minor spoilers ahead… I was initially concerned because this is one of my favorite Chinese novels and the actors are all new to me. The night he died, he got drunk and returned home to take a rifle, ready to kill someone. This weird, but smart and good-natured woman is, as her name promises, “a big treasure”. She explains how his husband (the victim) would went crazy everytime he got drunk, beating her and her child. Da Bao realizes that the bag used by the killer is a characteristic bag used to wrap tofu. The blades were painted green and hard to see so some people were hurt. While the plot fit the stereotype of revolving around a genius, aloof, and idiosyncratic medical examiner who also – surprise, surprise – has a troubled past, the cases were very intriguing and pretty unpredictable. "The drama is adapted from the literary book The Eleventh Finger. ( Log Out /  The investigation shows how she had a mysterious boyfriend but broke up due to his parents’ opposition. The drama starring Zhang Ruoyun as Dr. Qin – the main medical examiner , Jiao Junyan as Li Da Bao- the forensic detective who is assigned as Dr.qin’s assistant and Li Xian as Lin Tao- as the smart police detective. Another shortcoming it’s the OST, which was accurate but not memorable. Apart from her ability searching for tracks, Da Bao has a highly developed sense of smell, making her an human police dog. His interactions with Da Bao and Lin Tao are heart-warming and funny, showing that friendship (and love) bring out the best of him. Here’s the “juicy” (*shudders*) part: the entire apartment was covered in blood splatters. ( Log Out /  CASE 9 (episodes 12-13-14): a burning suitcase is found in an abandoned area. -Story of Yanxi Palace (I’m terrible but I have delayed so much finishing this entry that now I’ll probably need to rewatch the whole show to finish the review, not sure when it will happen, sorry!). Mu Han Xia … More Don’t Turn from Summer – Chapter 1, Chapter 10: Antique Ink Stone! I immediately fell for that haircut and those round glasses. For this purpose, he tried to raise money at any cost, even letting that kid beat him. Some remarkable scenes: that one in which Qin Ming measures Da Bao to make her a dress, the one in which the magic trio eats “Xiao Long Xia” (photo above) and Qin Ming literally dissects the lobsters, and the one in which Qin Ming and Da Bao talks about virginity. Meanwhile, Qin Ming concludes that the killer had a bicicle. Qin Ming and Da Bao teases him by saying that Bao Bao might be false or imaginary. Qin Ming (Zhang Ruo Yun) is our main character, the forensic doctor or medical examiner of the group. We have to grip the attention of the audience for the follow-ups," Dr. Qin scriptwriter Yang Zhe said. Since I don’t have chaps from Forensic Doctor saved up, I decided to upload … More Honey Stewed Squid by Mo Bao Fei Bao, Chapter 9 – A Smile as One Holds a Flower Silk shoes were similar to the embroidered shoes from later generations, lightweight and pleasing to the eye. The first time they did the DNA test, his teeth were well-kept and white, but the second time they met (only one or two days later), his teeth seemed like the ones of a drug addict. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The millionaire brother was angry because he would always make their mother suffer, gambling and being a troublemaker; but in the end, he regretted after knowing his brother had already decided to stop betting, even cutting off his own finger. The police team were led to this crime scene when they found fried human hands in food remains at a local food market. And now that I am … More Drama: The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Investigator, Episode 3 starts out in the middle of all the action as firetrucks are mobilized and Ji Bai shows up at the scene. She is the owner of the restaurant where the magic trio likes to hang around. In a final and desperate attempt, Chi Zi kidnapps Da Bao and threatens to kill her. From pacing to content, every progression in the story was shocking enough and adequately acceptable/convincing. Police arrest a guy who uses sewer oil to cook, but find what it seems to be human bones in the remains. MEDICAL EXAMINER DR. QIN (2016) Review – The magic trio, THE ROMANCE OF TIGER AND ROSE (2020) Review – A scriptwriter’s love, THE KING’S WOMAN (2017) Review – If I were a boy, THE ETERNAL LOVE (2017) Review – A very pleasant surprise, REMEMBERING LICHUAN (2016) Review – Seize the moment, the gods and demons of zu mountain and the legend of s, the new shushan knight errant swordsman biography. We cut to the police interviewing a distressed bystander at a crime scene. I honestly did not know what to expect when I hit play on that first episodes and was faced with such graphic images from the get-go. His last assistant resigned as a result of Qin Ming’s bad temperament. This plumber likes to steal women’s underwear. .dat Running Man ‘I GO STICKER RACE’ Thoughts. After discarting them through a DNA test, the evidence point at an ex-convict, but the police is unable to find him anywhere. In one of these sites, she meets a so-called affluent 2nd generation guy. He orders a bouquet of flowers for Da Bao, in Qin Ming’s name. