By using this service, you agree to input your real email address and only send it to people you know. "Our Trade Operations and Risk teams will remain diligent and if market conditions warrant, take appropriate action to manage and mitigate risk. Here's what you need to know about margin calls and some strategies for avoiding them. A margin call occurs when a trader is told that their brokerage balance has dropped below the minimum equity amounts mandated by margin requirements.Traders who experience a margin call must quickly deposit additional cash or securities into their account, or else the brokerage may begin liquidating the trader's positions to cover margin requirements. A margin call essentially tells traders that they must add funds to their account, either by depositing cash or transferring securities to the account. The price of individual shares can fluctuate considerably and can appreciate or decline rapidly. We may arrange or enter into transactions in non-readily realisable investments. Thus, exchange and clearinghouse rules and protections do not apply to trading CFDs with Trading 212 UK Ltd. Aside from the trade we just entered, there aren’t any other trades open. Your brokerage may also automatically close certain positions after a margin call has been issued. The subject line of the email you send will be " ". There is also usually a wider spread between the buying price and the selling price of these shares and if they have to be sold immediately, you may get back less than you paid for them due to a lack of liquidity. Previously, the Required Margin was $220 (when EUR/USD was trading at 1.10000). Now you’re left with $212! There are different types of margin requirements, but they all concern whether the equity in your brokerage account is in correct proportion to the amount of leverage you're using (the money you've borrowed to trade). When trading bitcoin and other crypto currencies with Trading 212 you will not own any physical bitcoin and no wallets but speculating on the volatility of the price movements in bitcoin and other crypto currencies via a CFD. Most people choose yes. It can happen at any time, but occurs most frequently when the market closes at one level but reopens at another. You must monitor your account so that at all times the account contains sufficient equity to meet Trading 212 UK Ltd.'s Margin Requirements. Please assess your financial circumstances and risk tolerance before trading on margin. Trading 212 UK Ltd. may in its sole discretion cease quoting CFDs and/or cease entering new CFD or Shares transactions at any time based on lack of market data, halts or suspensions or errors or illiquidity or volatility in the market for the Underlying product, or Trading 212 UK Ltd.'s own risk or profit parameters, technical errors, communication problems, market or political or economic or governmental events, Acts of God or Nature, or for other reasons. Your Margin Level is still above 100% so all is still well. With EUR/USD now trading at 1.1000 (instead of 1.15000), let’s see how much Required Margin is needed to keep the position open.