We can supply you with the best quality knives at the right price. These popular Please allow extra time for your delivery as all carriers are experiencing delays. SK-3 knives are single edged are more suited to right-handed chefs. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed! This is a multipurpose complex related to TOJIRO products, allowing visitors to not only take products into their own hands for a closer look, but also participate in cooking classes at the kitchen studio or check the condition of their knives in the maintenance room. The edge made by skilled craftsmen provides you an amazing sharpness. Once you have, you will never part with it. Have a question? These knives are the ultimate kitchen accessory. Shop the full Tojiro Japanese knives, knife sets, blocks & accessories collection at the best online prices with Free UK delivery over £50. Typical series of Tojiro. Any of the range that begins with SK-6 has been skillfully crafted to be double-edged. Visit Our Store 100 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 6PB Professional Knife Sharpening Now Available Knives for Chefs is the one stop shop for the professional chef and enthusiastic amateur to obtain all the essential cutting equipment needed for the kitchen. Any of the range that begins with SK-6 has been skillfully crafted to be double-edged. After testing under laboratory conditions, Tojiro Senkou has been found to be one of the sharpest kitchen knife ranges on the market. Typical series of Tojiro. Tojiro knives are perfect for Left Handed Chefs. If you continue you accept our cookies. Get in touch: [email protected] / 020 8769 0784. Tojiro Senkou Special 5 Piece Knife Set SK-53143, Tojiro Senkou Carving Knife and Fork Set SK-26335. Need a return or exchange? ​​​​​​​ In the past decade the knife industry has moved so quickly that knives that are being manufactured now form the vanguard of a new generation where Japanese knives are being forged from German steel and vice versa. Traditional Japanese techniques are combined with traditional production methods. With these cookies we and third parties will be able to follow your behaviour on our website. © Copyright 2010-2020 Knives for chefs LTD All rights reserved, Yakumi pans stainless steel condiment dispenser half #00, Yakumi pans stainless steel condiment dispenser full #R, Yakumi pans stainless steel condiment dispenser large #0, Tojiro DP Petty knife # F-799 Blade 70mm / 2.7" Handle 105mm, Tojiro DP Petty knife # F-802 Blade 150mm / 5.7" Handle 105mm, Tojiro DP Petty knife # F-798 Blade 180mm / 7" Handle 110mm, Tojiro DP Boning knife # F-827 Blade 150mm / 6" Handle 120mm, Tojiro DP Santoku knife # F-503 Blade 170mm / 6.7" Handle 120mm, Tojiro DP Nakiri knife # F-502 Blade 165mm / 6.5" Handle 125mm, Tojiro DP Gyuto knife # F-808 Blade 210mm / 8.3" Handle 125mm, Tojiro DP Gyuto knife # F-809 Blade 240mm / 9.4" Handle 125mm, Tojiro DP Gyuto knife # F-811 Blade 300mm / 12" Handle 130mm, Tojiro DP Gyuto knife # F-812 Blade 330mm / 13" Handle 130mm, Tojiro DP Carving knife # F-826 Blade 210mm / 8.3" Handle 120mm, Tojiro DP Sujihiki knife # F-805 Blade 240mm / 9.3" Handle 125mm, Tojiro DP Sujihiki knife # F-806 Blade 270mm / 10.3" Handle 125mm, Tojiro wooden sheath magnolia wood #M-311 santoku 180mm, Tojiro wooden sheath magnolia wood #M-312 nakiri 180mm, Tojiro wooden sheath magnolia wood #M-313 chef 180/210mm. Tojiro have been pursuing the sharpness and studying edging and the structure of a blade for a long time. Order before 2:30 PM and get same day shipping. Celebrity Chef Claims Luxury Japanese Knives as his Favourite Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, owner of the 3-Michelin starred Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, officially endorses the Tojiro Senkou knife range after he found them to be his favourite knives. Tojiro Senkou knives are … The TOJIRO KNIFE GALLERY was completed as a transmission base for the “TOJIRO” brand to mark the company’s 50th anniversary. As such we can offer you ads and content you might be interested in. It’s no wonder that these knives are Heston Blumenthal’s knife of choice. Great part of the success of Tojiro knives is the excellence of their blades, which in most cases are made of VG10 steel: one of the strongest types of steel used in kitchen knives. The large selection of Tojiro knives available on our website adapts to all the different needs or preferences that you might have. Shop for Tojiro Knives at Cutlery and More. They promise that the broad product range will support your cooking. This is one of a reason that many professionals use Tojiro as their favorite knife all over the world. Tojiro DP knives use a clad design with a hard inner core that extends down to the edge as well as a soft outer stainless steel exterior.