(with a few cameos from my friends :’) ). When Adam becomes similarly entranced and is cured by a vial with his name breaking, they seek out the vials that say Vanessa and Reeve and break them as well. Reeve and Vanessa, unaware of what they were doing, attack the trio. Vanessa has the idea that Weirdy can take their digital lives offline and they can go on to live their lives. Vanessa and Reeve get into an argument in "Cocoon" when Reeve calls her and Skeet useless because they cannot find the Ironwood Tree, even though Reeve himself hasn't tried looking. And then all of a sudden, one day, this girl that you barely know but bonded with over the course of the game kisses you. I don't see Kai being gay or bi, so it's most likely going to be him with either Mira or Vanessa, and I honestly see him better off with Mira as they have some solid chemistry. She is a duplicitous, manipulative girl with the superpower of flight. First seen He agrees to try and tells them they need to survive the game and keep the game team from winning. Kai has a huge crush on Vanessa until he finds out she was using him. Weirdy appears again to tell them he's ready to take the game off line, but they have to get to their own portal. Species Really easy to simp for (be careful). They find Vanessa and Reeve and realize the same thing that happened to them happened to Vanessa, Reeve, and Skeet. They make it through. Thats the explanation we get for her glichy eye in the last scene of the cartoon. Kai, Mira, Reeve, and Vanessa: It can’t involve self sacrifice. When Tursas suddenly wakes and leaves, Mira decides to follow her, leaving Kai and Vanessa alone. Female They quickly figure out that those three are the game team for the current game. I kinda feel bad for Mira tho, Kai only shows feelings for her when Vanessa isn't an option, Adam is gay, Reeve and her just don't match, and Skeet is probably not going to return (I'm never getting over this) But she, Kai and Vanessa could be in a poly relantionship, that would be dope, but unlikely. He confesses he would rather win the game alone, but he cannot because of the game rules. Status For an unknown reason, she is aware that they are all in a video game. They end up reaching their portals at the same time. Alive Kai and Vanessa are the himbo and lesbian stereotype. Kai is one of the main protagonists. Vanessa charms Kai and lies to him to get him in her team, as she thinks his powers could be useful. The two groups fight and during the fight, the game team takes the key Adam has around his neck. Mai 2020 erschien. She takes him flying in the sky and they hit the moon as if it was a screen. She believes she is the reason they are stuck in The Hollow. Reeve surfaces immediately, but Adam does not, forcing Reeve to rescue him. As the others come down to retrieve them, a sea monster emerges from the depths and swallows them whole. They then come to realize Louie is under a spell and controlled by Jules. And then five minutes later there’s this other fucking dork on your team, an absolute dumbass who’s flying into things and shooting fire whenever possible and you just FEEL it. He is quick to excuse, or ignore, his own short comings, but has no problem pointing out the others. She and Adam simultaneously pull them and after a moment, and entryway opens up. Reeve confides in Vanessa that he still doesn't trust the others and thinks the glitch in the game might be responsible for them not exiting the game when Skeet died. Kai is one of the three, later six main protagonists in The Hollow along with his friends Adam and Mira. Later, they gather at Mira's house for a cookout. However, she felt remorse after learning of his death, as she knew that this was indirectly caused by her cheating in the first game. They grieve the lost Skeet and toast to their lives. He wakes up in the bunker with Adam and Mira. In "Alchemy", Kai, Mira, and Adam find Vanessa and Reeve in trances, working as servants in the home of Jules Voulcan. Vanessa single-handedly takes on the game team, trying to keep them from winning. Like imagine. They end up on a platform precariously balanced on a peak, with Mira in the center and the other four each on a corner. Kai. HumanDigital Clone