Rinzler is a security program that serves as Clu 2's right-hand man, played by Anis Cheurfa, a well-known martial-arts performer cast for his abilities, stunts, and acrobatic talents, with Bruce Boxleitner lending his voice and likeness for the character. As they dueled, the renegade cut off Tesler's arms and caused him to fall from the building where they were fighting into a Light Rail beam, from which he was eventually rescued by Paige. Zuse is most likely named after Konrad Zuse, whose Z3 was the first automatic programmable digital computer constructed, in 1941. Official Sites After Jarvis fails to prevent Sam Flynn from taking back his father's disc, Clu 2 derezzes him. While opposing anyone who interferes with "his" city, he privately displays contempt for its inhabitants and does not hesitate to exploit and squander its resources without concern for the programs living there. On January 14, 2013, producer Edward Kitsis responded to rumors of cancellation by stating, "I don't know what the future [of Tron: Uprising] is now. In the process, the weapon was damaged. Corrupted programs that follow Thorne as "The Master User" are called Z-Lots (pronounced "zealots"). Weakness in general is anathema to him. A young program named Beck becomes a leader of a revolution in The Grid. Beck intercepts a disk modification that enhances the physical abilities of any program who wears it, but it has some unfortunate side effects. When he believes himself to have an advantage, he also taunts his opponents verbally, attempting to impress them with their helplessness and the futility of resistance. Tron: Uprising (stylized as TRON: Uprising) is a American science fiction television series, part of the Tron franchise, set between the films Tron and Tron: Legacy.A total of 19 episodes have been produced and aired on Disney XD in the United States from May 18, 2012 to January 28, 2013. They were recaptured and brought back by Paige, but defeated their second round of opponents as well. Tesler has the ability to stressed-out his arms and derezzed anyone or anything with his hands, he's shown to dislike Dyson and fearing failure to Clu should the Renegade free Argon and the Grid. He is injured by a game tank after escaping the game grid with Flynn and Tron, and he dies from these injuries in the company of Flynn. He is played by Jeff Bridges. Dyson is Clu's highest-ranking officer, sent to spearhead the apprehension of the Renegade and one of the recurring antagonist of Tron: Uprising. A brave and clever ragtag starship crew stands up against the evil Empire as it tightens its grip on the galaxy and hunts down the last of the Jedi Knights. Jarvis is a sycophant and frequently tries to impress Clu with actions that often have the opposite effect. Tesler replied that all in all, she had done well by retrieving the data cube which the Renegade had stolen. His anger drew another salute from Jarvis, this time denouncing the users, although this only served to seal his fate when Clu immediately derezzed and silenced him by a lethal blow with his identity disc. Clu 2 saw them as an obstacle to his creation of a perfect system whilst Kevin Flynn saw them as the next stage of evolution; wherefore Clu 2 betrayed Flynn and destroyed most of the ISOs. Commander Sark is a command program created by Dillinger, with his likeness,[3] to serve as chief lieutenant of the MCP and the secondary digital antagonist of the first film. [1], Director Charlie Bean explained 'the idea was to create a distinct style for the CG show not seen elsewhere on television or in film. Samuel "Sam" Flynn is the son of Kevin Flynn who is a controlling shareholder at ENCOM and the protagonist of Tron: Legacy, played by Garrett Hedlund[8] and voiced in the video games by Ross Thomas. When the renegade overturned a Light Rail full of prisoners and freed them, Tesler decided to take him out personally, destroying the Black Guard who had helped him and telling him, "You can't save them all!" Jet is also the basis for the experimental program that is the central character of Tron: The Ghost in the Machine. Bartok is a basic program, leader of a rebel faction in TRON City, played by Conrad Coates. In the film, he is captured by the MCP and forced to play on the Game Grid, but freed by Flynn and instructed by Alan to shut down the MCP. At the start of the first film, he owns "Flynn's", a video arcade where he impresses his patrons with his skills at games that (unknown to them) he designed at ENCOM, but remains determined to find evidence that CEO Ed Dillinger plagiarised Flynn's work to advance his position within the company. After 20 years of his father's absence, Sam is lured onto the Grid, where he reunites with his father and catalyzes the action of the second film, culminating in the destruction of Clu 2. A trailer for the series, with a voice-over by Bruce Boxleitner, was released online in May 2012 (2012-05). Emmanuelle Chriqui is the voice of Paige in TRON: Uprising, and Mariko Munakata is the Japanese voice. When Mara falls victim to it, Zed and the Renegade work together to help rescue her. Quorra is a skilled warrior and the last remaining member of a group of 'isomorphic algorithms' destroyed by Clu 2, played by Olivia Wilde and voiced in video games by Erin Cottrell. After Dyson's abrupt departure from Argon City, the general expresed delight to his lieutenants, unaware that Dyson had confirmed that the Renegade's identity is Tron to Clu himself. Gallery. [21] and on the home video releases of Tron: Legacy, on April 5, 2011 (2011-04-05). Meanwhile, Pavel tests the augmentation boost, but Paige catches him, misconstruing Beck's advice. The explosion caused a recognizer to fall on top of the tank and injure Able, who was shipping the tank, which was enough for the Renegade to stop the fighting and run to Able's rescue. They are joined by 3 teens as they battle the Decepticons. Tesler later threw a dance party in Argon Square in order to infect the assembled programs, standing above the crowd in an airtight helmet as they inhaled the pathogenic gas and cheered for Clu. She is voiced by Cindy Morgan. He discovers one of them is Mara. Paige is particularly valuable to him for her skill and tenacity; he personally flew out to rescue her in ISOlated and expressed happiness to Pavel when she was found alive. He delegates well, heeding the ideas and suggestions of his direct lieutenants and granting second chances when their efforts fail -- a perk never offered to the rank and file. The comic book Tron: The Ghost in the Machine further explores the Tron 2.0 characters and storyline. ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’ Trailer: SXSW Documentary Sets Release Date, Exclusive ‘Come to Daddy’ Clip: Elijah Wood Struggles to Connect with His Father, Disney+'s Lady And The Tramp Gets a Charming New Trailer, WatchMojo: Top 10 Cartoons That Deserve a Second Chance. Clu was recompiled for the purpose of creating what Flynn called "the perfect system," taking his user's burden of running the Grid as his own. When they crash on a destabilized island, Paige reflects on the events that led her to becoming a soldier of the Occupation. He is a security program owned by Kevin Flynn to try to maintain order in the grid and to investigate conspiracies. The last remaining ISO is Quorra, saved by Flynn and sent to the real world with Sam. Sam, looking to retrieve his father's Identity Disc, broke onto the bridge and whisked past Jarvis, who simply stood aside and murmured, "Long live the users." 11 images (& sounds) of the TRON: Evolution cast of characters. He is in charge of the forces occupying Argon City; Paige and Pavel report directly to him. Tron is a security program (played by Bruce Boxleitner) created by Alan to monitor communications between the MCP and the real world. The Master Control Program (MCP), voiced by David Warner and also played by Barnard Hughes, is the main digital antagonist of the first film. Photos of the TRON: Evolution (Game) voice actors. He is voiced by Lance Henriksen. While in the End of Line Club he flirted with Gem, who appeared repulsed. When they derez in the computer world they are kicked out of the computer and return to their original human form, unconscious. Wander's friendliness often angers Lord Hater, who is bent on galactic domination, and his army of Watchdogs. I figured there was a good chance they would do the same with Tron Uprising as well.I've watched three episodes of Uprising so far and I can safely say that they did not take the kiddie route. Tron not only trains Beck in the fighting and light cycle skills to challenge the brutal military occupation of the city of Argon, but also guides and mentors him to grow beyond his youthful, impulsive nature into a courageous and powerful leader. Castor is a flamboyant supermodel program and the owner of the End of Line club located inside the tallest tower on the Grid, played by Michael Sheen.[11]. When she opted out, he gripped her shoulders and clarified his position: "You walk away, and I'll have Pavel tear the code from your body. Pavel remarked that in that case, Tesler would definitely not want to look outside. Jarvis is a program who serves as Clu's intelligence officer and chief administrator in Clu 2's regime. She returns in Tron: The Ghost in the Machine as one of the leaders of the resistance against the red version of the program Jet, who is masquerading as the MCP. In the second film, she is a confidante to Kevin Flynn, who saved her from Clu 2's purge of the ISOs. Angered by this decision, Tesler ordered it turned back on and replaced Paige with Pavel to oversee the drilling. Voiced most times by Fred Tatasciore. Tesler remarked that they were "too good" and Pavel, his second-in-command, suggested that the two fight each other to the death, thus eliminating the threat of programs beating the games. His code number is "JA-307020". He ran into complications, however, when a renegade program disguised as Tron destroyed the new statue of Clu in Argon Square. [25], The series premiere earned mostly positive reviews. In the computer world of the Grid, a young program joins Tron's fight against their world's tyranny. Tired of her interference, Pavel plots to get rid of Paige once and for all, while Beck decides that an appearance by the Renegade may finally win Paige over. However, after asking Paige to leave so he and Keller could "talk," Tesler placed his hand on her shoulder, ignited his gauntlet, and derezzed her, fulfilling his promise and ensuring that she would never disappoint him again. Considered a master warrior, he uses two identity discs in combat and displays advanced acrobatic talent. As Rinzler, he has several encounters with Sam Flynn throughout Legacy, culminating in an aerial pursuit, during which he remembers his past identity and turns against Clu 2, who sends Rinzler plummeting into the Sea of Simulation. In TRON Legacy, he is first seen speaking to Castor demanding an audience to Zuse, when the Black Guards attack the club, he started fighting them but was quickly derezzed. While trying to stop a riot between some programs and ISOs, Dyson got half his face derezzed, believing Flynn has betrayed the grid due to siding with ISOs, he later joined Clu and participated in his coup against Tron and Kevin Flynn. [22][23] Disney released the first, pre-season episode on May 18, 2012 (2012-05-18), in which the full 31-minute episode was featured on Disney XD on Demand, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes a week earlier. His fear of failure manifests in nightmares about being defeated by the Renegade; enraged at the thought, he immediately steps up his efforts to destroy the rogue program. Tron tells Beck that he is dying and that the only way to stop his illness is to use the Occupation's new super recognizer. Without the algorithms, the digitization process went awry and the three executives were merged into one horrible monstrosity.