This actually goes back to Russia, which, as mentioned, along with Iran was originally the biggest caviar producer. Since the eggs are so delicate, it is best not to try to transfer them from the tin to another serving container. Not to forget, as masago is not that crunchy as tobiko, it is better in complementing the flavors of other food without being too overwhelming. The roe is therefore among the smaller types of caviar. (Champagne optional, but on the weekend, we say go for it!) Make your morning a little more luxurious by adding lobster and caviar to your scrambled eggs. Fresher means less salty. Are fish eggs considered halal? Ikura, along with other fish roe, is enjoyed as a piece of nigiri in the form of a cluster of small eggs sitting atop a clump of rice and bound together by seaweed. The taste ranges from sweet through to briny with a buttery, fishy aftertaste. Have you tried eating caviar? The sturgeon family, or Acipenseridae, are a strange, prehistoric-looking fish which feed on the bottom. 1.5mm in size. Caviar is a type of roe that comes from sturgeon or other large fish. Whoa, whoa there, that’s a lot of different names, where do we start from? This elegant take on cucumber salad features both smoked trout and trout roe, along with sesame yogurt and a seaweed dressing for even more marine flavors. If you never experienced caviar, you check out these or these resources, its best to try it firsthand. Their texture is firmer and can be shaved onto dishes. It is sometimes sold fresh in whole form or sliced, or preserved in various forms such as salted, marinated, or smoked. The lumpfish can carry between 100,000-200,000 eggs. Roe is a generic word to describe eggs from the ovaries of any variety of female fish or shellfish. Ranges from sweet to briny, with a buttery, fishy aftertaste. The scarcity of this fish makes it a costly delicacy that few get the privilege to eat. Treat It RightFancy Fish Eggs 101: How to Eat Caviar ProperlyClearly, plenty of people have always enjoyed the briny taste of cured fish eggs (all caviar is cured—that is, salted and aged—in order to preserve it and improve its flavor, though the best quality is considered “malossol” which means they’re only lightly salted), as well as the way they pop on the tongue under gentle pressure to release their rich, oily juices. All Rights Reserved. Get our Cornmeal Blini with Caviar recipe. Have you tried the Japanese delicacy called fugu? Tiny, flavor-packed spheres that look very fancy at dinner parties. They can serve as an Oscar party appetizer or a special Netflix-and-hibernate snack. Speaking about tobiko and masago, if you are a sushi fan you most certainly crossed path with this delights, but what are they? With so many different types available—and with specific origins often obscured by marketing and labeling—choosing which caviar to buy can be confusing; it largely comes down to trusting the brand, or at least the retailer.