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin can be considered a pioneer in its genre. Therefore, we never see Lin Tao’s girlfriend (neither Qin Ming or Da Bao had seen her), but there are many scenes in which Lin Tao phones her. Later, she posted her profile in dating sites, emphasizing she’s a virgin. Just then, Da Bao comes and sees Qin Ming offering flowers to Lin Tao, assuming they are lovers. Since MEDQ is getting a second season, with a whole new cast, I thought it was a good moment to write this review. We have to grip the attention of the audience for the follow-ups," Dr. Qin scriptwriter Yang Zhe said. The victim was diagnosed with a insanity disease and had one adopted son. The writters seemed to have forgotten MEDQ already had its own charm with such a lovely trio. He accepts but has other additional plans. I believe this is mostly due to the villain: Chi Zi (Qu Jing Jing). For any fan of this genre (crime-detective-police), this is a must watch. The critical Qin Ming decides to have her on the board. CASE 3 (episodes 4-5): A dead woman is found in the woods, tied and without one back tooth. Yep. Personally, this case may be my favourite (along with case 8). Still, the magic trio can’t explain the origin of the rest of wounds. For this reason, they start searching for someone with a bicicle who had bought tofu in the last days. Classic. This is the first case where the “back tooth removal ritual” appears, a crucial detail in Qin Ming’s later major case. I loved the moral dilemma they faced when realizing that even ‘though the wife killed her husband, she was the real victim. Maybe because it was that Communist China class, but whenever the police team had meetings, I always found myself smirking because the Chief was always available to participate so actively 24/7 and always had positive words of encouragement for his subordinates. No reason could explain it apart from the fact that Qin Ming is the main character and they needed an evil villain obsessed with him. Qin Ming takes the flowers before she find out, and later goes to return them to Lin Tao. The skulls were tucked safely away in the fridge. CASE 5 (episodes 8-9): One night a couple calls the police after seeing a monstrous figure in the lake. … More Forensic Webdrama Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, Chapter 11: Elementary Schoolhouse In the past, the servants on the estate did not see Ran Yan as anybody important. At the beginning, the death seemed like an accident (or a suicide) so Qin Ming and Da Bao couldn’t make a forensic analysis, but after proving it was a murder, they conclude that the killer was his adopted son. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (MEDQ) is a 20 episodes web series based on “The Eleventh Finger“, a novel written by Qin Ming, real-life forensic doctor. CASE 8 (episodes 11-12): In a filming location, the props master is found dead with a fatal shot. friend Lin Tao and assistant Da Bao, Qin Ming uncovered a variety of bizarre cases. She spread indecent rumors regarding to this photo, incitating her boyfriend to break up with her and to be criticized by everyone. Due to this, the procedure and investigation of the cases in MEDQ are pretty realistic and accurate. We have to grip the attention of the audience for the follow-ups," Dr. Qin scriptwriter Yang Zhe said. I must say that, in comparison to the other 9 cases; this case, which was supposed to be the most imposing and important of the series, felt quite “poor” and unimpressive. "The drama is adapted from the literary book The Eleventh Finger. Just then, Da Bao and Qin Ming realize some strange details in the rich husband’s appearance and behaviour. Lin Tao (Li Xian) is the police officer of the magic trio. It follows an investigative team consisting of medical examiner Qin Ming, his assistant Li Dabao and police officer Lin Tao as they solve mysterious criminal cases.