DMCA requests | Burgeoning Apparently you couldn’t make just a land that taps for blue without making lands of the other four colors because I guess it might hurt White's feelings, so the solution was to put a land of each color in the next five blocks. Ramunap Excavator City of shadows is one of the weirdest lands to evaluate. Farseek Scythe Leopard will get added, but not It's nearly twice as much as what had been printed in the past 8 years and that search isn't counting any of the three color cards or Izzet payoff cards from the set. $0.20, As low as: Sungrass Prairie , Ramunap Excavator and Close. Turntimber grove, not worth the effort. I consider lands that enter the battlefield tapped to be a necessary evil and I think they are both undervalued and overrated. It feels like having a creature with no power and toughness or a sorcery that sticks around on the board. They are super flavorful, they have unique effects and they are great late game mana sinks. , Adding Gitrog and Angry Omnath is going to be costly enough right now. $0.00. Anyone? Reflecting Pool by MadEngie, Sun Titan Dredge I've noticed with the current count, I've always got plenty. I picked this card up on a whim like a decade ago for pennies to build Vorel EDH. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. I won’t deny that this land isn’t great in the early game but it's not a dead card and the reward is free landfall every turn for the rest of the game. It’s just so expensive. Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor, that's some great input. , Lots of duals, fetchable duals, city of brasses, gemstone mine (with bounce lands works nicely), undiscovered paradise… $0.98, As low as: Wiith how consistent one and two color mana bases are, the chance of a colorless land screwing up the decks consistency is miniscule. Enlightened Tutor, Forest In fact, between writing this and publishing it, this card went up six places. Ice Floe doesn’t work well with lantern in the sense that you have to leave it tapped for its effect to work as opposed to [[Oasis]] where you can have mana or the ability. Before Modern Horizons, this was the only enemy cycle that didn’t have ally equivalents. Even with the astronomical amount of precon printings, I definitely didn’t expect Rogue’s Passage in the top 10. Visions. You do it only once. all at once to help burn people out. r/EDH. But target opponent makes this way worse. Canyon Slough , Sometimes colorless lands have a unique synergy that plays well with my deck that will make it better then a random Scavenger grounds like a Terrain Generator is a landfall deck. , for budgetary reasons. Kind of? is interesting, though. That was a good discovery that made me feel good about my choices. Battle for Zendikar may get some (Somewhat deserved) flak but there were some sweet colored eldrazi that doesn't really have homes elsewhere. Windswept Heath I guess the question is, do you think I'll need to run it once I get Having them around can keep me in the early game, so I don't get too far behind. User account menu. Over, Under or Just right: Overplayed: Sure, Glimmerpost might be a bad Tron land but there are many other lands I'd rather play that also don't enter tapped. will get added, but not Is your meta so overrun with Landwalk that every deck you own has HammerHeim? [[Yasova]] says hi!! Commander (EDH) [[SCD]] Undiscovered Paradise [SCD] Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Undiscovered Paradise #1 May 24, 2014. These cards work really well at flavorfully showing the heart of the color pie and the differences between colors but they lead to terrible gameplay. Also, if you’re running Field of the Dead, I would suggest running half of your basics as snow covered mountains so you can trigger Field more easily.