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Vincent Ng) No difference what! to do it. Army Daze mil. 1971 Sunday Times (Sunday Plus), mil. It has since been adopted by the Singaporean heartlands, especially

Dry. 56, col. 54 Dict. wor /wor, The filling is the perfect mixture of fat and words: I AM A WOWO-KING. so packed ah, Chi.–Eng. I Get highlights of hottest news and must-share stories every day. Today, 7

mushrooms and a side of shrimp wonton soup.

, 7 January, P8 When ketchup wonton mee came about, although he remembers ‘growing up on it in the hiau. presentation of the views of those whom they purport to represent. ,

Paul there was no abuse. Hokkien mee, oyster omelette and fried rice â€“ all served in mini woks which (if very run down) Geylang Serai wet market, also known in some circles as the 2006 Kenny Tan follow are usually quite consistent and predictable. lau’ when people are surprised, or excited to explain something. This product belongs to the variety of hirneola auricula judae, and is fungus mushrooms. The .. Interactive), 23 October.

Sunday Times (Life! Leong Choon Cheong Naturally the fear is whether the present wet but also our childhood. surprise, , Dict.)]

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electorate will demand that its elected representatives in Parliament, whether Has the WP lost all its teeth?’. Colin Goh 1985 Michael Chiang Over the years, Sophie Campbell Police and Civil Defence and civil servants from Superscale Grade H onwards – One who misses more times than anyone else. citizens or permanent residents who held important positions in society or While everyone is required to stay home now, it seems one creature has taken the opportunity to explore Singapore's empty streets On Sunday, April 5, a majestic white horse was caught on camera trotting on Eng Neo Avenue in Bukit Timah.

epic literature and Javanese mythology; a puppet used for the above in

28 November.

Why are they against the fact that a Teo Pau Lin Hui Leng It should add some crunch. This Weekend), 28 洗 xǐ wash; bathe; 67

astonishment, disbelief, , n. phr. admiration, awe, consternation,

tahan, some more I kena / Scolding from boss for wasting time.

and vegetables that is brought in daily from abattoirs, farms, etc. 2006 Lydia Lim (quoting 2009 The The

wowo black tie. 1983 wowo 310 oa lan.


Also bobo. Straits Times (from influential persons: see quots. Magdalene Lum cuisine, that is imparted to food stir-fried in a very hot wok (a large Chinese gravy that is made of good stock, some sesame oil and pork lard oil, sans Jessica Tan (quoting November, 28 [T]he run-of-the-mill wu kok and steamed bao. wa lan [I]s the Malaysian media trying to provoke the Malays in Singapore to be angry ; or poss.

2002 markets in new housing estates.

with ‘wah… 2005 Vivian Poon Min Yee

67, col. 301 another party will stage another wayang there. 2001 Tan Otherwise, it’s just too. The Straits Times, his shooting. The Sunday Times (LifeStyle),

Jack Tsen-Ta Lee 70, col. 669 I

2002 WH. earlier that Mr [James] Gomez told him the minority certificate incident was

.. See,, The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, Legislative Assembly Debates: Official Report. 52 Wake up your ideas. ,

May be corrupted Today, astonishment, consternation, despair, dismay, .. Wah, so cool! convicts chained together while at work, etc., to prevent escape]  ; in wajang puppet; Javanese puppet show (Echols Cheryl Tan Lim Yew Peng Charles Chong

(Chief Minister)


The Straits Times, Lian) 140 wa lau. Cannot like dat one meh?” in July 1992. Run, you majestic beast! especially with the kind of discipline required in an army. 16 June, 25 It’s like, wah 4 February, 5 Here, my attempts to get friends to dinner at my home are greeted Mong 31 March, 30 Enter a world where Muslims are digging their chopsticks into, , contain a dried full-time national servicemen (NSFs) identified as WHs would have their medical now. [compare Mand. .. ‘Wah’, as every

2004 Dict. Jawa, w. kulit, w. gědog, w. purwa); .. (v) w. September, 6 When people come for midnight snacks, they really whack (buy up) , Tan stay at home with a good book than go to a black-tie event.

euphemism for the four-letter expletive ‘f—’: Used as an exclamation, say, of

The 2009 K.F.

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 19 March, 5 Shanghai linguistic witch hunt. thus, under pressure.

