Is there a specific butterfly image you just can’t get out of your head? You know exactly what it is the moment you look at it. In this myth, Creator wants to do something kind for the children on earth. The butterfly looks beautiful, attractive and feminine on a woman’s body. These designs can also suit someone with a witchy or gothic approach to life. She is sometimes associated with rejuvenation through sacrifice, much like Psyche in the Greek legend. In common, it represents a loss of innocence and independence. You can create the feeling of a butterfly with a simple outline, and everyone will know what it is. Butterflies are a great muse for watercolor tattoos. Indeed, for the ancient Greeks, the symbolism was very clear. Because of her name, Psyche is often depicted with butterfly wings. The other interesting meaningful design is an angel butterfly tattoo. For example, a tornado system might be influenced through a small change, such as the mere flap of the wings of a butterfly elsewhere a few weeks prior. Maybe you find yourself caught between two extremes. Butterfly and dragonfly tattoo incorporates all the meanings for each pattern: transformation, subconscious and meditation, freedom and prosperity, inner space. They are also associated with beauty due to their ornate appearance. It has other “butterfly ingredients” within its body at this point, but they’re held back by developmental hormones. For example, Christians consider these winged creatures as a representation of Jesus’ resurrection and his flight to heaven. This way, you’ve made it your own, and it’s inspired by rather than appropriated. So there are plenty of beautiful species to choose from. Heart-Centered Traditional Butterfly Tattoo, Sharp Wing Tip Traditional Butterfly Tattoo, Traditional Butterfly Tattoo on Two Hands. Other great places to wear a Butterfly tattoo would be: On your hand, you can have a couple of small butterflies or one big one. Butterfly tattoos have a special meaning for girls. But it’s also worth noting that the butterfly also has many meanings, including: The butterfly is one of few creatures that quite literally transforms into something else. In this context, the butterfly soul is trapped within the body of the caterpillar before it is transformed. Because butterflies are such a classic design, you may be searching for some new ideas. With glossy black wings and striking black spots, they may make the perfect model for your tattoo. Here are some ideas: The butterfly is one amazing creature and we have been inspired by it for centuries. It is also one of the most popular tattoos for women, but what does it really mean and what does it symbolize? That is not to say that has never been considered important by men. It used to be that people chose tattoos purely based on what spoke to them, or what they liked the look of.