Examples of inappropriate phrases: “She was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. The pricing for a premium account ranges between $50 (for a yearly subscription) and $175 (for lifetime access). One unique feature is the ability to develop and save a house style using ProWritingAid. The tool covers all bases for you. Pricing ranges from $7.49 per month (for annual plans) to $20.97 for month (for monthly plans). English prepositional idioms are numerous and often arbitrary. The readback is done using proper enunciation and accent of an English speaker, showing you the right way to pronounce the words you often use.

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‘text consistencies’ or ‘writing inconsistencies’ mean that you, as a writer, do not stick to your writing style or preferences. The phrase is often incorrectly written as just desserts because that’s the way we pronounce it. This is very important for me as I am always writing emails, comments, and creating materials to share with my team. As content creators, we are also constantly required to create official documents that aren’t fun, but necessary. In other words, write interesting sentences.

A saying that expresses something other than the literal meaning of the words it contains is a colloquialism, like saying "I wasn't born yesterday," to mean "you can't fool me.". There’s no obvious reason why these particular words require these particular prepositions. Granite is pretty long-lasting, right? Deserts is an archaic noun form of deserve. This software offers grammar, spelling and punctuation checks, including word suggestions. Just Deserts

… Provides a detailed report on all grammar errors, Runs a readability analysis; to test how easy it is to read and understand your draft, Provides a thesaurus for word suggestions, Integrates with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Scrivener and Google Chrome, Many essential features are limited to premium users, It is advised to disable antivirus before installing the software, which isn’t always safe, Full report generation might take too long, Suggestions require a quick review before accepting as they are not always necessary, It is available for all devices including Android and iOS, Compatible with all commonly used browser, Uses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology for smart translation to 55 languages, Compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, Android and iOS software, Provides browser extensions for Chrome and Safari, The free version offers very limited features, Functionalities are best enjoyed if you install the plugin, Can be used without creating an account. Writing, grammar, and communication tips for your inbox.

They are enormously challenging for English language learners, and for that matter, they give native English speakers plenty of trouble, too. This means that you can create your content on the software, or copy and paste from your writing app. On one hand, it makes your content easy to scan and understand by the average reader.

Broadly speaking, an idiom is a widely used phrase that, when taken as a whole, has a particular meaning that you would not be able to deduce from the meanings of the individual words. On the other hand, it doesn’t allow you to write with details.

There’s no free plan, but they offer a 4-day free trial.

Its functionalities don’t seem to have been updated for a while, and several users have reported glitches they encountered while using it. Some idioms that seem nonsensical now actually did make logical sense in the past (sudden was a noun, once, but that usage died out everywhere except in this phrase).

A cliché is an expression like “throw the baby out with the bathwater” or “the cat who ate the canary”—a phrase that has been repeated so often that it’s no longer effective. 3. The functionalities provided with WhiteSmoke shows us that it was created mainly to help users with official communication needs. When you talk, colloquialisms are so common, you might not be aware you are using them — that is, until one comes up that is unfamiliar to someone in the group. You can write and publish on the go with no worries.