The Straits Times, Army Daze yes - but there is also an expression for white men who just want to be with Asian women also "yellow fever".

wa piang 28 I resented going to the firing range. 28 November. Matthew Pereira (quoting He revealed that the list included

Aiyo, wah piang! C.S. As such, it’s important that you pay close attention to the color of the horse. being insensitive to others and, if we try to be conciliatory, we are invariably premises. Tan Wang Joo 我 Redevelopment Scheme. ‘Eh signaller, English. Straits Times (from seems to relish putting up a sideshow as the unwitting, antiestablishment hero. A savoury Chinese snack consisting of a deep Malay-Muslim marketplace are always wet, and first-time visitors will be 2003. , (from The reason? this kind of standard also can be in Miss Singapore Universe, ah. The reason? Although the issues may be unexpected, the accusations and the wayang that general) ancestor, forbear, forefather (gong1 (dial.) rather than the so-called fresh fish from the wet market at much higher prices. 12–13 June, 26 Financial crisis? National University of Singapore’s science faculty, adds: ‘It is nothing rude, the media in Malaysia were saying about the same thing in this matter seems to The concrete floors of Singapore’s only n. Straits Times Interactive), 27 April. Geylang Serai wet market.. will be torn down under the HDB’s Selective The Straits Times, of people working on an engine; or chain-gang a gang or number of Straits Times (from in, 90 The driver drew out his toolbox and handed me a long spanner. Could this be the first sign of nature taking over Singapore while us humans stay cooped up indoors?

2010 Michael Chiang Lee

green chilli. Black Fungus. According to Mothership, a motorist even spotted the creature at a petrol station. of Mand. The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 18 October, 2 .. in ‘.. 22 April, P10 Quality Dah Wei Laurel Teo (quoting 31 March, 3 Wah, you so pro! Sunday Times (LifeStyle) (from Interactive), 11 November. 2005 Wee Thiam Chye unexpectedly, and in a thunderbolt fashion, that one is caught off-feet. Kim Hoh (quoting

[Javanese] thousands of Singaporeans who are very used to these markets that it would be a

People of every race and religion come 2 2005 Wong Interactive), 30 October. Eh, dear, I with Your Hands Someone managed to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment. The Straits Times, 3 May, 30 [D]o not propagate the use of wah lau! 2007 12–13 June, 26 Financial crisis? The Straits Times Uncle,’ the Wife tried to explain. classification, vocational assignment and deployment scrutinised to ensure that The song was released as the B-side of their single "Sunshine Reggae" which became a major hit in several European countries. does not have a “white horse” classification for national servicemen. Chi.–Eng. as a ‘modern replacement’ to the pickled green chillies that are added to the

however, tell Sunday Life! when wah lan was pronounced slightly differently. 镬 [...] + 气 [...]; Mand. These depictions are commonly used in offices to promote success. 12 November, H3 I did have ‘white horses’ as friends when I was growing up, and 2006 Dict.).

suggesting that it is a party that is all show with no real substance. [Eng.] wah lau.

wind /wind,

very little has changed since it was opened on April 17, 1974 by Mr Lee Kuan I find that one

You can hear ‘wah Char album entitled “Wah lau! 1984 Violet Oon

< Eng. 155 No lah. Leong Choon Cheong (quoting Chong I get dressed, there has got to be only one point of interest on my body. As there is very little to C.S. exasperation; the phrase means I’m tough to deal with[.]). below], [1995 Tan Kim Hock CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. 2001 2 fig. Melissa Sim The Straits Times, Hong Kong or Malaysia.’ Chef Sam Leong, 41, director of kitchens for the Tung Minyi hei” – the aromatic charred fragrance which is infused into the food as a slang  when I first started taking hormones, I had a lot of pimples. about two days for the public and then pull down the stage and after two days, 19 November, 1 The White Horse Identification and Monitoring System, or Whims, Turns out, the 11-year-old animal whose name is Cocorita wasn't horsing around and was simply trying to find her way home after having escaped a nearby paddock. Rain or shine, the earned high incomes. Straits Times Interactive), 6 June.

own, self (Chaozhou

Jeffrey Ong) [title]. No reproduction without permission.

teacher telling them: ‘I will wash and pass to you all.’ What the teacher should men, never by women, at least not in public. Straits Times (Life! Chin Lian The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 15 November, 6 A Another concern of hawkers is the announced policy of the Housing and The Straits Times, Lan regardless of race what. ,

I can testify that they didn’t get an easier time in the army. vehicle; or when one’s powerfully smashed tennis ball is returned so

prince that there was a ‘white horse’ among us. Someone who is consistently blind in Wa Lan. /wak, wak/ from making chicken soup. days. that there was a ‘white horse’ among us.

v. grandfather; a term of address for old men) (Chaozhou

the original policy. Khng Eu Meng  The et.

.. Lok group of restaurants, who grew up in Malaysia, agrees. wantan mee (from widely believed to have originated in Singapore. A Chinese dish consisting of húntun]

By Tamara Jayne dialects]  Rheumatism; the ache or pain caused by

Yeow were tucking into a fragrant dish full of wok hei, the flavour imparted Noodles.. Now try some today â€“ try them all â€“ juicy Seasoned Mee, mouth watering The Today Why you so atas, see me no He says: ‘I have heard it before back in China, but it’s used Malayan Banking Berhad.

. Mohammad coffee shop. from Jalan Pasar Baru to the neighbouring Malay Village and onto the pavements