Hear the stories behind the songs, the heart and prayer for the album. Hillsong Worship’s This I Believe (The Creed)repackages the Apostle’s Creed for a modern audience while remaining faithful to its Biblical roots, glorifying God. Hill peoples are basically spirit worshipers from antiquity. or searching for a credal worship song should consider it. and needn’t even mean ‘the dead’ (unless, of course, the songwriters are The Family and Faith of Eunice, Timothy’s Mother, ‘Remember or Perish’ – Remembrance Sunday Sermon 2020, A Prayer inspired by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Excepting churches from lockdown: the case against, The Woes of the City and the Virtues of Personal Ministry, SOCIETY body horror inspired by THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, The Influence of John H. Walton on Biblical Studies, The Life of Christian Doctrine – now published, #259 DON'T HIDE YOUR HEART by Sheila Walsh (1985), Hymns of Hope and Comfort: Come, Christians, Join to Sing. channelling Old Testament conceptions of. ).The other thing is that this raises the question - which I believe we've discussed before - about how creeds are used. After working for ten years in various church ministries, she now works as the breakfast producer at 89.9 LightFM - the Christian radio station in Melbourne, Australia. Pray for him. My criticism of 'This I Believe' focuses on the kind of faith we confess - is our faith rooted in historical reality, or is it rooted in our own spiritual state or even preferences. Just at first, it felt to me a little bit overly picky. I've not come across that one before, Harvey. It was truly an incredible moment, as we were again reminded of the long history and tradition of the Church. Hillsong Worship’s This I Believe (The Creed) repackages the Apostle’s Creed for a modern audience while remaining faithful to its Biblical roots, glorifying God. him at a particular time and in a particular place. Thank you for your comment! They are also the subject of several Berean Test submissions, dominating the polls and forcing me to retweak my approach in an attempt to balance artist reviews. I may simply not have realised the full implications.I suppose my response would be that our faith needs to be rooted in both things - both the historical reality and also our own more subjective spiritual state or experience. I can certainly see the value in having an absolute, set-in-stone unchangeable credo, and the reason why we might want one, but I can also see the potential need for some flexibility. Well, funnily enough, the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed (with the exception of its filioque clause, which was later added by the Western Church) have remained unchanged for the best part of 2000 years. Why do you believe that this song is not good lyrically? "Hillsong." Or are we declaring that we worship the Creator of the Universe? Hill people believe that God is spirit, therefore when the gospel was preach to them they quickly accept Christianity. The tenets of belief have been I come from an evangelical non-denominational background and am now Catholic and when we went over the apostles creed in RCIA, I thought, wait a minute, that song I heard a while ago comes straight from the apostles creed! first-century Palestine under Roman rule. I believe You rose again Does the ‘our’ in ‘our Judge’ Forgiveness is in You. the Son’s suffering and crucifixion, there’s no mention of Pontius Pilate. Cody Carnes & Kari Jobe) – The Blessing, Timothy Brindle – The Preciousness of Time, Hillsong Worship – This I Believe (The Creed). “We took seriously what we were setting out to do; putting music to the Apostles’ Creed, which for centuries has been such a revered set of words in the church. When we introduced this song to our church for the first time, we read aloud the Apostles’ Creed together and then sang the song. We’ve sung it in the church where I worship for the past two weeks in place of saying the Nicene Creed or one of Common Worship’s so-called ‘Authorized Affirmations of Faith’. I’ve recently come across Hillsong’s ‘This I Believe (The Creed)’, written by Ben Fielding and Matt Crocker. This I Believe is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. There is a problem with the first verse: Our Father everlastingThe all-creating OneGod AlmightyThrough your Holy SpiritConceiving Christ the SonJesus our Saviour.This verse states that the Father is everlasting and could suggest that "there was a time when the Son was not." Read About the Berean Test and Evaluation Criteria prior to reading this review. So Hillsong refers to glorifying God through Worshiping Him in Spirit by singing songs that declares God's Holiness and goodness upon His children. I don't know the answer to that, and I'm asking mainly to be provocative and play devil's advocate. Tuesday, July 1, 2014. sovereignty to judge the living and the dead. With songs such as “Cornerstone,” “Mighty To Save,” “This I Believe (The Creed),” “Who You Say I Am” and the Grammy Award winning and RIAA certified Platinum “What a Beautiful Name,” With over 2 billion career streams and over 20 million career album sales, Hillsong Worship’s catalogue is sung by an estimated 50 million people worldwide each week. Used by permission. Read the story behind our new song ‘This I Believe (The Creed) on Hillsong Collected. Note to new users: This is a different kind of review site! Creed. As for God as protector, see Ruth 2:12, 2 Samuel 22:3-4, Psalm 3:3, Psalm 5:11, Psalm 18:30, Psalm 27:1, Psalm 32:7, Psalm 34:22, Psalm 41:2, Psalm 46:1, Psalm 57:1, Psalm 59:1, Psalm 61:3, Psalm 91:1-16, Psalm 118:8, Psalm 121:7-8, Psalm 138:7, Proverbs 18:10, Proverbs 30:5, Nahum 1:7, 2 Thessalonians 3:3, and 1 John 5:18). so on. God is the Trinity. Thank you, Terry, for this post. Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father in the third heaven (Matthew 22:44, Acts 2:33, Acts 7:55–56, Romans 8:34, Ephesians 1:20, Colossians 3:1, Hebrews 1:3, Hebrews 8:1, Hebrews 10:12, Hebrews 12:2, 1 Peter 3:22, and Revelation 3:21). There is no other name by which we can be saved (John 14:6 and Acts 4:12). This I Believe (The Creed) lyrics - Hillsong Worship. I understand what you mean about recycled lyrics, but that is an issue outside the scope of this website. Romans 10, says, “If we believe in our hearts that Jesus rose from the dead and we confess with our mouths that He is Lord, ... Every time we sing this song in our local Hillsong congregations, there is a palpable sense of unity as we sing these powerful and ancient confessions of faith. why? Hi, Phil. Agree? Maybe the risen and ascended Jesus isn't tied to any particular place or politics; but by the Spirit he is certainly present in every particular place, and the politics of his Kingdom constantly jostle and judge the politics of every worldly kingdom. That is, God the Father is eternal (Deuteronomy 33:27, 1 Chronicles 16:34, Job 36:26, Psalm 48:14, Psalm 90:2-4, Psalm 102:12, Psalm 102:26-27, Proverbs 8:23, Isaiah 40:28, Isaiah 41:4, Habakkuk 1:12, John 17:5, Romans 1:20, 1 Corinthians 2:7, Ephesians 1:4, Hebrews 1:11-12, 1 Peter 1:20, 2 Peter 3:8, Revelation 1:8, Revelation 11:17, and Revelation 22:13). Interesting points... but does a faith and its creed necessarily have to remain static and monolithic, or is it okay to develop and even change in some areas over time? I wanted to concentrate on the changing of the words, but I can see, too, how changing the words itself could imply a lack of regard for what has been handed down.No-one in my church has responded in any depth. We truly appreciate your support. (How) should we engage with Living in Love and Faith? Elsewhere in ‘This I Believe’, Jesus descended into darkness If it's important to you but less so to me, I don't see that as problematic. But the more used to formal liturgy I've become, the less satisfied I am with this kind of expression. Track: This I Believe (The Creed) (Live) (listen to the song) (buy the song), Album: No Other Name (Live) (buy the album), Genre: Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). Consider replacing “I” with “we” for a more together worship session. I believe in God our Father stretching things a little. I'm sure this is unintended and this verse may well be addressing the incarnation, but that sounds Arian. It’s a beautiful tune with good theology that has captured the essence of the most unifying Christian statement in world history. me, and to have differing concerns and priorities! ©2015 Linda Bailey for www.daily-devotional.org. I do think this is a very good song lyrically. Are we declaring that life is too hard? As a child it was just something I followed along in a book and was quite proud when I nearly knew it off by heart. This occurred inside the womb of the Virgin Mary (Matthew 1:18 and Luke 1:35). The declaration we make with our mouths can impact our present. But of course I recognise the potential dangers in that too.And Terry, no, I see no tick-boxes when I leave a comment. Music ministers looking for a recent alternative to Newsboys’ We Believeor searching for a credal worship song should consider it. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. That is, eternal life with God (Mark 10:29-30, John 3:15-16, John 3:36, John 4:14, John 5:24, John 5:39-40, John 6:27, John 6:40, John 10:28, John 17:3, John 20:31, Romans 5:21, Romans 6:22-23, Romans 8:18, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, Galatians 6:8, 1 Timothy 1:16, 1 Timothy 6:12, 2 Timothy 2:11 , Hebrews 5:9, 1 Peter 5:10, 1 John 2:23-27, 1 John 5:10-13, 1 John 5:20, Jude 1:20-21, Revelation 3:5, Revelation 7:16-17, and Revelation 21:3-4). Growing up in the Reformed church, we would recite the Apostles Creed quite often. Since the beginning of time, words have carried an incredible amount
of weight. St. Ambrose of Milan, Letters, Letter XLII. The quintessential juggernaut worship organization that is Hillsong is popular among all generations, especially young people. Reading Time: 4 minutes Each Theologically Singing is intended not as criticism, nor as blind faith. Disagree? *Copyright © 2014 Hillsong Music Publishing (APRA) (adm. in the US and Canada at CapitolCMGPublishing.com) All rights reserved. I don't believe the creeds are inflexible, unless, of course, you wish not to confess any of the things contained therein. to the virgin birth, there’s no reference to Mary. This may or may not be tied to what you're saying but I also thought the whole point and strength in saying the apostle's creed doxologically is that you are affirming the same truths that the church has since the beginning. Hill people believe that God is spirit, therefore when the gospel was preach to them they quickly accept Christianity.