Far too much Brewer now, just tried to watch the new Volvo 850 T5R episode and couldn’t stand it, I had to turn it off. Got flag in back ground but speak about do $ what the hell.!!! Mike Weaver is a complete w*****r.When he sees a car he likes he tells the owner the last thing you do to get a bargain.When he drives a car he likes he sounds like he’s losing his virginity all oo’s and ah’s.How he ever made a living as a car dealer I shall never know.I dont like the way he treats Edd China and he always thinks he is right. I miss Edd, but still like Ant and the show…. Ant is good to watch and very talented for sure, but Edd had more personality and thorough to explain processes in detail. Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 Turbo Diesel 180HP Super, The Grand Tour to air on Australian TV from next week, Wheeler Dealers to return in 2019 with 8 new episodes, Edd China is all over the Wheeler Dealers YouTube channel, Wheeler Dealers returns in May with 8 new episodes. Just look at the new Vegas Rat Rods or Memphis Street Outlaws. @mikebrewer crack on! That where another spin off could have gone. Wheeler Dealers is a British television series originally produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery Channel in the UK and Motor Trend in the U.S. Ant is a breath of fresh air for Wheeler Dealers and a much better presenter than Edd. Some of these comments, indicate he is the perfect partner for treacherous Brewer, who failed to stand up for Edd, and contradicted him, twisting the knife in his back. Looking back at how they started the new show with Ant and a British classic then swiftly moved to American cars I feel they tried to reel people in it’s appeal is superficial & surely lost on most of the British & European public. ). Edd was right to go, and I feel sorry for Ant having to work with such an irritating psuedo cockney “dealer”. Are Kogan TVs any good? I Have no wish too offend. Ant comes across as a Saturday morning cartoon character , hopefully network will listen to viewers and get this problem fixed For years I worked a night shift, rushing home at 6:00 am so that I could watch Edd perform his magic on an interesting car, right before my very eyes. Bunch of sulking women, I thought it was a show for men and cars. It’s a matter of personalities as much as anything. The second-generation Supra and the Ford Escort RS in particular. It’s all the “almighty dollah” in the USA. Understandably, the decision to delay the airing of Wheeler Dealers on UK screens until 2018 hasn’t gone down well with fans – who fear that the show has become too ‘Americanised’ and the original British fanbase ignored as a result. I am impressed with Ant’s broad knowledge of mechanical fixes for whatever wreck Mike is able to bring wheezing into the shop. Oh no…open wallet…small wonder less time shown of garage work. California allows the show to film on many, many more days. So this got us thinking – considering that the workshop forms the backbone of what makes Wheeler Dealers so popular, has anything really changed with the amount of time devoted to it? I’ve read quite a few articles regarding this spilt, personally I feel they threw the baby out with the bath water when they changed the original format, the format that built the show? The final cost after restoration was 24,574 with a final selling price of 27,000 pounds, netting a good profit for the Wheeler Dealers crew of 2,426 pounds. I truly miss Ed. Brewer was always the “used car salesmen” and let’s face facts, he couldn’t even do that very well. Moving to the US, the lousy choice of vehicles, and finally Ant (I really don't like him; he's too put-on and fake), has caused me to stop watching the show. The older motor cars that Ed worked on was the reason I fell in love the show. Although I do like Ant (“For the love of Cars” was great in it’s own right and should have continued) Ed was, and still should be king. It’s the Brewer Show. To be honest. The new Mechanic is good in his own rite but a different character. I dont think so. I’ve seen him work on every aspect of the projects from drivetrain rebuilds to replacing headliners, while clearly explaining what he’s up to. Wheeler Dealers: Mike Brewer’s side of the story, Mike Brewer on how Edd China left Wheeler Dealers, The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever (Pt2), The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever (Pt3), How to fix faded black plastic trim in 15 minutes. Anyway just an idea and I’m sure there are many better ones out there. I am saddened Wheeler Dealers is going down this path. Good luck in whatever you do now! His eventual makeover, (that initial early hair do he had.. oh dear)and confidence and ability in front of camera took time. Money talks clearly so the Americans can have the show in its ‘new’ format which is just like the rest. Seems like the Velocity/Discovery want more built up drama and less technical work. All those bicep flexing, flashes of nleached whote fangs…how very…American. What say you? What would have made it really great was adding a second mechanic like Edd and have them cooperate and thwo ideas to eachother on what to do With the cars. Edd China has a university degree in engineering as well as having built numerous wacky vehicles that are in the Guinness book of world records, Ant Anstead is nothing but a self taught talentless famehunter. It’s not about workshop time, Eds workshop time and problems were specific to that car. Yes! Would I like more workshop time. I personally want more how to do and less chasing with miraculous restorations. I live in the US, and agree the show was better when it was in the UK, but with Edd on the show it could be done in Siberia and I would enjoy it. Seems better and more well friendly! AND Wheeler Dealers US, featuring flashy editing, explosions, white teeth, fake boobs, etc. