These professionals may go by different names, but crime scene cleaners are responsible for the removal of biohazardous waste, body fluids, blood, human waste, and other unpleasantries. When choosing your trade, creativity goes a long way, it is important to be ingenious if you want to earn good money doing weird stuff. Professional fart smellers earn an average salary of $50,000 a year, but they must observe these conditions. Have a nice pair of hands? Even though this job is hard, it does pay well. And ideally condom testers are couples in committed relationships that have been dating for at least six months. Depending on how you negotiate with them, you can earn $20 or $50 for an hour of friendship. Yes, yes we do. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. Education: Requirements can vary, but some employers look for years of experience in addition culinary school training with an emphasis in fermented grape drink (wine). The bottom line on weird jobs that pay well We’ve taken a lighthearted approach to these jobs, but in all seriousness, these can be good, well-paying jobs. Here are 10 weird jobs people get paid a lot of money to do. Primary Duties: A bereavement coordinator is a professional who helps families with terminally ill or recently deceased loved ones. I took into account not only pay, but also oddness and level of distastefulness, since some weird jobs are as enviably pleasurable as others are disgusting (although they might pay the same). If you’ve watched golf you know that sometimes the ball is hit into the water. Average salary range: $1,000-$10,000 for a day’s work, up to $75,000 per year. Make a fortune with the highest-paying jobs in each state. Please support TheClever so we can continue providing you with great content! They may be strange but they can be very rewarding. As for professional snugglers, who are usually female, they don’t discriminate against the clients that hire them. After someone has used a face product a face feeler uses there sensory skills to judge the product that is being used. As I noted in the beginning, what makes a job fun will depend on the individual. While you may not need an individual license, these technicians are usually a part of a company that does need various licenses according to the regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Depending on their look — delicate or “practical” — hand models will usually either book fashion and beauty shoots or commercial work for food and cleaning products. It is extremely hard to get a job sniffing paper towels and it is said that it’s easier to get an acting job in Hollywood. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Crime scenes may be cordoned off during an investigation, but once the evidence is collected, someone has to clean up what’s left behind. Even though anyone can taste ice cream flavors and tell you whether they’re good or not, this job can only be done by food scientist. Instagram photos of your food may or may not count as a portfolio. A bingo manager oversees and directs the daily activities of the department, approving jackpots and payouts, and ensuring compliance with federal and state gaming regulations. This job is not for the faint-hearted because tours can last for more than six months, but the requirements are simple. Although this particular line of work may get you killed, the pay ranges from 10 to 20 percent of your quarry’s bail deposit. Why do people want to get kidnapped? To make it even more believable, they dig deeper into the life of the departed and absorb their interests. As the name suggests, golf ball divers take to the many ponds across golf courses to salvage, clean, and recycle golf balls, as the name suggests. They offer add-ons too such as video recording, fighting back, and escaping attempt packages. All you have to do is dive into the lakes and ponds on golf courses, collect the balls, fix them up, and sell them at a discount. If you’ve ever watched the show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, there’s a good chance it opened your eyes to the existence of a countless number of professions that fall way outside your typical nine-to-five. If your interests match such as photography, travel, or shopping, your client or future friend contacts you online and asks for a hangout, which is determined by your availability and schedule. Professional bridesmaids step in to help brides through their big day. It’s not by-the-book, but it sure makes a lot of financial sense. ... but it costs a lot of money to get that done. The thought of a repo man flying away in your airplane is pretty comical, but it doesn’t make it any less real of a job. I’m not talking about full-blown gangsta stuff; just selling weed can earn you up to 14,400 a year. In a laboratory, he or she makes sure that both the producer and consumer are satisfied. That being said, diving for pearls is lucrative—rates reach $1,200 per day. Ever wonder why that cheeseburger looks so good in the commercial but is haphazardly constructed in a clear attempt to ruin your day when you pull it out of the bag to eat it? At $40 an hour, they accompany and offer you their warm embrace, which can release oxytocin or love hormones. They may get their start in your grandma’s retirement-home bingo hall, but you’ll typically find these professionals managing the bingo departments of casinos, and it can be big business. They get paid $500 for four hours of economy kidnapping and $1,000 for ten hours of standard and deluxe kidnapping. Who are some of the most beautiful girls in the world right now? There are plenty of jobs that pay well in the health care field. Apart from being the first to try the slides, he or she also needs to enjoy it. People do weird things for money. Education: A master’s degree in genetic counseling is typically required, and you can expect to have to come to work in a casual top and nice pair of genes. Let’s take a look at some of the oddest job you thought are only figments of the imagination. Education: You’ll be spending most of your time in murky water, possibly surrounded by snakes and alligators, so you’ll likely need to be scuba certified. Firstly, they must not have any nasal impairment or disease. This job is pretty cool and anyone who loves ice cream will probably love this job. Regardless, it’s a real gig that pays real money, but do you want to chance ruining your love of ice cream with too much of it? The food scientist are to judge the ice cream based on its taste, color, flavor, smell, texture, and how it looks. They also write reports and generate new ideas to enhance the product’s flavour, quality, and consistency. While many of these low-stress, high-paying jobs require advanced education (optometrist, political scientist, and statistician, for example), there are a number of others you can break into with a bachelor’s degree and some hustle (software developer, technical writer, and environmental restoration planner). Others may take their friends for granted, but being a friend can be a profession too. This job is odd I’ll admit but you’ll be lucky if u get it. If you’ve got a knack for problem-solving, a love for wedding celebrations, and a calming presence that can prevent even a nuclear reactor from melting down, a job as a professional bridesmaid might be a good fit. Submerged chefs Down Under receive up to $187,000 per year—all because the job is “critical to the navy.” These will be the most in-demand jobs in 2020. And Salary.comcan help. Let’s take a look at some of the oddest job you thought are only figments of the imagination. Well, a suspect who skips out on $100,000 bail could net a bounty hunter $10,000 to $20,000 upon his or her return. The worms are given microorganisms and bits of organic material. Personal shoppers give advice on what you should buy. Yet, it does not mean that these jobs don’t pay well. Education: While getting into this line of work can be pretty lucrative, it does have its limitations. These professional snugglers usually get paid $60- $80 an hour for their services. Close this popup and browse for 2 minutes. He/she counsels patients on unfavorable test results and coping methods for those at risk, as well as couples with hereditary conditions who are trying to conceive. However, they do not only taste the food. For instance, fire scientists set a house or building on fire to better understand its mechanism.