Irrigate and manure hybrid coconut trees as per the specified schedule to get optimum productivity. above 7.6 m, intercropping is possible irrespective of the age of the palms. Which crop can be cultivated in a coconut tree farm? Some of the intercrops identified include cassava, bananas, blackpepper and ginger. Multiple intercropping possible in Coconut plantation, whereas in Mango farms intercrop is not practiced. But I know some one who ordered seeds from other state and it didn’t work, not a single seed sprouted, may be it was not of good quality. As such nurseries have been established at Mon Repos, Wakenaam, Charity and Hope Estate. There are many crops which can be cultivated in coconut as inter crop depending upon the age, water availability and other factors. (Traditionally special type of bamboo ladder(this species is very rare nowadays, I have been able to get hold of a sapling) is used with 22 cluster not more than that or lesser) Check the attached file. Price may keep fluctuating. Dr Homenauth told the Pepperpot Magazine that NAREI is intimately involved in all of the activities mentioned. It is a sturdy herb. Chemical fertilizers have been tried, but discarded since they were not fruitful. Coconut farm allows for multiple intercrops, whereas tobacco is a mono crop with no additional income. Fallen coconuts are easier to recover in a clean understorey. I request our members for sharing some experiences and ideas regarding which crop will be suitable for cultivating in a coconut farm. Many things can be grown with coconut… ... Extensively cultivated in the country, large plantations in Mindanao mainly export ... To optimize the achievable yield of intercrops under the coconut-pineapple-papaya-peanut cropping system, it is essential to provide the suitable conditions ;) He decided to test pepper cultivation in just one acre. Farmer characterisation  Coconut farm allows for multiple intercrops, whereas Maize is a mono-crop with no additional income. The roadmap for the coconut industry was a joint effort of both the public and private sectors and has been adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture.”. Coconut is a perennial crop giving income round the year, whereas Maize is a seasonal/short duration crop with one-time low income. One year after the impressive ‘coconut festival’  If you are interested? Rejuvenating with coconut trees saves the farmer the problem of crop loss in mango due to untimely rains and vagaries of nature. I have personal experience in getting BP controlled with this tablet. This site is using cookies under cookie policy.