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. I like ant a lot but still prefer the English setting. I hope he’s okay and doing some awesome work somewhere…. Actually more mechanical work happens off screen in the new series. Edd was the reason to watch this show. It may be as you say ‘Brewer’s show’ but in all honesty what does he bring to the table other than an constantly irritating pseudo cockney personality who, despite having a massively overinflated opinion of his own abilities could not sell a life belt to a drowning man. Mar 25, 2012 1,078 London Full Name: Russell Schacter #1 rustytractor, Nov 2, 2012. But Edd has a lovely family, no doubt a few bucks and a golden future. So although the Wheeler Dealers format we all know and love hasn’t really changed all that much – apart from a new face – there is a very real possibility that what we’re getting episodes with lighter workshop elements because it is cheaper and easier for Velocity to film. After 13 years and some 135 cars, Edd China parted ways with the show almost a year ago with suggestions that Velocity planned to reduce the workshop aspect for Series 14. The dropping of Edd (who was genuine and interesting) and move to America may be lining Mike Brewer's pockets, but has made Wheeler Dealers into a 'watch occasionally' programme?? That is completely understandable and we don’t blame him, but it certainly does fire up the haters and doesn’t really help things in the long run. I will only continue to watch repeats with Ed, and his YouTube channel. I’ll certainly be watching! The deepest wounds often take years to heal, and such is the case with one of the world’s most popular car shows Wheeler Dealers.After 13 years and some 135 cars, Edd China parted ways with the show almost a year ago with suggestions that Velocity planned to reduce the workshop aspect for Series 14. And we liked it. I still cringe a bit watching Edd’s first few episodes on the show. So I bought the Wheeler Dealer Mustang - who saw me make a cock of myself ? The point is not how much work you can see, it’s about how much you can understand. Articles may not be reproduced without permission. Wasn’t this way before. His act hasn’t changed in years and is so stale. Its not what i thought it would be, there was loads of other mechanics and of screen work happening with ed china aswell but this new american setup with ant anstead is unbearable to watch. Brewer, well what can anyone say about him. was a better show when ATTABOY produced it in the UK and the fallout tween mike and edd was explosive. The man’s conceit knew no bounds – Edd China was the only reason to watch the show & this new Substitute ‘Ant’ comes nowhere near the legendary EC! Will stop watching. Lets see, he scooped in after Edd got into it with Wheeler Dealer. Ya’ll know what a mean don’t cha? But I’m also watching WD being in Russia. I suspect he was jealous of Edds popularity. Less time wasted when buying the car, which I’m sure is extended just to prove how great he is at buying. Remember a call salesman always look for a quick buck on anything and will sell at all costs for a profit. I think there is a perfect balance between Mikes “art of the deal” performances and Ant’s mechanical wizardry. I’m not sure why you’re accusing Edd of petulant child opinions when as far as I can see he has acted very much like an adult and has moved on while Mike is the one constantly playing the blame game and saying nasty things that there’s no need for. None of the cars were perfect show room quality but that not what the show was about. ill still watch the old ones but never the new , at least top gear lads were descent enough to not carry on not fastso though. The programme is fronted by car enthusiast Mike Brewer. The British series was seen as something an enthusiastic amateur could undertake on classic British cars. I have watched both and I still like the show. Mike Brewer turned out to be a rotund little blowhard who constantly referred to the Great Edd China as my mechanic! Discussion in '365 GT4 2+2/400/412' started by rustytractor, Nov 2, 2012. rustytractor Formula 3. “We’re desperate for this show to be shown in our home territory, which is the UK. ant is a big goat. “WheelerDealers @mikebrewer @antanstead Wow! But Brewer has never been one to shy away from an argument on social media and regularly responds to criticism directed at the show. That said I do feel we miss alot of stuff Ant does in the fix up off camera. A good example was the Capri wing he sprayed, which was a dozen shades out. No fun without Edd. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and The Stig. To be sure, the original show was about the CHEMISTRY! You could see from the last two British WDs that Mike wanted to be the star trying his hand at working on little bits on the car, not only that what about his sole show WDs trading up without Ed and now being in America permanently.